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Sir Britain

Real Name: Sir Duncan Haldane IV
Occupation: Former Archeologist, Adventurer
Legal Status: Citizen of the United Kingdom with no criminal record, now naturalized American citizen
Identity: Secret
Other Aliases: The Highland Warrior
Place of Birth: Blackpool, England
Marital Status: Widower
Known Relatives: Sir Duncan Haldane III (father, deceased) Isabella “Ivy” Haldane (wife, deceased)
Group Affiliation: none
Base of Operations: Atlas Park, Paragon City
First Appearance: City of Heroes
History: Duncan Haldane IV was born in Blackpool, England. His mother died in childbirth, and his father grew sullen and withdrawn, before passing away when Duncan was only 10 years old. It would have been easy fro him to slip into the lifestyle of hoodlums and thugs, if it weren’t for the support of his best friend, Isabella “Ivy” Fitzgerald. With her by his side, Duncan hit the books, went to college on a scholarship, and became a notable archeologist, while Ivy became a genius in bio-circuitry and nanotechnology. At the age of 21, he proposed to Ivy, and she accepted. Married on April 22nd, everything seemed to have gone right for young Duncan. Shortly thereafter Duncan began work for England’s version of MAGI, the Department for Arcane Research and Experimentation. The main goal of this clandestine organization was to combine powerful artifact of Britain’s past with modern technology. The ultimate cumulation of this work was a battlesuit that employs various artifacts interwoven in the suit as a power source, developed mainly by Duncan and his wife. This and various other breakthroughs led to another upturn in Duncan’s life, as he was knighted by her majesty the Queen. Not one to rest on his laurels, he began work on a sword said to be owned by an immortal.
During his work, the immortal visited him, claiming that if Duncan spoke an oath, the swords power would be his. Overcome by curiosity, Duncan spoke the oath, and found himself on another plane. He was confronted by an angelic being holding a sword (to fight wrong) and a shield (to protect the innocent). Duncan chose the sword, and was transformed into a being of immense power. Calling himself “Highland” he became a famed hero in Britain. But all things come with a price. The immortal returned, demanding payment for the power in the form of Duncan’s unborn son. Duncan refused, and battled the immortal. He was no match for the immortal, however, and watched in horror as the immortal punished Duncan by killing Ivy in front of his eyes. Enraged by the death of his beloved wife, Duncan snapped. Channeling the spirit of Isabella, he struck the immortal with the blade so hard it shattered, injuring the immortal. Seeing his chance, he donned the battlesuit constructed by himself and his late wife and, in a spectacular battle on the streets of London, sealed the immortal in the dimension that Duncan had obtained his powers.
The hero once known as Highland was knighted (giving Duncan the distinct honor of being knighted twice) for coming to the defense of the crown. With all traces of his former powers gone and still using the battlesuit, he took on the name “Sir Britain” and set off for America to better train himself in the use of his new powers, should the immortal return again.

Height: 6 ft. 2 in.
Weight: 240 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red

Strength Level: Sir Britain possesses the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise. As Highland, Duncan possessed the ability to lift (press) 10 tons.

Known Superhuman Powers: As Highland, Duncan possessed a magic blade which gave him superhuman strength, speed, and endurance. All these powers were lost after sealing away the immortal.

Abilities: Sir Britain is a brilliant archeologist, and has extensive knowledge of ancient artifacts, as well as associated cultures and deities, especially those of British, Celtic, or Irish origin.

Weapons: Sir Britain’s battlesuit channels the energies of various artifacts to project a force field around him, giving a very high degree of invulnerability. Small weapons fire has little effect, and by augmenting his field, he can increase his resistance to harm. In addition, he can use that energy to amplify the force of his blows, giving the illusion of super strength to some.



Doctor Steve-O

Real Name: Steve Burnett
Age: 110 yrs (Looks Much Younger)
Occupation: Plastic Surgeon, Mercenary Medic
Legal Status: Citizen Of the United States Of America
Other Aliases: Pink Defender, Jubilee
Place Of Birth: Philidelphia, Pennsylvania
Marital Status: Single
Known Relitives: None
Group Affiliation: Black Ops
Base Of Operations: Baumton (Before Rikti Invasion) Hotel Geneva, Steel Canyon (Until Super Base Is Built), Circle Island, Talos Island (In Construction)
First Appearance: City Of Heroes
History: Born in Philidelphia, PA in 1894 to a wealthy family. Steve was born with the incredible power to heal himself and others as well to keep him lookin young for 110 years. He moved to Paragon City 60 years ago and never left. He worked with many esteemed collegues in Paragon but the most famous and nefarious was Dr. Vahzilok. Steve helped, without knowledge of what Vahzilok would do with it, create the first Vahzilok Wasting Disease. After Steve said he wouldnt join in Dr. Vahz's meniacle plan Vahz tried to turn him into one of his zombie creatures but with his healing ability the infection wouldnt hold and Steve was saved, but for how long there is no doubt in Steve's mind that Vahz will use his findings from this first expiriment to mutate the disease so that it would infect Heroes easier. After the Vahzilok disaster Steve set up a practice in Baumton, now called Boomtown, but unfortunatly after the Rikti invasion "Boomtown" was destroyed, and he cant seem to find his car. After the devestation of losing his home and office the Doc became a mercenary medic. He would work with who ever paid him better. He's helped the Tsoo before they got sourcerers in their ranks. He's also help the Family's most promanent members as well as the Crey industries higher ups. Now Doc helps his long time friend Quo out with his Super Group Black Ops. He is currently having a base of operations built on Circle Island in Talos Island.

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 150 LBS
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Strenght Level: Doc is pretty weak when it compared to most heroes in fighting ability. He has the strength of a normal human at the age of about 25, and the looks to boot.

Known Superhuman Powers: Doc has an incredible ability to heal himself and others without much effort. He can also boost his as well as others stamina and regeneration ability. He also has a useless ability to shoot bright colors in the air and miss every possible target with it, thats why he is also called Jubilee.

Abilities: Doc is a skilled Doctor and Surgeon. He prefers plastic Surgery because he likes to make people feel better about themselve, but he has the knowledge of a 100 years of medical experience under his belt so he can do almost anything in the medical field.

Weapons: Doc uses no weapons except for his useless power blasts and his wity comebacks.




Real Name: Andrew Malloy
Age: 25
Occupation: Currently Jobhunting; Freelance "Fixer".
Legal Status: Citizen Of the United States Of America
Other Aliases: none
Place Of Birth: Paragon City, Rhode Island
Marital Status: Single
Known Relitives: None
Group Affiliation: Night Guard
Base Of Operations: King's Row
First Appearance: City Of Heroes
History: THe troubled youth of Andrew Malloy is a matter of record. Numerous run-ins with the police, some small amount of jail time for posession of illicit substances, and, most notably, membership in the Skulls gang. When a fellow gangmember suggested that they could make some easy money by serving in a drug trial for Crey industries, Andy was all to eager to participate. When he heard that the new drug was a Superadine derivative, he thought, "All the better!"
Unfortunately, the combat drug that was being tested on young Mr. Malloy had some "unfortunate" side effects that did not emerge until live testing.... When he recovered his wits three days later, he found himself in an alley in King's Row, hoarse from constant screaming, and seeing "shadows" in every corner. It was several days before he understood that the shadows were not harmful or evil... in fact they were very curious about him, since he seemed to be able to see them, and most of the people in our dimension could not. After some time, Andy learned that he no longer existed fully in this dimension, but was caught partially here and partially somewhere else. He also learned that the "shadows" as he called his phantasmic friends, fed upon the darkness in the hearts of men, draining them of corruption and feeding upon it to sustain themselves. By calling upon the strengths of his new friends he found he could sap the strength and vitality of others to heal himself or recover strength. He could also pull himself more fully into his "other home" dimension to travel instantaneously from one place to another... or to pull foes through that dark place to himself. In time, his power grows,, but with it grows his other nature. Is he losing his humanity?
Now, as he tries to understand what he has become, and tries to understand that he now must live as the shadows do, draining corruption from the evil to survive, he stalks evil as the tiger stalks its prey. Though still a man at heart, and prone to foible, his hunger guides him to the foul hearts that house the corruption he needs to survive.
In his own words:
"As a child, I thought the dark an evil thing and I feared the coming of nighttime.
Now I have become the Darkness, and it is Evil that has cause to fear the Night."

