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So, just came back after a several month break, before i19 and all that. Anyone care to help a fellow player get brought back up to speed on what all has occurred in the past few months?
In short, what did I miss?

Thoughts on the ITF: "What? 600+ men in loincloths running around and you're going to tell me not one of them has had something slip out?"



I...think? you missed the return of the 5th Column to the Rogue Isles and Paragon City. There are a couple of new taskforces concerning this.

The first tier of Incarnates, (the Alpha slot) were released. With any level 50 character, speak to Mender Ramiel for the story arc.
Couple of new high end task forces and some new challenges in strategic thinking. Check out the wiki at CoHtitan when it's up for more. I'm sure I've missed a bit.

Oh! And some powers have customisable animations now!

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Let's see. Fitness is now Inherent and you get it at level 2 automatically, which rocks. Tankers got in i18 a -res debuff attached to their Tier 1 attack, which you might know about. There's some new arcs red and blueside, both of which are fun. And of course, there's the Incarnate stuff, Praetoria, and the two new task forces, both of which are challenging but fun. You can also bring Primal characters to Praetoria for badging and events now, too.

Right now with the Incarnate stuff, we've got the first two levels of the Alpha Slot, which can be best thought of as an invisible extra enhancement slot to all your powers. The higher tier Alpha things give better stuff, including partially ignoring ED and at the higher tiers (which we don't have yet), an effective level shift.

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Is Torn back too Waffle?



Read the damn patch notes.

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Well, let's see....

Max and Daphne remain trapped within the old basement by rubble from last week's earthquake, and their desperate bid for survival sparks a growing romance.

At the Women's Prison, Rachel, unaware of her husband's predicament, forms an uneasy alliance with Zoe in order to make good her escape, while Trevor's investigation into Lawrence's testimony begins to take a sinister turn.

Elsewhere, a despondent Vincent spirals into self destruction with pills and alcohol after hearing the news that Sofia's ship was lost at sea with all hands presumed dead, finally finding solace in the arms of an unlikely new love.

Erica continues to tug at the heartstrings of her hunky, reluctant kidnapper, Jorge, while the brains of the operation, the brutal and sadistic Carlos, sets out to finish Davin's meddling once and for all.

Meanwhile, on a hiking trip, Sky and Dakota uncover a secret about Amber's baby that could spell trouble for Alex's bid for Presidency.

But, even as the campaign heats up, an mysterious figure from Jenika's past may force her to choose between the love of her life and one of her kidneys.

There, now you're caught up.

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Yup, I'm back as well.

I inadvertantly dragged us both back, once again.



Snape killed Dumbeldore



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Snape killed Dumbeldore