Pinnacle Mothership Raid Schedule?




Hey all,

Just wondering if Pinnacle has a regular Rikti Mothership raid time...

Working on an incarnate character and not really a fan of PUG TFs, so I figure raids are the fastest way to get shards.

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raids happen whenever.. If not in pinnbadges global channel be sure to get in there..

But since i19 you can just about get a raid going whenever you desire!



Last I heard regular raids were happening Monday nights at 8 or 10 PM EST (one of those times, I forget which). But yeah, it probably wouldn't be too hard to get an off-cycle raid together at this point.

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Typically, there is a raid every Monday at 10pm EST, sometimes Sundays as well. I know last night we filled the zone, six full teams and then some.

However, as DarkGob said, during "peak hours" you could probably get 3 teams together for a raid, as long as you gave everyone, say, a half hour's notice, so that they could wrap up whatever they were doing.

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We may want to set a 2nd night for ship raids, the zone filled up last night real quick, and here I thought zones didn't get full on Pinnacle



2nd night would be good...esp with people being in zone for tin and apex tf's....could provide less problems