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 150 LBS
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black

Strength Level: Alone, Shadowmantle has the average strength of a human male who get's regular vigorous exercise. With the help of his transdimensional allies, he can lift approximately 1000# over his head and can bend soft steel bars.

Known Superhuman Powers: Shadow Control and Allies. Transdimensional body.

Abilities: "Fixer", problem solver. Highly streetwise, Mr. Malloy has a contact or an inroad to just about anywhere. This ability has helped him many times in pursuit of "fixing" other people's problems, though he has, thus far, had no luck turning this to his own advantage in finding a stable job.

Weapons: Shadowmantle uses no weapons except his fists.




Real Name: Ad-Hoc is his Legal name, previous name unknown
Occupation: Full time Adventurer
Legal Status: British Citizen, Sanctioned Superhero
Identity: Public
Other Aliases: Number of nicknames on the theme of Speed
Place of Birth: Unknown, Has claimed alien world and other realities amoungst others.
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: On her Majestys Service
Base Of Operations: Constantly changeing
First Apperence: Currant Form: City of Heroes

History: Ad-Hoc has a habit of altering his story when ever asked about it, claiming that his interveiwers should "Pick the one they like and go with it." The only constant to his story is the accidental nature of his empowerment. His previous Identity seems to have been abandoned as he gave himself over completely to being a Hero. He then moved to Paragon claiming that "I didn't earn these powers so the least I could do is LEARN them" although he has also claimed he is staying since "Its the only City in the world where the majourity of the best looking people have been convinced to wear Skin tight out fits!"
Since then he has frequently been seen engageing a variaty of enemies relying mainly on the sheer mayhem his powers enable him to cause and his 'motor mouth' to annoy, confuse and ultimately defeat his foes.
He was a brief member of two other super groups before goining OHMS, it is beleived previously to this that he was NOT a British Citizen although he was linked to the English Lion, a Captian of the group before he joined. His self proclaimed reasons for staying have included a team member called Ice Angel, That he owes them money and that they take themselves to seriously.
Ad-Hocs irreverent nature makes any solid facts about him few and far between, indeed this may be the reason behind it.

Height: 5' 11''
Weight: 210lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: White (apprantly natural, possibly bleached in the Accident)

Strength Level: Ad-Hoc possess the average Strength of an adult human male his Age and size, who engages in regular exercise.

Known SuperHuman Powers: Ad-Hoc can manipulate Kinetic energy, increaseing decreasing speed's and relative denistys and impacts. He is also able to project 'Kinetic Bolts' as a secondary effect of his power.

Abilities: Ad-Hoc has displayed suprising skills when needed. It appears his Intelligence is high and his bredth , if not depth, of knowledge is considerable.

Weapons: None. Although his Utility belt is equipped with several mundane but use full items and his Goggles serve a number of functions including Nightvision, Target recognition, Audio/visual recording and such like.



Shock Jock

Real Name: Andy Pierson
Occupation: Former Radio DJ, now Full-Time hero
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States of America
Other Aliases: none
Place of Birth: New Haven, CT
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: none currently
Base Of Operations: Steel Canyon
First Apperence: City of Heroes

History: Andrew Pierson had it all: a radio show practically given to him after graduation; thousands upon thousands of adoring fans; and a new fiance' whom he’d met during their junior year of college. Everything was perfect. Andy’s weekly show, however, was always a source of controversy; he often questioned the city’s heroes and villains, as well as their actions/motives to score ratings. Unfortunately, Andy made a few brash and derogatory comments about one of Paragon’s more powerful gangs on a show. One of the gang's leaders, enraged over Andy’s “lack of respect”, sent a few members to shut him up. A night later, as Andy and his fiance' were out for dinner, some gang members placed a car bomb beneath their vehicle. While Andy proudly signed autographs, she left to bring their car. That was the last moment Andy would see her. The explosion and pillar of fire still haunted his nightmares. The futility of the city’s police force infuriated Andy even more. An electrical engineering major in college, Andy took it upon himself to make things right and avenge his wife’s death, and his guilty conscience. With the aid of an old friend, he constructed mechanical gauntlets capable of electrical blasts and manipulation, as well as other small beneficial equipment. Andy Pierson became what he once mocked. A hero: Shock Jock.

Height: 6' 3''
Weight: 200lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown

Strength Level: Shock Jock possesses an average level of strength for a 24 year-old male human.

Known SuperHuman Powers: none

Abilities: Above average level of intelligence and technological design and construction.

Weapons: "Shock Gauntlets" - mechanically engineered gloves embedded with complex circuitry and electrical nodes capable of discharging various electricity-based attacks. Engineered belt enabling flight by generating an anti-gravity field around wearer.




Name: Dr. Timothy Stryke
Age: 38
Occupation: Professor of Theoretical Physics, Paragon City University.
Legal Status: Citizen Of the United States Of America
Other Aliases: none
Place Of Birth: Cocoa Bech, Florida
Marital Status: Divorced
Known Relatives: Daughter Lena Marie
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Steel Canyon
First Appearance: City Of Heroes

History: Tim Stryke was always a dreamer. Even as a boy, he dreamed of fighting the good fight next to his favorite comic book heroes, like Superman, Batman and Statesman.

Always bright in school, he found that he had a special knack for high energy, particle and theoretical physics, and eventually attained his Ph.D. with a dissertation on Gravotemporal Harmonics and their potential applications in the efforts against the Rikti. Although his paper was never taken as seriously by his peers as he thought it should be, he was, nonetheless, approached by a silent benefactor who helped him to fund the construction on his first pair of manipulators. With the necessary resources to be able to prove his theories, Dr. Stryke became obsessed with his goal, to the exclusion of all else, including his young daughter and his wife, who left him for the more caring attentions of another man... Assistant District Attorney Jerrold Arkin.

Eventually, he finished the construction of the prototype manipulators, and was ready to demonstrate them to his silent benefactor. Unfortunately his benefactor did not have Paragon City's best interests at heart, and hadn't since the early forties... The 5th Column had been funding his research!
Using the manipulators, Dr. Stryke fought his way out of the 5th column base and alerted the authorities of its location. At that point, he was advised to go register himself as a hero (He actually got some help from the DA's office in retro-acting his application) to protect himself from possible litigation by the 5th Column agents who may have been injured in his escape attempt.

Now as a registered hero, and with the assistance of his friends at DATA, Timestryke is constantly improving his Temporal Manipulators, and fighting the rampant crime and inexorable corruption that is sweeping across Paragon City. Soon, he feels, the manipulators will be reliable enough and adaptable enough to equip to the police force or the National Guard in their ongoing efforts... soon, but not quite yet. If he can just work out one more effect... perhaps he can manage to get the Time-freeze effect to spread out a little... and freeze more than one target...

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 175 LBS
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark Auburn

Strength Level: Timestryke has the average strength of a human male who get's regular vigorous exercise.

Known Superhuman Powers: Although Professor Stryke does not personally have superpowers per se, his "Temporal Manipulators" (Patent #352855745) allow him to manipulate the flux and flow of time in nearby space. He can suspend foes or rack their bodies with paradox in time bubbles, slow them down, or speed up allies. Although he cannot travel through time, he can pass "between" seconds, so it appears to others that he is actually moving much faster than his subjective vewpoint experiences. This, of course, gives him a significant advantage where speed and surprise affect the outcome of a given fight.

Abilities: Dr. Stryke has the nromal abilities of a scholar in our society, and is known as a "darn good" Sushi Chef among his friends. Other than that, he's just a guy.

Weapons: Timestryke uses no weapons, and is, in fact, a diligent pacifist.




