The Association of Marvelous Role-players




The Association of Marvelous Role-players

Greetings Superhero of Paragon City.

For long the crimes of the city have been fought and defeated by masked heroes and heroines. Long we have praised their deeds and long we have saluted their flight. But with time going, time often get nothing else than routine. The routine of being closed to get your purse snapped by thugs for only to be rescued by a quick cape, only to lose sight of your savior again. Now it is time for knowing, what drive those heroes and heroines. It is time for role-playing.

The 4th July this association will launch, all depending on how many will be interested.

So what is the association of Marvelous Role-players?

It’s an organization that will help you in finding players, which first priority is to role-player and not just advancing. It’s an organization that hopefully will attract players that never let the role-playing aspect get in second row.
It is not a super-group/clan or anything equal to that, but more a community where you will be able to find players with the same style as you, with whom you can form super-groups (if the story and role-playing leads to that).

How are you planning on doing this?

The Association of Marvelous Role-players will set up specific rules, which are not control by game-mechanisms, but by the community. Those rules will hopefully attract players which interest is not levels, but storytelling. If you find the rules fitting for you, and can see that they don’t restrict you, but instead enhance role-playing, this is the community for you. The rules are set, so the members don’t fall into the pit of hunger for the extra level on the cost of role-playing.

What is role-playing?

To role-play is to sit down in front of you screen and not only clicking the next villain to defeat him, but to imagine what you character will do and act in a specific situation. It is to acting a role, not be the one that is just sitting equipped with the mouse and a keyboard. Many discussions have been about what it is, but it is as simple as that. Play a superhero with a personality, a person with traits and flaws that is not covered by the game.
Many want to do this, but do not dare, either of fear of being flamed by other role-players or laughed off by players that do not prefer this style. This is the charm about the Association of Marvelous Role-players. First you will know who wants to role-play and avoid the laughing, and second the role-players in the community will offer you any help you need when you try to role-play. You do not need to be an excellent role-player (the author of this thread is not), trying is all it takes. Hopefully you will see the charm behind role-playing.

On a multi-player system such as CoH, you will also encounter players from all over the world and many of these are not born with an English tongue (if you haven't noticed already, I'm writing with a thick accent ). Therefore correct spelling is not a need to be great role-players. Both accept and/or do not be afraid of your incorrect use of English grammars or spelling. Others will still understand what you are saying and act after your sayings not your spelling. But do not use the common Internet chat language in your role-playing, such as LOL and AFK, except when you start a sentence with OOC (Out of Character) which mean it is you as a player that talks and not your character. See more about that under Rules.
If you have questions about role-playing or even a better explanation of what it is, be free to PM me with it, and I will update this paragraph, so other players can gain from it as well. Credits will be given to writers of such if wanted.



So what are the rules?

The rules are not many, but therefore should also be easy to follow if you are interested.

Rule no. 1: Thou Shall Be Role Playing.
Many MMORPGs turns into a race of getting stronger and better in form of stats and numbers, and of course CoH is so. We won’t prevent that for the players that want that, neither flame them. But this community will at all times, influence the world of CoH, to become a great role-playing experience for its members. Don’t try to force other non-members to do the same, but you shall role-play a character, and hopefully open others eyes to the beauty of that.

Rule no. 2: Thou Shall not Meta-game.
Meta-gaming is to use information that you as a player has, but not the character you are playing. E.G. from you former character you got the knowledge about who the leader of the 5th column was, but you decide to make a new character (or maybe just start up in the Association of Marvelous Role-players, which also make you start a new character), and now you new generated character shouldn’t know it. You will have to role-play that, both in your actions, but also in your replies to other members of this community.

