As for a big change...




I studied a lot of art books for a few days. Comic art, real anatomy, etc. I wanted to expand my style, improve it, etc.

And this is what came out of it.

I'm VERY happy with it!



Great Job Dirtwolf. Looks great

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Overall very nice!

I do have *ONE* teeeeeensy quibble - but its very small; and could even be explained by something to do with the suit.

But her ribs are a bit thick. It almost seems like she's wearing a vest under the spandex >.< (Which if she is, that'd explain it perfectly and I'm sorry for even bringing it up! <,&lt

Otherwise though - fantastic piece. Love your color choices!

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Looks really good Dirt.

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That's incredible! You're a fantastic artist!



That turned out very nicely! I love the background, too.



That looks really great Dirtwolf! I agree wih misty, the ribs do look a little bit 'thick'. Like he said it's really minor and doesn't detract from the piece. But, we can't improve unless people tell us where they think flaws are. =^_^=

=. .=b




me likey

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Looks really good Dirt



Very nice, Dirt. She's got some softness to those curves, which is always good, too.

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looking great ^^

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that's great! I likey

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I don't think the ribs are too thick. I think the black line just accentuates them maybe a little much. A line coming down accentuating her abs might balance it a little.

But I really love your style in this one. She looks lovely!