Name: Lieutenant Michael Lawrence Erikson
Age: 21
Occupation: Super group leader, Hustler(uses knowledge of future events to gamble)(former law enforcement officer in the year 3051)
Legal Status: Unknown, he is from the year 3051, has no records in the present time.
Other Aliases: Law master (his previous code name in 3051)
Place Of Birth: Born in Langlay,Virginia, USA in year august,19,3030
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Sarah Erikson (mother) Lawrence Erikson (father) James Erikson (brother) Bladestorm/Maxwell Reins (Godfather / Father in law) Darksanctuary/ Patricia Reins (wife in some year past 3051) Mindgames/Melissa May (great great grand mother, living relative in present time)
Group Affiliation: Leader of Eternal Vigilance
Base Of Operations: Atlas Park, an old warehouse in Argosy industrial area.
First Appearance: Eternal Vigilance Saga

History: Many years in the future in the year, 5/12/2431, China population became so abundant that they migrated all over the world. After generations of spreading across the globe, a mad dictator of China, Feng Lu Wei(who was shortly assassinate after the war began in a coup'd to stop the madness) , Or the Emperor of Blood declared war on the USA for a peace keeping operation in Taiwan. This engulfed the world as Chinese people across the world began attacking whatever US Troops occupied the county they lived. So began the The War of devastation, or Great Chinese/American World War.

The USA and China fought for several years to a stand still. Ravaging most the world in the process. Both drained of resources, and with little desire left to fight people threw down their weapons across the world. Too much death and destruction as over 5 billion people died world wide, some historians venture to say the numbers were far greater, but due to records ruined no exact numbers are known.

The environment was equally knocked out of balance as the ecosystems were destroyed. It took over 600 hundred years of commitment to restore the world to its former glory. Human evolved to a greater psionic powers, and well just became more intelligent as a means for people to avoid conflict naturally. People some people hone their powers to protect and use their minds to communicate thru language barrier to avoid conflicts. They are later referred to as the Aegis Centurions those who shield the world from harm.

Born in 8/19/3030 , Michael Lawrence Erikson(lastjustice) is born. He is son of member Aegis centurions. He grew up in in Langlay,Virginia, at what used to be Langlay Air force base. This is the HQ for the Aegis centurions East coast division.

Growing up he knew all his life he was going to be an Aegis Centurion like his father and his god father Commander Maxwell Reins, his father's best friend. He also met his childhood Rival Robert Hays and Girlfriend Patricia Reins, Daughter of his Godfather.

Robert took being an Aegis centurion much more seriously than Michael did. Michael actually wanted to be one for the wrong reasons. He saw what an easy job it was since the world was so peaceful, so he decided it was the perfect job.

Robert was one of the few reasons he ever pushed himself to master his powers. The two of them often fought, which Patricia was one of the reasons when they weren't competing to see who was better than the other.

Both were the top of their class going through the academy. They graduated and were both promoted to officers. Robert Hays was given the code name Mindwalker, cause he was proficient at Telekinetics. Michael was named Law master as he seemed to be a natural born leader when he applied himself. He also took up medical training to give him an excuse to be in the back lines.

The two hot-blooded young men continued to forge each other into effect members of the force. By the time they were 21 they were both Lieutenants. That was when their troubles arisen.

People near what used to be Paragon City area seemed to be vanishing. No one knew why or what happened, just they were gone. The Aegis Centurions were called to investigate. Following trail, they found their way into the caverns deep under paragon city.

They eventually came up a massive invasion force the Rikti had gathered. The Rikti an alien race from another dimension were supposed to be defeated long ago seemed to returned when man wasn't able to defend itself to their onslaught. With little time to react, they were ambushed. Members of the team were so outnumbered, and were falling left and right. Michael Erikson froze in terror as he had never seen real combat before. He sat behind a force field as they dropped, then eventually decided the only thing he could do is run.

Using super speed he fled for his life, never looking back. He ran out of the sewers and made it to the surface, and kept running for several miles before he exhausted himself, and fainted.

Awaking back at base hours later, he was briefed he was the last of his unit, and there wasn't enough Aegis Centurions in the whole world to stop what he had seen. Deciding the best course of action was to pull their ace in the hole.

Michael Erikson was elected for a secret project, time travel had been invented 10 years earlier. While a human had never been success sent thru time, only non organic objects. Only 10 of thousand rats send thru time(usually only 2-5 minutes forward or backward) came back alive, and only 3 came back with nothing critically damaged.

Given the choice of being enslaved or killed by the rikti or potentially dying in the time stream, he picked to go out a hero. He was given a list of numbers for the weeks lotto, and winners of sporting events. They didn't want him spending his time worrying about money, they wanted him to focus on his task of preventing the Rikti onslaught.

Giving his final good bye to his commander, and God father Maxwell Reins, was sent back in time. He was told it was a one way trip so his life in the year 3051 was over from this moment on. He was dubbed the lastjustice, final defender of his time.

He was set in a large chamber, and prepared to go. He saw the machine fire up, and energize. He screamed out as his body felt like it was trying to rip itself about. He used his shielding and psionic powers to hold himself together. He felt so much pain as it was like being fired out of a cannon thru a million brick walls, and the noise was deafening as he heard all the sound of the eras he was sent thru.

After what seemed like forever, he eventually felt it stop, and he appeared in the present time, in Paragon City. The golden era of heroes, a time when champions of the world assembled to make a stand against all threats, and he was there to assure that the rikti threat was stopped, errantly. He had survived the trip, but his most of his clothing had not. He was in a back alley of Atlas Park, and was getting so really dirty looks from the homeless people who saw him naked walking by.

He then go picked up by the police for public nudity. Officer Irene Ling brought him in to the station. He sat there for hours as no one seemed to know who he was. They questioned him, but he pretended like his memory was gone.

Eventually after a point they couldn’t decide what to do with him, the Officer who brought him in felt sorry for him gave him some clothes and money that belonged to her brother. Seeing how sad and lost young Michael Erikson was, she couldn't help but want to aid him.

He then took the five dollars she gave him to win the Lottery. He was instantly a multi-millionaire as he won over 10 million dollars. He acquired a brand new apartment and got himself set up. He took the women who helped him out, Officer Ling out to celebrate his good fortune. He was also greatly attracted to this women and made advances on her.

He lived it up, as he had no worries, he had put the reason he was there in the back of his mind. He offered to Irene to support her, so she could quit her job, and live it up right along with him. She declined his offer, she felt she needed to be out on the street as an officer of the law, and protector of the people.

That was like a shot straight in the heart, as he realized that’s where he belonged too. She left and she had to go to work, and he walked the streets thinking what would he do next. How had the power seduced him once again, without someone like Robert and his commander pushing him to do more, he felt lost.

He wandered around town, till he heard people cry out for help. People were in trouble, and it was the rikti trying to take them away to who knows what to them. He then had flash backs of his unit dying at their hands, he cowered in fear for a moment and took cover.

Just then a squad car rolled up. They tried fighting off the invaders to little avail. The Rikti outgunned them greatly, he turned and saw one of the Patrolmen, it was Irene fighting. Seeing her in the line of fire, he quickly sped over and grabbed her as the squad car exploded in a ball of flames to the rikti fire arms.

He took her and contained her in a shield so she wouldn’t be harmed. She yelled and pounded on the wall of the field as she didn't want to be removed from the fight.

Enraged by seeing the women he cared about nearly being harmed by the Rikti, his anger overcame his fear. He cried out in rage as the ground around him cracked from the shockwaves resonating from him. He charged the aliens head on and started to face his destiny.

He fought valiantly but ultimately even he couldn't overcome the invaders. Wounded, and panting he thought he was done for sure, when the back up arrived the swiftly defeat the Rikti. The more experienced heroes topple the Rikti threat.

After the fight, Irene finds him, and helps him up to his feet. His barrier containing her broke when he was injured. She then slapped him, and said, don’t you ever stop me from doing my job again. Then smiled at him, and don’t ever stop doing yours.

He realized the importance of his present in the past, and saw he needed to do what he came to do. He gave up his pent house apartment in Steel Canyon, and bought a broken down warehouse in Atlas park, in the Argosy industrial area. Hoods and thugs were all around, so was the perfect area for him to patrol.

Using his super speed, he remodeled the place, and bought allot of gym equipment. He from this point on took his job much more seriously. After weeks of patrolling and working on his new HQ, he decided to find out what Irene was up to.