Rule no. 3: Thou shall not seek power before role-playing.
Most RPGs have a level system that will increase the talents and powers of your character. We all seek glory and recognition, but we have to make certain it is not on the cost of role-playing. We have made a set of rules, which prevent to advance to quickly, so you therefore can lean back, relaxing and instead of worrying that everybody else is getting flight before you, can role-play. The system will hopefully also make the playability for the game last for a very long time. This doesn’t prevent you to make another hero that is not part of this community. A hero you can use to advance as quickly and fight as often as you want. Sometimes all we need is just some kick butting action. The advancing system is based on how many weeks you character have been used. You will in the following table see what level you max can have reached based on number of weeks you have been played with that specific character. You can past that with one level, but do not make that a habit, because if it get know, that you have reached two levels over what you are allowed, you will have to leave the community, not because you are not a role-player, but because we want to make it fair for everyone and for what I have just covered in this rule. The system is as following and will be updated as needed.
<font class="small">Code:[/color]<hr /><pre>Week 1 (the week you start your character): Max level 4.
Week 2: Max level 7
Week 3: Max level 8
Week 4: Max level 10
Week 5: Max level 11
Week 6: Max level 12
Week 7: Max level 13
Week 8: Max level 14
Week 9: Max level 15
Week 10: Max level 16
Week 11: Max level 17
Week 13: Max level 18 (Note the jump of two weeks. Is set on purpose).
Week 14: Max level 19
Week 15: Max level 20
Week 17: Max level 21 (another jump)
Week 19: Max level 22 (jump)
Week 20: Max level 23
Week 22: Max level 24 (jump)
Week 24: Max level 25 (jump)
Week 25: Max level 26
Week 27: Max level 27 (jump and from now on)
Week 29: Max level 28
Week 32: Max level 29
Week 34: Max level 30
Week 36: Max level 31
Week 38: Max level 32
Week 41: Max level 33
Week 43: Max level 34
Week 45: Max level 35
Week 48: Max level 36
Week 51: Max level 37
Week 53: Max level 38
Week 56: Max level 39
Week 59: Max level 40
</pre><hr />

Yes, you are correct when you noticed that to reach the max level in CoH, you will have to play for over a year, but again, this community is for role-playing not for gaining levels. The system also make certain, that players that have a lot of real-life issues to attend such as family, job and so on, can still be part of the game, without seeing themselves, being left hopeless behind in form of levels, because their game-time, is not as huge as some other players. As said, that no one will stop you from making another hero and advance as fast as you want, that hero will just not be part of this community. This system is of course not supported by the game, so to keep this system fair, you will have to be your own judge, but remember that other members can also see you level and check up on the following player-list. But let us try to have fun instead of keeping track of each other.

Rule no. 4: Thou shall speak with the right tongue.
The speech of your character is the best way to use the tools of role-playing in a multiplayer visual game. So what tools do we have?
First, you should always try to speak IC (In-character). What you are writing in the chat-box, should be something your character is saying. But now and than nature calls or your aunt is calling, and you will have to either leave the game, and be AFK for a moment. You can do this two ways. You can find an in-game reason to leave the group you are part of, or you can also make a quick OOC (out-of-character). OOC is whatever you are saying as a player, not your character. Show the rest of the players that it is you (the player) speaking, by starting the sentence with “OOC:”. Try to keep it down, because it do put a small stick in the wheel, but again, it is often necessary and polite to notify the others that you will have to turn of your PC to deal with real-life.
On the Internet, users have over a long time of use, invented their own language. Everybody knows what :-) and LOL means. Try not to use that as the language for your character. Make a real sentence instead. Imagine if you were reading a book with the use of that instead. Not real fitting, right? You can use that language in an OOC sentence.

Emotes: In CoH we have some emotes that are usually pre-set dialogs with an associated animation. Be free to use those. It does look nice to see characters pointing, sitting down and so on. But it is a game, and of course CoH don’t have every possible action you would like to do. So for those actions do the following: Write your action and in the beginning and end of your sentence add a * . That symbolized that you are emoting something, e.g. *He lay down, rolls up in his own cloak*
Whatever you write this in 1st or 3rd person is your own preference.

Thought Balloons: As in a comic book, in CoH we have thoughts balloons. It’s a cool little tool you can use to give your character more personality. Use it for your characters thoughts. Now of course, the other players can’t possible know what you are thinking, so they can’t react on the thoughts, but still, they (the players, not characters) can see that there is reasons behind how you role-play.

In CoH we have different channels, and the rules for these is as following:

Request: Should never be used. We can’t stop every player on a server to use it, but for role-playing it is really irrelevant. If you want to join up with a group or member from this community, try to find them, and when then speak with them. Again, remember every member of this community can role-play the denying of such request. That should not be because of you as a player, but either because of your character or theirs. When a player can’t see past the liking or dislike of another player it is no longer role-play.

