What is the most damaging and safer with Kinetics?




Sonic, ice, or radiation?

And how is dark paired with radiation? I really enjoy the dark playstyle, but do not enjoy most of of the dark blast set as the damage seems slow, although I will miss the holds but then again already playing an ill/rad controller as my main they feel quite similar.

Thanks all.



Honestly, if you want to make the most offensively and defensively out of Kinetics, make a Corr.

Corruptors have a higher damage cap so they can make better use of abilty to trivially cap your damage with Kinetics. For defense you can take the Scorpion Shield to get smashing/lethal defense.

If you're used to having holds, I'd recommend going Rad. It's not as damaging as Fire, but you've got a very solid ST mez in Cosmic Burst. Sonic would also work well for the same reason, but Sonic is more team-supporty (increase the teams damage via -res) whereas Rad is more straightup damage from you.

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Most damaging? Sonic for single targets, Ice for large groups.

Safest? Ice. The secondary effects of Sonic and Radiation are all about defeating enemies more efficiently, while Ice has a pair of holds for crowd control, and massive recharge and movement debuffs to reduce the incoming damage.



Well doesnt have to be the highest just in the top 3.



I love my Kinetics/Ice. She feels like a Blaster with the amount of damage she can put out and the holds make soloing very safe indeed. Although there are two holds in the set, the second one has a long animation which I find jarring with the flow of Kinetics. With the right slotting and Siphon Speed running though, I can normally lock down a boss with 2 applications of Freeze Ray. And if you have someone to immobilize or slow the mobs, the combination of Fulcrum Shift and Ice Storm is.... sweet.

I also have a Dark/Kin Corruptor and although the damage cap is higher, the damage is very DoT and doesn't feel as solid as Ice. Dark though is a very good match and helps with mitigation where Kinetics doesn't give much.

Both are good combos but feel very different.

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Fire/Kin Corr.



Check out my Ice/Kin guide in my sig. Ice is a great pairing with Kinetics. I will be writing an I19 update when I find the time to respec him and test some things out.

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Wow this sounds well amazing, never been a fan as an ice blaster but paired with kinetics hmmm, I always enjoyed ice in other games, but this seems to hit the spot in what I am looking for I will give it a try thank you.