Having nearly fell off the face of the earth, she was upset with him for not calling. He decided to come clean, since he always believed honestly was an important , and she had seen him use his powers anyways.

He explained he wanted to found the group Eternal Vigilance, and this was going to be the base. And his past, and why he was there. She was at first asked if she was just a distraction till he returned to his own time and he said he d just stay for her alone even if he could go home.

She then did something that surprised him. she said laughing, so can I join the team? He’s like, so what are your powers, being super sex, he replied, thinking she was kidding. She was serious, and revealed she had a few tricks of her own.

She exploded in wave of strange energy, Michael, almost afraid, but captivated watched in awe as she transformed. She was descendent of an ancient Chinese Monk of the shao lin. He trapped the trickster Spirit Ninetails, inside him that was plaguing his village. Being sealed in the monks body, the only way it could escape was thru the next of his kin.

While the monk was too morale for the demon to ever show its presence, it was passed thru many generations till it eventually found its way from her mother to Irene herself when she was born.

Irene didn't leave the most honorable and morale life, and didn’t hold a candle to the man who sealed it inside himself. Having a checked past, it eventually found itself a window in her to resurface. She now struggles to reseal it, and works as a police officer and a hero to contain it

She then transformed back crying, and Michael, seeing her in her true state, rushed to her sided. At that moment the only thing they were able to save was each other from themselves.

The two of them founded Eternal Vigilance, and began recruiting many members. Members such as Earthrage, a powerful stone wielding druid. Sniper-X a cybernetic bounty hunter. Aftermath, a mutant who was a walking inferno. Among many others.

Eventually Eternal Vigilance began Clashing with another group known as Ground Zero. A government based Super hero group. Most had some connection to a branch of the Government such as the Armed forces, CIA, FBA. Ground Zero would show up in the middle of Ev missions, and try to take the credit for their work, and took them that this mission was under government control now.

The leader of Ground Zero, Ariel Nailos, or Windshot had extremely high interest in learning the secret of the lastjustice. Despite all their resources, they had no idea who he was, or where he came from. He became her personal project.

Windshot wanted to know how he learned to wield such power, since his blood sample revealed he was a prodigy hero, or natural like herself. He had no electro-magnetic feedback showing his powers were not magical. Her powers weren't nearly as advanced as his. She also on a personal level became attracted to him cause of this.

After a couple attempts, Windshot hired a group of mercenaries to aid her in capturing lastjustice. This group specialized in demon slaying, but had an effective track record, so they were hired. The group was called Aquilus Pactum.

The leader of the group was known as Fade. He originally came to capture the lastjustice, but he learned Ninetails was with him, he turned his attention to her instead. He was a former lover of hers before she turned, and became bitter with her for it

He turned his hatred for her into a life of a demon hunter to destroy her and demon that destroy their relationship. Fearing for lastjustice's life, at the hands of Aquilus Pactum , Irene Ling laid down her life so they were spare his.

Overcome with grief, Lastjustice went berserk, and single handedly defeated the whole group. He caught fade, and held him over the side of a high rise, threatening to drop him. After his friend came, they talked him down, told him she wouldn't have wanted him to avenge her death this way. He let Fade go, and told him to never return to Paragon city again or he would kill him and any member of Aquilus Pactum.

Sniper-X knew the truth that even lastjustice hadn't. Being part machine, she could trick the man, but she couldn't trick the machine. Fade merely destroy her Illusion, for ninetail's power was that of a master trickster. She disappeared from lastjustice's life for some time to ensure her death was believable, and Fade never returned.

She did come back and things between her and Lj was rough for some time. He always tried to get closer to her, she never let him in cause she was afraid he might learn about her wicked past, and not want to be around her anymore. This became a strain on their friendship, with her appearing to be dead, he was deeply hurt, and he couldn't forgive her for putting him thru that. She wanted her death to seem genuine to Fade, or he would return, so she had no choice not to tell him what her plan was till long afterwards. Things like this prevented them from ever being more than friends.

Lastjustice and Eternal Vigilance continued his battles to protect the city, and eventually came across a young child in distress. Her name was Melissa May. She was running from the Fifth column, and hide inside a wrestling event in Paragon city. The fifth column broke in and start attacking, but the wrestler Captain Carnage though they were part of the act and began dismantling them.

He managed to save the crowd, but Melissa may was captured. Seeing her in his dreams, he had to find her. He began searching the city, and eventually found where she was kept. He wasn't the only one looking for her, a mercenary named Hangnail made a deal with her parent, super powers for the rescue. Which originally in the past, Walter Ein Frost or Hangnail did save her.

Lastjustice thought Hangnail was a minion of the fifth Column, and fought him. The fight ended with him knocking out Hangnail. With hangnail out cold, he collapsed, something was greatly wrong with him.

It turned out Mindgames, a project once being worked on was supposedly destroyed. Melissa's parents were scientists working for the Fifth column on a new breed of psionic powered soldiers. They couldn't stomach giving the formula to the nazis so they went to destroy it. They were in the ended too proud of their work, and used it on their own daughter Melissa.

The fifth column, then received a faulty formula, and the project was terminated, along with their employment. Everything was fine, till Melissa, who’s powers only works passively, began manifesting in a much more open manner. The Fifth column came to capture the young girl then.

Melissa may was supposed to eventually married Randall Erikson, and give birth to the line that Michael Erikson came from. Having disrupted the rescue attempt of his only blood line, he began fading from existence. Her contribution of her psychic powers helped to greatly strength those of Michael and his predecessors.

Ninetails arrived, seeing what was happening to him, scanned the of the fallen merc. She saw that was the same girl he was looking to save as in the lastjustice's dreams. The dreams were hinting that he had to save her of fade from existence if the Fifth column dissected her.

Having an out of body experience, Lastjustice is confronted by a being who claims to be the first justice and guardian of the end of time, the first hero to raise a blade for good. Unaware who the first justice really is, he asks why the connection is his name. The being simply says, he’ll learn in time what his duty as the lastjustice consist of if he is able to return to his body.

Getting Mindgames off the cutting table, lastjustice revitalized. Her future was restored doing the same for him. He joined his friends and helped get Mindgames to safety. She became a reserve member of the team so he could keep an eye on her.

The lastjustice and his team began battling along with most the heroes of Paragon city against a larger threat. Using the energies from a contest heroes expelled fighting each other, Drakis, Rival of Earthrage, an arch mage of the circle of thorns released a terrible evil.

A monstrous demon lord known as Xuberus Supreme, lord of the Abyss entered our world. He enslaved the warrior Bladestorm who defeated him over 1000 years ago. He made three heralds, to terrorize the city while he began his ultimate rise to power.

Bladestorm fought lastjustice, which once he was defeated, Lastjustice unmasked him to find he was no other than Maxwell Reins. Both confused, as Max returned to his senses. He joined the ranks of Ev to stop the Reign of shadows.

Bladestorm then defeated Xuberus' other herald the Crimson Assassin, a vampire who Max also defeated a thousand as he did before. She once again fell before his blade, and she fled off into the darkness.

They found the last herald Drakis and Xuberus himself heading deep into Oranberga. Xuberus left Drakis to deal with them himself. He proved too powerful for the team. Aftermath then removed his broken control suit that regulated his body from becoming too hot. His body exploded in a ball of flames killing him and Drakis both.

Before they could reach the inner sanctum where Xuberus was, he cast a spell surrounding the temple. He then levitated the whole city of Oranberga as it busted thru the earth . Floating high above the city, Xuberus was drawing from the city's power.

The section with the most power, the temple of the living god, he was becoming a god with it. Many heroes tried to assault the city, but its death aura quickly left them injured if they came in range of it. Even statesman himself could not pierce the dark aura.

Shortly before he completed his accession, he erected a massive portal above the city releasing 1000s of demons into the world to keep the heroes busy. Ninetails, sensing the danger urged Lastjustice to do something.

Unsure of how to get inside of the temple, Lastjustice decided to take a leap of faith. Accompanied by Ninetails and Bladestorm who’s demonic protection over them allowed to get inside of the aura. Lastjustice ran a super speed and cleared his way thru the aura. He assumed cause he moved fast enough that was the reason he survived.