Broadcast: Should only be used in very rare circumstances, and never for something your character say. There is still no power called “the voice of God”. But you can use it for the following: You see or is part of something that makes such a high noise that everybody on the server should be able to hear it, such as an explosion of a factory. Use this channel for that, but remember to use the * to show that it is not speech but an action. E.G. *A deafening sound as from multiple explosion can be heard from the northern part of King’s Row*

Local: The main channel. Everybody near you can hear what you are saying, or if emoting can see what you are doing. Not the ones far away from you. Even use this channel when in a team (see Team channel), so other players that are not part of the team can see and understand what is going on.

Team/Super-group: A nice channel to have, because everybody on your team, can see/hear what you are saying, but not really fair for the rest of the players that is close by. But sometime the use of it can be needed, as for assembling your super-group. First emote in the local channel that you are speaking into a device (cell phone, walkie talkie, radio or the device of your choice), so players around you can see you are communicating with somebody afar. Than flip to either team or the super-group channel and write what you need to say, e.g. “Amazing Man calls all member of the Beyond Team to come to the Monorail station in Atlas Park.”

Friends: All the members of this community should be under your friend-list so use this channel for questions or other relevant community communication. All talk in this channel should be considering OOC.

Tell: A message to one specific player. Use this for OOC that is only meant for that player. A good way to tell another player, that the reason your character is a punk, is not because of you as a player, but just the way you had chosen this character to be. Another thing this channel is good for is to find each other. Yes, it is a little meta-gaming, but is useful when you are bored and can’t find a member close by. Send the “tell” to one of the other members, asking where your character should go, to have a chance to bump into his/her character. But when you do it, don’t forget to role-play the meeting.

Rule no.5: Thou Shall Be Informed and inform.
Keep an eye with this thread at least once a week to see if new members have been added. Those players have to be added to your friend-list and also give them a good welcome with whatever help they need. Also when you end your gaming day, and you have reached a new level, please send me a Private message here on the board, with your new level, so it can be posted in the member list.

Rule no. 6: Thou Shall Be Courteous.
Last rule, but certainly not less important. It is a simple rule. Be polite to all members of this community plus all other players of CoH. Just because we a part of a role-playing community don’t make us better compared to all other role-players and players out that. Please keep this in mind, or else we will soon attract more flaming than new role-players.



All right I got it. How can I join?

If you have reached this post you have either wasted your time (sorry) or you find it interesting and want to join. It is a simple as this:
Make a character on the Guardian server. Yes, that’s right, the Guardian server, not Virtue, which is the un-official role-playing server. The reason for that is so you can keep playing on the Virtue server with another hero that don’t follow the “The Association of Marvelous Role-players” rules and don’t get confused when you meet a fellow member, about if you are using the right character or not. And the second reason for it is that it can’t hurt to get two un-official role-playing servers.
Make your character, so you are certain that the name you want can be taken. No need for level since you should be first level when you start here. When you are added to the member-list (see next post), start playing. You will see what week you started and what week we are in (a week start on a Sunday), and can with the use of the time played/max level system see what level you max can reach.
Remember we will first start 4th July.

This thread will be updated when needed. If this community seems to be a success, we will not use up this boards space and instead make our own private board.

Now, take care, have fun and let us together make CoH a great role-playing experience.

To the moderators/admin of this board

Please send me a PM before deleting this thread if needed for whatever reason, and give me a short timeframe to set up a private board, with the above details. Thanks. Also be welcome to contact me for further information or suggestions/ideas (you can of course also post it in this thread).



Player-list (add all of the members on your friendship list in-game, which make it easy to find each other and together join up in grand adventures and stories).

Name of Character-----Week started-----Weeks played-----Max level allowed
Will be posted the 3rd July.

None as of yet



Sorry, guys. I can't believe that the max level attained is in any way indicative of how well a character is being role-played. Maybe the player is just really, really smart. I can't see arbitrary rules like this as being important. Since I've been role-playing for 30 years, I figure I should know how to do it by myself without someone telling me the rules.


Mr. Lithuania

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TC said:
Sorry, guys. I can't believe that the max level attained is in any way indicative of how well a character is being role-played. Maybe the player is just really, really smart. I can't see arbitrary rules like this as being important. Since I've been role-playing for 30 years, I figure I should know how to do it by myself without someone telling me the rules.


