Your first screenshot




everyone should post the first in game print screen that they ever took, just a fun thing since im kinda bored, anyway heres mine:

That is my first 50 back when he was a wee lad on champion

anyway, pass it on have some fun with it



I can't
My computer died on me last night. It is on its way to be serviced at some undisclosed location for some undisclosed amount of time.



Here's my earliest dated screenshot that I could find. I'm not sure what happened to the 3 before it :P

My first character ever!!! Anthenia, Emp/Rad defender. I still have her!



If I could revive the laptop I had those many years ago...



*goes rummaging*

*tosses random objects out of the tree*

<o.O> This might take awhile.

*chainsaw goes flying past*

April '05

Not really the oldest I ever took though; sadly I cleaned out my screenies once when I was low on harddrive space >.<; Still, its ancient.

That was my "School girl" outfit, before Schoolgirl outfits were possible in CoH.

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I have to say the thing that impresses me most is how much the graphics have been updated... alot of people think this game looks the same as when it first came out... but those hellions sure are ugly back then... I mean they are ugly now but still they are ugly in cripser higher resolution textures and higher poly models.



Oddly, I STILL haven't taken screenshots of my first main hero... and she's closing in on 50. But, I did take a series of shots of my first villian.

Here's the first!

Here's another from the same series, just because I like it.

Yeah, I tend to crop things for composition and what not. Also, when I made these I didn't know how to turn the various parts of the GUI off, so I had to crop them out.

Maybe I'll take some pictures of my hero when she does actually make 50...



Well, that was also taken three systems or so ago... on a... hmm... what was it? Athlon XP 2000+, maybe a gig of RAM, and GeForce 5200.



Hmm that's a good idea, i should take a new pic of that pic i posted with my current system :P



I only wish I still had the early ones. Sadly, they were lost when I built my current computer. I hadn't thought to back them up on my external HD, and they were wiped when the new motherboard formated the old HD.

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Sadly my computer died about a year ago... it took all my screenshots from back then with it...

I think this is my oldest surviving screenshot...

This shows the most age, however.



Unfortunately My all my screenshots were lost when I had to restore my computer from a virus last summer.
This is the oldest that still is dated but This One may actually be older.

The first one is of my Blaster Star Lad in his original costume witnessing a lady being robbed by Paragons Cities Air, so much for a City of Heroes. The Second one is in the Shadow Shard staring my main hero Crestent and a bunch of other Freedomites, I believe it is the tf before Faathim The Kind.

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Well my computer is still out in service-land somewhere, but they did back up my hard drive. Of course I had to make sure they saved my screenshots folder since it has so many irreplacable gems. So this was my first screenie:
Triumph SG Fair 2005

My namesake is second from the right, in her SG colors. One of my husband's characters is the big guy in the back. Ah, the memories.



January 2004 Screenshot-0001

Just before the new Galaxy City Zone went Live on Prime (Freedom).... the 1st .TGA Screenshot which paved the way for thousands more to come.