He reached the inside, and confronted the demon lord. Xuberus nearly up to god status was too powerful them to defeat. Bladestorm was injured and left for dead, and Ninetails smashed by a powerful spell. Lastjustice, was the only one standing then.

The demon lord couldn't believe this young man could withstand his attack. Lastjustice was too fast to get caught by his hands, and kept moving. He continued to pour out horrible spells lastjustice would not die. He stood completely unaffected by it. Xuberus called out his most powerful spell. A spell capable of killing a god.

Lastjustice stood defiantly. Xuberus exhausted his power, and needed more, he tried drawing the demonic power of ninetails from Irene ling for more power. lastjustice dived in the way and the Spirit fox entered his body into of Xuberus, he then pushed the demon back into Irene before the death aura consumed her.

Though having saved Irene, he put himself in harms way, Xuberus grabbed the small man with his monstrous hands. Before he would squeeze the life from the young hero, he had to know. Why could this man withstand all the death magic Xuberus used?

He began scanning the young heroes mind, and probed it till he saw the truth of how he did it. Lastjustice himself did not know why. This infuriated the dark lord even more as he forced his way deeper into his mind. He struggled with the demon lord.

Lastjustice in a desperate measure pulled the demon lord into his mind rather than try to force him out, the sudden momentum change pulled the demon's spirit from his current body into the lastjustice’s.

Xuberus then while inner of the young man's body finally saw the truth. Michael Erikson, being from the future which was thought to be impossible was outside of time and had not been born yet. Death magic can not claim those who have not been born yet.

The shock of seeing how the lastjustice survived broke the bond between him and the temple, causing the death aura to fall. Xuberus forced his way out of the body of Lj leaving him in a catatonic broken state as his mental powers were overwhelmed trying to contain Xuberus.

Seeing the death Aura fall, all the heroes outside of the temple began assaulting it. they pushed the Lost City of Oranberga into the portal to the abyss. Before the city disappeared, Ninetails, teleported lastjustice and Bladestorm to safety as the floating city once again was lost, and no longer a threat to humanity. The Reign of shadows may have ended, but Eternal vigilance, and the City of heroes, Paragon city, paid dearly.

Lastjustice was taken to a remote location by Ninetails where he slept in a coma. He was nursed back to health by Ninetails and Bladestorm. Earthrage, took command of Ev in his absence.

After he recovered from the battle, he was visited by a strange being. Aliens known as the Cydeks, or greys lead by the human hybrid of their race, Princess Syliphus come to earth seeking the cause of a disturbance in space and time. Syliphus, a daughter of a human, and the queen of Cydek, who in her youth traveled to earth in a human form and lived awhile. The young queen denied her throne, and wanted to be free. She was eventually found and returned , but not before having a child.

Syliphus, while human in appearance, is hybrid of the two races. Far more intelligent than the typical human. She possesses psychic power like the typical Cydek, but uses them to grant herself increased defenses, speed and strength. She likes taking an active role in the hunting of time walkers, since she can wield her powers. Cydeks are normally very passive, and use droids for combat. Syliphus takes after her human father, mothers rebellious spirit. She greatly enjoys adventure and the hunt.

Some how as result in the space and time, lastjustice and Xuberus damaged the time stream. Prior to this, lastjustice was somehow invisible to their detection. Cydeks, an extremely advanced race, ones who built the Xeno suit sniper-X wears are masters of time travel. They outlawed it, and hunt down all time travelers.

They capture and punish any travelers. taking Lastjustice into custody he was captured and tried. Later, he returned to earth, he claims to been proven innocent, as the princess, part human, felt to his plight, and returned earths hero where he seemed to belong. No one is sure what all happened while he was there he returned to his post as leader of EV and continued his work to destroy the rikti.

After his return he began, Operation: Final Justice, Under the command of Lastjustice, legions of heroes stormed and dismantle the rikti threat. They assault even the rikti home world. Using the Riktis’ own portals, they lay waste to the alien beings. Knocking their world into the stone age, they set a bomb outside any portals they came thru, and seemingly closed off their world from ours for good. Lastjustice, finally had achieved his goal of coming back in time. What was to become of him next.......

All seemed well. But many questioned what would happen to their leader, would he disappear now that the rikti invasion had been stopped, would he never existed and the whole thing would erased itself from happening. No one was sure. They celebrated anyways. it was grand victory, their attack suffered only minor injuries, as it was so fast and brutal, the rikti had no chance.

Some weird began to happen to him. He seemed overjoyed at first that he had finally done his life’s goal, but what now he asked. What is to become of me, what use am I. Lastjustice appeared before ninetails. He was finally going to show her physically how he felt it seemed. At first he seemed to act is if he wanted her, but then he did something she never saw coming as he began to remove her clothes. He reached, and removed the spirit fox from her.'

She completely trusted him, and had lowered her defenses, he overwhelmed her in a moment of weakness and took it from her as Xuberus tried. Gaining the Powers of the Spirit fox, and leaving Irene a broken emotionally, and powerless. He disappeared into the night.

The following day no one could believe it. They thought he really cared for her. He had gone rogue. Despite everything they thought they knew, their leader had become something they never saw coming, their worst enemy.

Earthrage, due the circumstances returned to leadership of EV. They searched for their former leader in hopes they could understand why he did what he did. May be they could save him from himself.

He didn’t take long for him to show himself. With the combined powers of Ninetails and himself, he proved to be far too much for most heroes to handle. He seemed totally out of character, he did not kill his foes, but mentally crushed them, and left them broken shells. Calling himself Darkjustice, he sought to purify the world of heroes and villains alike till all with power were gone. So no one could oppose his rule, and he would become the ruler of the earth.

Darkjustice was able to seize control of a nuclear arms silo. He was moments from launching them across the world. Eternal Vigilance arrived to fight their former leader and friend along with other heroes. Just as before, he was far too power with the combined psionic powers of ninetails and his own.

Eternal vigilance had brought the only person who could stop him thought his time, Irene ling. She had regained her self after being apart from the demon. Seeing lastjustice gone mad she threw self in front of him. He could not harm her. Which is why he only removed her powers, so she could not oppose him, removing her. His love for her prevented him from attacking her. Not to mention she was the former master of the demon spirit. She said she would kill herself if he did not stop the count down. He broke down, he couldn’t bare to see her harmed, even then.

He couldn’t stop the launch in time though. Having little choice he teleported himself to where the nukes were falling, paragon city, In huge burst of psionic power, he created a massive force field around the nukes, and teleported them into space with himself. They exploded far above the earth, inside his force shield, preventing it from harming anyone, killing him in the process. Irene ling was free of the curse of ninetails, as it was forever removed from this world, as the Darkjustice did what she had to, seal it away in an act of redemption. She was happy for this, but mourned for her great loss, as her friend was gone.

At the funeral for the lastjustice, many heroes turned out, despite having gone rogue, he had helped far more than he did damage. Eternal vigilance took this loss the hardest, as their leader and founder was gone. He was someone they all respected and cared about, no one ever thought he d stray from something he worked so hard to build.

Disguised as a normal human at the funeral, Irene near the empty coffin mourning the lastjustice was met by Princess Syliphus. "What are you doing here?" Irene asked. "I’ve come to reveal something of great importance. The one you saw die, was not the real lastjustice. He was a clone send to replace him. During his time on trial, we found he was the trigger of many events. He was also the only one who could undo the damage." Syliphus said.

"Where is he now then? What did you do with the real Michael Erikson?" Irene cried to her. "He’s somewhere, we re not even sure. None of our probes were able to go there in time. Our systems detect he did successfully end this unknown era. What’s became of him, we can not say. We can only hope he can repair the damage." The Princess said.

"How could you do this to us. We sent him to you to help your race. then you take him away from us. I knew I should have gone with him, I knew you couldn’t be trusted. You have know idea what you’ve done to me. I watched him die. I felt those nukes tear him apart as he said goodbye to me. I doubt Ill ever forgive you." Irene said. "He went willingly, he saw this this wasn’t where his true destiny was when his mind and Xuberus were one. Xuberus, fought many of the justices through out time. Including Maxwell reins, one of the justices chosen to battle him. Justices are being of great potent, to do good or evil." Syliphus said.

