Anyone else feel bad about leaving the RWZ?




I have a lot of villains, one or two are downright nasty.

Most are not, they're selfish, maybe deluded or delusional, perhaps capable of some cruelty (they would think it to be justified vengence), but still avoid arcs like Phipp's, or Thermani's.

After playing my favourite brute in the RWZ for a few weeks, I find that going back red side just doesn't really work. Paper missions are fine (though I find myself skipping mayhem missions with this guy now) and the Cap Au Strike force is of course totally on the menu! but most of his remaining arcs simply aren't acceptable anymore. Come on, He "saved the world" and liked doing it! He's smashed countless rikti, he's delivered the final blow to the master at arms, and found that, really, This sort of thing makes for a better life than robbing banks...

So I guess the question is:

Does anyone else have a toon that's now become mired between worlds?

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Naw, not really.

All of my characters are simply too chaotic to care. They'd just as easilly try to blow the world up after saving it. If anything, the only reason they probably saved the world in the first place was so that they could eliminate the new competition.



Does anyone else have a toon that's now become mired between worlds?

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Yes, but he was misunderstood to begin with... So...



Kiiind of, not really... On the boards, I guess you could say so, but he's taking the course of redemption much more slowly in-game.



I have one who will enjoy a reason to be back in Paragon City legally, and would even consider switching sides, but the rest really are seeing it as a more of a "This is what must be done to survive" situation.

On the other hand, a lot of my heroes really don't like the idea of having to smash Longbow. Even if I personally like it for teh hawt badges.

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Power Breaker LOVES the Warzone.

He never leaves.

Never ever.

Except to help some crazy golden alien kick the tar out of baddies... Then, well, then travel gets hectic as Arachnos minions seem to ambush him outside of every door, Black Helicopter and Ferry, and kick him off the Internet.


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I'm a hero, so this may not apply so much to me, but my character has an issue with Rikti. So the RWZ is a dream come true for me. I was waiting for this. And leaving the zone feels so wrong, just on the basis of who Feride is. She would never, ever leave that zone, and I have taken her out of there. Often. It just feels wrong. And not much else in Paragon creates the satisfaction that killing off hoards of Rikti does.

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No moral qualms about killing Rikti even when you get Omega Clearance, eh?



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My Necro/Dark MM has been being "good" as of late. He's half angel of death and has become a full angel (possibly the new angel of death). He's not a hero by any means, but after the Rikti Invasion, he's definitely realizing that something is different within himself.