Looking to start PVP'ing




Right now I'm wanting to expand what I do in COH, and PVP is looking interesting. I've got a long-time love with fighting games, so I'm curious to see how something more organized/multiplayer would go.

That being said, I understand that PVE and PVP are two different creatures. Mechanics differences aside (I'll go looking for guide tonight), just dealing with other players, things moving faster, etc. As such I'm not entirely sure what I'm getting into.

I'm on Freedom mostly, and am in Hawai'i (UTC-10, don't do DST), so I know that's likely putting me out of sync with most players... by the time I'm ready to play after work, dinner, family time, etc., many of you are ready to go to sleep!

From what I've done in the past in other games and in COH/V:

* I like Bloody Bay and Siren's Call (hot spot battles). I've even gone there on my own. Seems like goals agree with me.

* Hate death match type situations. I don't like those in FPS games, and would much rather play with teams.

* I don't really have any sort preferred playstyle/role just yet for these things.

* I would prefer to get involved with a group/community rather than random pick-ups.

* Due to my personal schedule I'm not really able to highly commit to anything

* I am far, far from being a min/max'er.

Any thoughts? Advice? I've got tons of slots available on all servers (I tend to cull characters and never had a bad case of alt-itis), but I'm a really slow leveler. Just trying to find a place to start, I guess! Do I have any obvious misconceptions here?



As long as you know what you're getting into, but sounds like you realize that there is a big difference between the way powers work in PvE vs PvP. There's SC and RV zone play as well as arena matches for the most part on Freedom. As far as zone, some live by SC and others by RV...personal preference. I don't know if there is a Freedom PvP league currently, but someone that arenas can answer that one.

You don't have to be a min/max type as long as you realize a lot of ppl you run into are and prefer to play FOTMS as opposed to playing "sh*tty toons" as someone pointed out in another thread recently. Some players are casual PvPers and want to have fun vs other players that want to have fun being competetive.

Why don't you post what toons you have available/what you are looking for and the experts will be able to sort them out for you.


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Two easiest choices for me right now?

Level 50 Energy/Energy/Energy Blaster with Flight, Fitness (not yet respec'd), and Presence.

Level 50 Energy/Dark/Soul Brute with Flight, Teleport, and Speed (respec'd for i19).

I'll keep their PVE builds as is and just use my second or third build for PVP. Will do export their full builds from Titan Sentinal tonight sometime.



To be honest and so you do not waste your time and money, and so you won't go into PvP and get killed so many times that you will just quit and not want to do it again, I will tell you neither of those two are really worth it. If you want to play a blaster go Psi,Fire,or Sonic primary and EM secondary and villianside I would go with a Sonic/Therm, Sonic/Pain, Sonic/Cold Corr or Elec or Spines willpower stalker. Lots of posts in this section of the forums on builds for each.

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Looking to start PVP'ing

Positron's i13 letter: We are trying to make PvP more accessible to new players, while giving experienced PvP'ers the advantage that comes with formulating tactics around the new systems we're putting in place. PvP from now on will be on our priority list. If something isn't working out, we'll be in there tweaking it and making it work, for the entire future of the product, not just Issue 13.



The energy blaster could work fine for zones if you aren't interested in min/maxing and you're a slow leveler. Get a PvP build on it, and you'll do okay. Fire, psi, sonic, rad, or archery blasters will be a better overall but energy could work. The survivability will be the same as any other blaster (Maybe higher in SC since a lot of people might not have KB prot in their build by then), it'll just do less damage.

Edit: I personally wouldnt use an energy blaster, but it could be done. If you really enjoy it but are wishing for more dmg, then you can reroll to whatever.



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Or come test DCUO?

J/K (at least for the purposses of not getting banned I am).

Honestly, though, there are no guides (*emo*) but unlike in some games you may be used to the PvP community here is wonderfully helpful.

Psyrene gives good advice on powersets.

One of the biggest problems I've had is that if you're not itnerested in putting in the time to be a soooper-1337 arena player but still want to do any arena play, it can be kinda problematic to find reliable practice partners on some servers. Which is important, because Arena is not the same as Zone (aside from the confined space, the lack of travel suppression still kinda throws me). Probably a good idea to find some friends, either in the form of a guild or not, who are willing to give you a match now and then to practice with.

If you're just into zone PvP, I will say that in my experience its a bit more forgiving of sub-optimal builds (which can amke it a good place to get your feet wet before your build is complete). On some serverszones are kinda underwhelming intheir population though (I play on Virtue, and I can't begin to say how often RV has been empty or had about 2 or 3 people in it.

Finally, if you want to have fun, remember to disconnect your ego a little from your success recor. Even fi you were one of the best of the best, you WILL loose eventually. Sometimes you'll even get ganked by a team of shark-stalkers and the nerd-rage will try to consume you. But thats part of the back and forth, and you wouldn't be here if you weren't interested in something a little less painfully predictable than AI opponents, right?

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