"Unfortunately the clone had all his powers, but not his soul. I’m sorry I did not foresee the clone achieving its goal, and destroying itself in such as short manner. It was programmed to fulfill the duty of Michael Erikson, destroy the rikti threat. Which indirectly has caused the threat in his own timeline." Syliphus said. "But how we destroyed them in their home world, and blasted them back into the stone age.? "Irene asked. "This brutality is what pushed the rikti for over 1000 years to get their revenge. They will return in 3051, as lastjustice sought to prevent. But, his battles have only begun." Sylphus said.

Finding himself at the end of time once again, he met the firstjustice. Realizing who he was this time, lastjustice asked him why was he here. Lastjustice found being outside of time, he was only person that Mindwalker had not erased cause Mindwalker couldn't create a paradox. he needed the lastjustice to exist in order to achieve his plans.

Mindwalker was becoming one with the Nexus of time, and all existence. Lastjustice and the first justice, Michael the Archangel were only two pieces remaining. Upon collecting them he would be one with everything and everyone.

Lastjustice confronted his childhood rival who was referring to himself as Chronos, the god of time. He fought fiercely against him, but could not defeat him. Chronos had the power of every villains and hero in existence, including the lastjustice's clone.

Being beaten to near death, lastjustice began hearing voices cheering him on. At first he thought it was just in his head as he was close to dying, but he saw it too. Spirit of his friends were watching over him at the end of time.

He called out the power of the heroes who fell, and were trapped within chronos. The power of the heroes then merged with the lastjustice. Being empowers thousands of times greater, he swiftly defeated his rival who was wielding all the evil powers.

Removing Mindwalker from the Nexus, he lost of his power, and reverted to his normal state. Michael the archangel restored his body to its original state, and sent him back to the year 3051 with no memory of the fight.

Lastjustice then took a minute to see his friends, he knew it would be a long time before he d see them again. The spirit of Irene then appeared before him, and he hugged her and held her in his arms, then as he closed his eyes. he woke up back in his original time the day he left.

He was greeted by the heroes Sniper-X, Sylphus, Bladestorm, Mindwalker, and his girlfriend Patricia Reins, or Darksanctuary.

Lastjustice, with the help of many warriors of earth and Cydeks fought and drove the rikti off once again. The Rikti made several attempts afterwards, but many rikti deserted the cause when the man of legends to their people that destroyed them once appeared at the side of humans again. They called the lastjustice some sort of demon, watching over humanity for over 1000 years. They didn’t know he was a man who simply walked thru time to fight them again.

Lastjustice-Michael Erikson, helped rebuild Paragon City and Eternal Vigilance in the year 3051. He fought a vigorous campaign against the Rikti. He eventually went on and married Patricia "Darksanctuary" Reins. He sometimes thinks of Irene, and his friends, but is happy with his life. He eventually went on to travel the galaxy with his wife. The powers Earthrage had given him, were only good on earth, so he gave them up when he journeyed out for more adventure. What will become of him next?

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 145 LBS
Eyes: Green
Hair: Ash blonde

Strength Level: He possesses strength of a man of similar height and weight from his era who engages in . Though his strength can reach over 1000 Lbs of lifting power combining his psionic power and force fields with his normal strength. His shielding can support far greater than that, but that’s his maxim lifting power which he can not sustain for very long.

Known Superhuman Powers: None

Abilities: Trained in a possible alternate timeline to wield psionic powers, military tactics, and first medicine, Lastjustice is a testament of human potential. Drawing in ambient energy from the surrounding area to form energy blasts and force fields with his psionic powers in a similar fashion to telekinetics moving objects with their minds, only done on a level to effect energy. While people who practice wielding psionic powers have different forms of energy releases, such as pyrokinetics, the basic understanding between all forms of psionic power is the same. Using this understanding on his own energy he also can move himself, and accelerate at high speeds.

While he was being trained as a medical officer of his time, he does know tactics and hand to hand fighting, and is in outstanding physical conditioning. While a reluctant hero , has growing more experienced and confident is his leadership ability as he commands the super group Eternal Vigilance.

Limitations: his Psionic power requires ambient energy to function, in a complete vacuum he has no energy outside of his own to wield. He can use his own blood and bodily fluids as a source of power, while more potent, it can prove fatal if over used.

His talents also require him to maintain a clear state of mind to properly wield them. Drugs can be used to slow him down, and greatly reduce his effectiveness levels. Depending on the substance how it effects him, some make him unable to concentrate while other just make it difficult to control them with precise making him dangerous to others and himself.

Weapons: In the year 3051 he used to use psionic amplifiers on his wrists and one built into his headgear. They are commonly used by the Aegis centurions to enhance their abilities. They acted as storage bank of ambient energy.

They also were electrically connected to the person nervous system so they responded as part of the person. They allowed the user to create larger and more powerful blasts and force fields or whatever psionic power the wield possessed.

Unfortunately for Michael Erikson, they were destroyed during the shift back in time, along with most his clothing. He has learned to use his abilities to a far greater degree without these devices being used as a crutch.

- Justice
Lastjustice- lvl 50 defender
Leader of Eternal Vigilance.
- Freedom
Lastjudgment - lvl 50 corruptor
Member of V.A.M.P.




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heh, Sorry about that, when I heard City of heroes was coming about like a year and half ago I went to the forums and saw people who just wrote origins. Then it inspired me, but I also like writing for fun too.

Pardon me if I made it too long I just copied most of what I had already wrote off my timeline of events. I plotted all the major junctations I wanted to cover if i were to make a long story. I d then go and bridge the time gaps between and have one really long story. I like to write things to a predetermined end. Then again i think too much haha , sorry.

If anyone actually goes and reads it cool, if not i can edit it down to the just quick version of the origin.

- Justice
Lastjustice- lvl 50 defender
Leader of Eternal Vigilance.
- Freedom
Lastjudgment - lvl 50 corruptor
Member of V.A.M.P.




The Dark Harrier

Real Name: Eric Drighten
Age: 38
Occupation: News van technician
Legal Status: Born Citizen of the USA
Identity: Secret
Other Aliases: former NYC gang member known as 'the Harrasser'
Place of Birth: New York City, NY
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: mother, identity secret
Group Affiliation: Malador
Base Of Operations: currently Independance Port and nearby zones
First Appearance: summer of 1987, New York City [as seen in Heroes of the Empire State issue 87]

History: Born in a poor neighborhood in Queens, NY, Eric Drighten did not exhibit any of his latent mutant abilities until puberty began. Always a loner in school, his single mother sent him to the best schools available to her limited income. Although she supplied him with great moral support, his emerging mutations, though easily concealable, made him an outsider in his own mind.

He eventually fell in with a group of leather-clad gang members calling themselves the Jackyls, and despite a slim frame, found use and status as the group's enforcer.

Keeping his gang activities secret from his mother, Eric soon found things spiraling out of his control. Until this time, the gang's activities in drug traffic and protection had netted them only small money, and their leader, Black Jack O'Keefe, wanted more. He soon 'contracted' his group's services out to more violent underworld figures, and wound up getting his peers in way over their heads.

Eventually called to the office of the minor mob figure who oversaw the Jackyls, ostensibly for a scolding, Drighten found himself and his gang in a proper mob rubout. His gang friends were gunned down in the dank warehouse office, and Eric took 5 slugs to the body. However, he stood back up, and using his hands and feet alone, beat the 5 mafia goons to death.

Realizing he had placed himself in danger of a more serious reckoning than he'd ever imagined, he ransacked the offices, left all the drugs and other illicit goods he found in plain sight and phoned police, then absconded with a bag full of cash.

Tearfully relating the entire tale to his mother, Eric faced yet another shock: his mother felt serious shame that he had been involved in such dangerous illegal activities for so long, after all she had tried to teach him about right and wrong. Mortally shamed, Eric nonetheless escaped the Big Apple with her to flee the inevidable mob retaliation, completely altered his costume, and adopted a new secret- and hero-identity as they settled in a quiet Rhode Island suburb, and went back to school for a degree.

