Sick of Temps!




Temp powers, temp powers why do you plague us so?

Has others notice in the last few weeks that the temp powers drops have been unbearable?
Every mob you get a temp power that you have no use for or not wanted.
Why don't the Devs make it so you can just buy them and eliminate the temp power drops altogether - kinda like the jet packs in Grand and Firebase Zulu or from the market.

I gotta believe I'm not the only one that has to stop after each mob to delete the temp powers that is taking up space of something better and that would bring in a higher sell rate.

That and most people I've talked to never use temp powers other than the Jet pack or the Envenomed Daggers.

Not saying they are all bad but how many Revolvers does one toon need?

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Envenomed daggers are handy. I don't even vendor the rest. Straight to delete.

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i think to help solve the problem with temp recipes would be make a specific storage for them separate from the current recipe storage, so you wouldnt have to worry about them taking up space for useful drops

on what to do with them, i delete any i get, as none of them are worth more than 100k on the market (and thats very limited amount of rares, which could have also been extra 0s)



I agree they are rather annoying as drops. I have found several useful but I have never waited with anticipation for that one to drop. They are cool to have around but not essential, which I think is how they were intended.

I have used "Recovery Serum" for my low level characters, and occasionally I use them during long fights with AVs or whatever.

I have used the “Hand Grenades” on characters that need an extra attack or damage, like my controllers, and sometimes just because it is funny to throw grenades at things

The “Med Pack” I like to use as an emergency heal on my Willpower tank since he does not have his own heal.

The “Backup Radio” I used along with three other temp pets (Shivans, Vanguard HVAS, and Amy) to fight Lord Recluse as an AV alone. They really come in handy when he starts summoning all his buddies.

A couple of my characters have the “Resuscitator” just in case.
The smoke flash works well when my Phantom Army drops and I need a few seconds for the new ones to grab agro.

The Power Analyzers are underrated in my opinion. They are useful for designing custom AVs in AE, but more importantly they show vital stats of AVs so you know what your debuffs are doing and why you are not winning, if you are not.

Overall they are just convenient to have around sometimes, not totally necessary just useful if used right. So at least one person buys them and if they were not cheap I would not buy them, lol =) I am going to have to start using that "Venom Dagger" though, -regen... Nice! I had not even paid attention to it before.

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The Drop Rate for Temp Powers has been set to Maximum Rediculous Mode for the last few months now. It seems they dramatically increased Temp Power Drop Rates and reduced Purple Recipe Drop Rates. I used to Farm the wall in Cimerora killing Cimorans and usually got one Purple every two to three hours. Not anymore since the change :-( I wish they would roll back to previous Drop Rate Settings *sighs*

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OK, I see that I am not the only person who thinks that the Devs are manipulating the drops, even though I have been told by GMs that all drops are random. I ran up a Night Widow on Virtue, for 3 days I did nothing other then run paper mish at 1/8 (With Bosses) after hitting 50. Clearing out each mish and varying the sort of baddies I was fighting, going through hundreds of baddies if not thousands I received not a single purple drop and rarely getting a rare drop that I was able to use (Not really caring for the resale since I needed to finish slotting out the toon).

3 days + 4 hrs a day + 25 plus mish per 4hr runs = Not Diddly!

I remember running in the Fab on my electric/stone brute and just like Nezz getting a purple drop every few hours.

But according to the GM I talked to all drops are equally random!

...My butt!

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When you get more temp drops than regular IO drops something is wacky. Anytime you get so many that you have to delete them in fear of missing something good once again something is wrong.

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I ran a ITF last night with a few other regular Guardian players, 4 mish, over 13 temp power drops, (now granted 3 of those was a Recipe Gifted from another player) 6 IO drops, and two Uncommon drops.

As the tf concluded the same person that gifted the 3 temp recipes unleashed another 4 unto me.

Now don't get me wrong I was by no means mad about the Gifted recipes, personally I thought it was funny as hell!

I guess my point is that from two people in that tf there was 17 temp recipe drops in 4 mish, I can't say what the other 6 members got from it but I'm pretty sure it was close to what the 2 of us got individually.

So yeah, I'd have to agree with Mr U, something is extremely wrong about this system that they have.

�Chaos in the midst of chaos isn't funny, but chaos in the midst of order is.�
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I would have to agree on the crazyness of temp power drops however i think that they hold some importants in the game play like a few folks said a few of them can be very useful. I would have to say that i dislike the drop rate design of them game. example. Ohh i just found this revolver on the CoT dragonmonster thing (forgotname) umm no. Ohh look this low dumb minion just happen to pick up this epic. u know its just kinda not in the story line i guess. What somewhat needs to happen is the drops need to be mob/level oriented instead of random I cant help but feeling cheated when i spend months looking for something in the WHOLE game. it would be really really nice to say " oh i need some hami goo. Oh maybe i should defeat something that is in the hami story line. you know maybe there could be a 1% chance for that to drop randomly from any mobs but it would be nice to know that i may be able to collect more from DE itself. jst my 2 cents

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Originally Posted by Princess_Tundra View Post
I would have to agree on the crazyness of temp power drops however i think that they hold some importants in the game play like a few folks said a few of them can be very useful.
I'm not saying get rid of them, just maybe a different way you can get them other than drops.

You can buy WW/BM teleporters (These are great things to have) and Jet packs. Why can't you just purchase other temp powers instead of getting them as drops? In return it would free up space in your recipe inventory for something you might be able to use more then a revolver of a baseball bat.

�Chaos in the midst of chaos isn't funny, but chaos in the midst of order is.�
0 50s but I have fun playing!



I would love, loooove, LOVE the option to just turn off certain kinds of loot in CoX. Or rather, auto trash certain things, I don't even care if the drop rate is "working as intended". If I could just set my inventory to trash temps, or plain IOs on my main who is fully slotted with sets, or not even bother picking up SO/DO/TO enhancements, that would be great. I hate the auction house, I cry every time I have to use it because I never wanted to deal with an in game economy. I have never been able to play games where having the best stuff makes or breaks the experience, because at a certain point, it just frustrates me so much, the game is no longer fun.

Of course, that is a different rant for a different thread. I still play CoX because I don't need to spend muc time at the AH to have fun. The point is, since I don't want to sell every little thing my character decides to pick up, for no reason, why can't I just have her throw it all away? Or hey, recycle! That would be something, an option for certain item catagories I set up to go to the market at a set price, or may be half the recipe shop value. I don't care about whites, yellows, oranges even, just give all that to the market at a lower value please. Make some poor market flippers happy for all I care o.o

Really, though, why do my heroes pick up every little thing that sparkles? If I were a villain, I would so use that. Start making my minions carry shiney explosives I could remote detonate, end of hero problem.

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JM2C, but I think that everything should drop equally, according to their rarity.


Because to any given player something is more preferred than another. While Player A wants IO drops, Player B prefers Temps, and Player C wants salvage more than everything else (and player D just wishes he'd get a freaking End Insp before he dies ). The only fair way of doing it is making them equally random.

As an exception to that, I think that - assuming there was a way to do it without sending devs jumping out of windows in frustrations, of course - that the frequency of Health and End imps should increase as the bars get lower to emulate the ability of the characters to coax that "little bit more" out of themselves.

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