Determined to right all the wrongs he may have commited as a youth, and to make sure he never fails his mother's teachings again, he used his burgeoning flight powers to soar back and forth between his birthplace of New York City, and his quiet home outside Paragon, combating evil in both places. With local crime on the upswing, he now battles evil in Paragon City almost exclusively. He uses his former contacts and civilian job in TV news as a location van video techician to be where the trouble is thickest.

Height: 5' 10''
Weight: 200lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Light Blond, possibly dyed from darker color

Strength Level: The Dark Harrier exhibit strength slightly above human norms. Under stress he has been able to lift [press] 500 pounds with relative ease and propel such weight medium distances. His reflexes are typical for an average martial arts practitioner, which is to say, trained to be slightly faster than the average human.

Known SuperHuman Powers: Dark Harrier displays intense skill in Eastern martial arts, and couples it with his mutated strength, stamina, and physical fortitude to attack his foes by main force. He is completely immune to small weapons fire, and once took the impact of a shoulder-fired rocket to his body with no lasting effects. He can fly at medium speeds, and possesses some skill at aerial combat. His invulnerabilities extend to impact, energy, fire and intense cold.

Abilities: Aside from a smattering of knowledge in a wide variety of the world's martial arts, Eric Drighten also uses his contacts in the seamy underworld to know where to be when trouble is brewing. He is otherwise an average joe.

Weapons: His hands and feet are registered as lethal weapons with the New York and Rhode Island state authorities. He is not known to use any other devices as weapons.



Alpha Vector

Real Name: Derrick Walker
Age: 19
Occupation: Universtity Student
Legal Status: Born Citizen of the USA
Identity: Secret
Other Aliases: None
Place of Birth: New York City, NY
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: mother, Sarah Walker. father, Steve Walker. Sister, Jennifer Walker
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: currently Paragon City Unviversity
First Appearance: City of Heroes, Issue #1

History: Derrick was a student in the NY state U's computer science program. After the Rikti war factities around the country were contracted by the government to study salvaged and captured Rikti technonlgy. Professor Hoffman of NYU was contracted to study a sample of captured Rikti nanobots. Derrick was among the team of students put togther to aid Professor Hoffman. It was derrick job to help analize the software which directed the Rikti nanobots and help write the program which would direct the first batch of earth-made nanos.
After much hard work they were able to announce the first earth-made reverse-engineered nonbots had been made, the Alpha strain. Now came the time for testing the new nanobots. These prototypes were loaded with a generic "seek and correct all flaws" program and injected into cell samples to test their effectiveness and heal injury and curing disease.
Derrick was working late writing an improved program for attacking cancer cells when the professor burst into the room chased by two men. Hoffman crashed past Derrick; between getting a computer monitor to the face and a counter edge to the gut Derrick didn't notice the tiny jab of a needle.
Days later the papers were announcing the Professor's disspearance. Derrick coudln't help but notice that he was healthier and more vigorous then ever. He also woke up one morning and discovered that he no longer needed his glasses. But between worrying about the professor and interviews with investigators he didn't have time to worry about it.
Derrick snuck into the professor office in order to go through his flies, looking for a clue. He wasn't reading for long before he discovered he wasn't the only one with an interest. Black clad men like the ones he had sen that day when the professor was taken snuck into the office, shot Derrick, grabbed the files and fled.
Derrick sank to the floor, crimson oozing from his chest. However, is wasn't beaving as one would expect blood would. Instead of trickling downward or soaking is clothes it was speading to cover him completely. While the nanobots that had come to saturate his bloodstream busily worked to repair the internal damage and break down the bullet, other flowed outside, interlinked and formed a techno-organic armor shell to protect their host vector. Still others worked to alter the cellular structure of his bones and muscles and tweaking out his nervous system. Obviously Derrick's inablity to defend himself was just another flaw to be corrected.
The bad guys had gotten away and Derrick didn't have the files of the professor to tell him why the nanobots were taking radical actions that had never been included in their programming. He decided that his only option was to go the source of all the Rikti technology. The following semester he transfered to Paragon University.

Height: 6' 6''
Weight: 192lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

Strength Level: Thanks to the nanobots' alteration of his muscle cells, he can lift weights of 6800 lbs with relative ease. In addition, strengthed leg muscles allow him to cover whole city blocks in a single leap.

Known SuperHuman Powers: Instantly summon forth a protective covering of techno-organic armor. He can also -reshap peices of the armor into sharp blades. Rapid regeneration which allows him a speedy recovery from injury as well as a resistance to a varaity of ailments. Additionally, by forming the tips of his fingers into hypodermic needles and injecting others with nanobots, he is able to temporarally confers his powers of recovery to others (is always careful to recall all nanos back into his body before withdrawing the needles). Generally hightened levels of health and endurace.

Abilities: A strong education in, and natural aptitude for, computers and mathamatics. Has also developed some skill as a hacker. Some education in sociology and history. Also kills the competition when the time comes to play Quarters at the bar.

Weapons: Techno-organic blades.




Real Name: Kyla Ward
Occupation: Attorney, Adventurer
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States of America with no criminal record
Identity: Secret
Other Aliases: none
Place of Birth: Chicago, IL
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Torrick Ward (father) Stephanie Ward (mother), Frank Ward (brother)
Group Affiliation: none, formerly a member of the New Mutants
Base of Operations: Founder's Falls, Paragon City
First Appearance: City of Heroes, Justice Server

History: Kyla Ward was born in Chicago, IL to an attorney father and journalist mother. Kyla was frail and somewhat sickly as a child, never excelling in sports or athletics. However, Kyll had a brilliant mind and could understand her father's law books from an early age.

At age 12, Kyla entered adolescence and a startling change came over her. Up until then Kyla was nearsighted, but suddenly she could see better than a person with 20/20. The frail little girl changed as if overnight into an Olympic class athelete. Kyla's parents, both of whom were mutants expected their child to be so as well, but were shocked because their powers were mental in nature.

Taking Kyla to NY to see the noted mutant expert, Charles Xavier, he explained that Kyla was in fact, a telekinetic whose abilities were limited to controlling the molecules of her own body. Kyla began her studies at the Xavier's school for gifted youngsters where she joined the New Mutants.

Going through a variety of adventures, Kyla managed to graduate from Xavier's and do her college studies at Cornell University. Kyla then chose to follow her father into the law attending law school at the University of Chicago. After the Rikti invasion that devastated Paragon City in Rhode Island, Kyla moved to Paragon City to see how she could help.

She accepted a position as a Assistant Public Defender for the Paragon County Public Defender's Office. She also donned her New Mutant graduation costume and fought crime as Kyll. The name Kyll was chosen to contrast her hero persona from from the still shy lawyer who fights for her clients.

Kyll captures criminals and Kyla ensures they receive a fair trial. Kyll is boisterous and full or bravado, Kyla is shy and meek. The two sides of this hero give her, her strenght.

Kyll has tangled with many villains, but shows particular ire for the 5th column whose creed of racial purity is repugnant to Kyll.

Height: 5 ft. 2 in.
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red

Strength Level: Kyll possesses the normal human strength of a woman of her age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise.

Known Superhuman Powers: Kyll possesses the ability to instinctively and telekinetically control the molecules of her body to the molecular level. Kyll can use her powers to heal much faster than a normal human being, make her body far more resilient, and have nearly unlimited endurance. Kyll can also move and run much faster than a normal human being. Finally, Kyll can fly at speeds up to 45 mph through making herself lighter than air. Her means of propulsion is unknown, but presumably it is an offshoot of the limited telekinesis that allows her to manipulate her body's molecules.

Abilities: Kyll is an attorney, and has extensive knowledge of criminal law, criminology, and the U.S., Illinois and Rhode Island courts systems. Kyll is a world class sword fighter and pugilist.

Weapons: Kyll wields a large one-handed broadsword that most women her height and weight would be unable to wield.

The City of Heroes Community is a special one and I will always look fondly on my times arguing, discussing and playing with you all. Thanks and thanks to the developers for a special experience.



Tribal Steel

Real Name: Al Papavich
Age: 22
Blood Type: AB
Occupation: Artist, Hunter (World wide)
Legal Status: Citizen of The United States Minor infractions
Identity: Secret
Other Aliases: None
Place of Birth: Ann Arbor, MI
Martial Status: Single
Known Relatives: Father- William Papavich (deceased) Mother- Anna Mae Papavich (deceased) Sister- Sarah Papavich
Group Affiliation: Menasing Visage
Base of Operations: Steel Canyon, Paragon City
First Appearance: City Of Heroes

History: (The Pasts Hatred: The Story of Tribal Steel - its long but if your in the mood to read check it out.)

Height: 6 ft. 2 in.
Weight: 185 lb.
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown

Strenght level: Due to the experiments from the 5th Column, and the radiation blasts his body was enhanced in many ways. His strenght had quadrupled to a normal mans. His physical fitness allows him to run faster and jump higher, with hightened reflexes.

Known Superhuman Powers: His hands now replaced with a titanium alloy can focus beams of high intensity energy. He can also manipulate energy to his will. What he can think o he can do. The radiation gave him the gift of flight, also he regenerates his body strenght and energy faster than a normal human. He can focus his mind to a higher state some may call it getting "in the zone." It just comes naturally to Tribal Steel.

Abilities: Has a hunter he is naturally a good shot, and can stalk his pray easily. He hunted lions, bears, elephants and tracked tigers. His range is emmence, most thugs dont know he was there until they are lifeless on the ground. He even can do great sketches of foes that may have ran and gotten away.

Weapons: Besides his fists he packs and arsenal of energy bolts and beams.



Name: Kip Xela
Occupation: Author
Current Age: Approx. 25
Legal Status: No current infractions
Alias: The Frost Fiend
Hero Status: Active, Publicly Revealed
Place of Birth: San Fransico, CA
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: N/A
Group Affliation: The forrgotten Heroes
Base of Operations: Steel Canyon Apartemtn, Frost Hall
First Appearence: City of Heroes, issue 1
Most Famouys Accomplishments: Currently, The Frost Fiend has single-handedly put down a massive gang war, certralizing in Perez Park, and stopped the Clockworks and Vahzilok from poisoning the water supply of Kings row, and either taking it over, or turning everyone into Vahzilok.

Height: 6 ft. 1 in.
Eyes: Unknown due to a Blue fire covering them. Assumed to be blue.
Weight: 190
Hair: N/A

Kip Xela discovered he was a mutant at young age. Possessing similar powers to one of his favorite X-Men, Kip could manipulate and create ice. When his skin turned blue, however, it became obvious to everyone he was a mutant. Kip born the verbal brunt of many a blow from most of his classmates. Though he managed to shrug most off, Kip was emotionally scarred, and to this day is rather pessimistic. When the Rikti war devestated Paragon City, Kip was in his mid-teens. By the time the invasion was repelled, he was on his way to Paragon City, where he shed his name and became... The Frost Fiend! Fear the Pessimism!!!



Blood Rose

Real Name: Hirai Yumi (ne Anno, though her birth family has disowned her)
Age: 48
Blood Type: Unique, similar to Devouring Earth enzymes
Occupation: Professional Hero
Legal Status: Citizen of the US
Identity: Public
Other Aliases: Rose
Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan
Martial Status: Widow
Known Relatives: Hirai Choei (Husband, deceased), Hirai Kimi (daughter, missing), Hirai Daisuke (son, missing), Anno Hideo (father, disowned), Anno Jun (mother, deceased), Anno Yosei (brother, disowned)
Group Affiliation: Synergy (disbanded), trying to form Wrath of Earth
Base of Operations: Talos Island
First Appearance: City of Heroes, second Rikti invasion


Anno Yumi was a brilliant young woman. At the age of sixteen she was a prodigy in genetics, botany and gymnastics as well as a creditable, weapons-based martial artist. She was also suffered from severe depression and, when the boy she desired refused her, she made an attempt to kill herself.
Using a concoction she had gleaned from the paralytic enzymes of an unknown species of carnivorous plants, she tried to poison herself. She repented of her decision sometime after taking the drink, while she was feeling the life choked out of her. Whether her repentance of the desire for death had anything to do with her survival, or whether she would have mutated anyway is unknown. What is known is that she was not entirely human afterwards.
Her own family, being of a superstitious mindset, took her for a cannibalistic demon known as a yamambo rather than actually being Yumi. Unwilling to harm the creature that now looked somewhat like her, they merely banished and disowned her.
Without a clan name to support her in the early seventies in Japan, Yumi's prodigal abilities weren't of much use to her seeking the means necessary to live as she was used to.
She spent the next couple of years homeless and mostly hopeless, but unwilling to try to take her own life, assuming she could figure out how. She was found in this state by the technology-based hero known as Centipede, who's true name was Hirai Choei.
Or, rather, she found him, and aided him against the villains he was fighting. After the first encounter, the Centipede tracked her down and offered her shelter and training. Having had enough of homelessness, she accepted. He paid her for her services as a second hero in his quest for justice, mostly just so that she would accept the money.
After about ten years of being heroes and acquiring a fair amount of respect and popularity in Tokyo, the two wed and retired towards a life of quite research in their various fields and an attempt to raise a family.
Ten years later, they had a son and a daughter and a thriving business of patents and research. The shadows of Yumi's past were, for the most part, buried and forgotten. She was far different than the brooding, arrogant, unstable teenager that had tried to kill herself. Nor was she the desolate, hopeless waif that had been wandering the back streets. She was, instead, a happy, casual and witty woman that loved her family.
Then the attack came.
Several commandos, speaking German, assaulted the Hirai home. They came seeking research and Yumi herself. Choei died in resisting the attack, and Yumi was thrown off a cliff by the blast of a stun grenade as she tried to rescue her children.
The popular heroine was found some three days later, back still broken and unable to move. Her husband's body had been found earlier. Her children had never been found.
Once she was moved to the hospital she recovered quickly and was walking weakly by the end of the week. The generally cheerful mood she had been known for was gone, however, and something of her teenage attitude seemed to be returning. She turned to the boy that had rejected her years earlier, a master martial artist, and appealed for training.
It wasn't surprising, with the Rikti invaded, to hear that Rose, now mostly recovered, was leaving for America to fight in the war. She arrived only after the war was over, but did fight in the second invasion.
She has returned to her former business of being a professional hero, though she rarely charges much. Anytime there is a presence of Fifth Column in the area, however, she dives in, invited or not, and rarely leaves many alive in her wake. She has a special disdain for the 5th Column Vampyres, being vampiric herself, seeing them as mere shadows of power.

Height: 4'10"
Weight: 98 lbs.
Eye Color: Green, red sclera
Hair Color: Red
Skin Color: Green

Strenght level: As Rose, Yumi had a strength level roughly twice that of most professional boxers. As Blood Rose, Yumi has been known to tear through armored plate easily. It is assumed that her strength level is near that of a super strength or stone melee tanker.

Known Superhuman Powers: Blood Rose is a psuedo-vampire with intense regenerative abilities. Some of her blood chemistry has been known to be similar to that of the Devoured, and the Devouring Earth seems to bear her an immediate hatred at least as intense as she bears for the 5th Column.

Abilities: As Rose she was a fair martial artist using whips, clubs and thrown weapons. As Blood Rose, she has forsaken weapons and uses all her own abilities. She has an incredibly powerful healing factor that renders her nearly impossible to take down by most means. The driven nature of her mind deflects most psionic attempts to incapcitate her(integration). In addition, she has been experimenting with herself using various chemicals, radiations and genetic processes and has acquired the ability to mostly control her mutation to the point of minor shape-changing abilities. She currently admits a sort of paralytic drug of some type that makes attacking her difficult (dark melee accuracy drain). She is known to drain blood from foes to heal herself by either vines that grow from her hand or by merely biting, she is even able to use the energies of the undead and robots to this effect (siphon life). Her most spectacular attack involves a near forest of vines spreading out of the ground to latch onto anything that she desires and drain blood out of them to increase her own strength or to drive away fatigue (soul drain and consume). It is assumed that these vines grow out of her and merely burrow through the ground at an insane rate. She is also capable of leaping incredibly distances having been measured up to a length of 190 yards in a jump.

Weapons: None, unless asked to test something. Blood Rose is insistant on slaying her foes with her own hands, or vines, or whatever.

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