[/ QUOTE ]

It is not at all an indications on how grand a role-player you are. Sorry if the thread/text is seen like that. This is not the bible for what a great role-player does/are. This is a rule we have implemented for us (plain humans) not to be tempted in the rush for levels for the cost of role-playing. Nothing more and nothing less. We could have made other rules instead, but do not have the powers since we can't change the mechanisme of the game, but a rule we need (at least just for making us special )



OK, I tink I like that. But there's one question and it's an important one. Do I have to strictly follow the level table? I know I'm not supposed to be over it, but how about being under it? What if I have to go away for a couple of weeks, or a month? Or what if I just don't feel like playing with that character for some time? Then I'll fall behind in levels. Is it accepted to be, say lvl 4 in week 5? That's just an example.

Another thing is, will we have a game master? That would be cool. Not necessary, but cool.

If the answer to my first question question satisfies me, then by all means, I'm in. I'll wait for a reply to this post before making a char and sending you a PM.

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Samuel_Tow is the only poster that makes me want to punch him in the head more often when I'm agreeing with him than when I'm disagreeing with him.



Yes. You are very welcome to be under the limit. The limitation is only for disabling some power-gaming (all right now it was said...power-gaming) within the community. We have all done it and it is tempting when we see the 26 level hero fly past us. If you can even be more relaxed about gaining levels it is only a bonus and plus for the community.

About DMs. Oh, I wish and hope that we can attract some DM attention from the people behind this game. I'm certain we will, if we can show strength in number and quality in role-playing, but until than we can always make our own special events. When the community is gathered let's talk more about Player Events and how to do them. Have done it\and been part of that on other MMORPGs and always with the reward of a great evening and experience.



Limiting levels by time? That's original thinking - it negates the leveling frenzy that usually strangles the fun out of a game.

Where on Guardian are you meeting on the 4th? I'd be interested in trying this system out.



As for now, there is no specific time or place on when or where we will meet. Mainly because I thought and still hope that the amount of role-players that finds this thrilling will be huge enough that we at all time will have a least a handful of members on the Guardian server. It will work as following, that on the 3rd July the member-names will be posted in this thread (a few posts up) and when you enter the game (the 4th July or after), you can go through the list adding the members to the friends-list (/friend &lt;hero name&gt; enter). That way we can quickly recognize each other, and know who follows the same rules and is ready for interaction in form of role-playing. This is the plan if the member count is high enough.
If the community will only include a small number than we will change it a little bit, to arrange times for us to be on and join in adventures, stories and role-playing.



Small update 1:
Our reporter's ears have captured some street talk about a cap on the friendship-list. Since it was plan A to know who was a member of the community by adding each other to the friendship-list, we find it needed to move to plan B instead. Plan B is as following and as easy:
The character you are making for this community must add three letters in the end of the name, the letters "AMP" and in that order. If you add a space between your real character-name and the three letters, you will still have 11 letters for your name. Hope that is enough and don't give you to much trouble.

Small update 2:
On this board secret talking have been found, and deciphered. The talking was about rewarding role-playing instead of penalizing. We find the talk as wise, and have thought how to do that, without the power as DMs or moderators. We can’t reward with xp or items, but instead with prestige and change of the level limit. It will be done as following:
Bi-weekly a thread for the community will be made here on this board (at least until our own board or words from the admin here, say it is a no no). In that thread each member can vote for another member. Just an “I vote on &lt;superhero&gt;” plus a small explanation, why that superhero have your vote as the best role-player of the AMP community. First, hopefully the whole CoH community will gain from that, to see what (at least us) find as good role-playing, second that player will gain some prestige. He or her will also be allowed to add one level to his/her max level limit. If the community will reach a member count of 20 (alright, let us at least first reach 4 members ) we will add a 2nd place, and now the 1st place will gain 2 to max level, and 2nd place 1. At 50 members a third place, and one extra to each place will be added to max limit.

And now let move on to other news: People out there. Role-players out there. Just somebody *a small sob can be heard* that is interested. PM me soon, so I can see if there are interest for this, at least from a few, or if it is just a sinking galleon and I should move on to other ideas.
Remember there is no binding contract , and you are free to have as many other “action”, “lite roleplaying” or “no limited role-playing” character beside your AMP character.



I personally would have been interested to join, but I just think there are too many rules and regulations you have here. If I have a character which I love playing with, and I do a... let say... 6 hour run (which I have done before), why should I be penalized? I'm in no way a "power-gamer", but I think something like role-playing should be done in ones own fashion. And rewarding someone because they're the "best" roleplayer?

I think it's a great idea of what you're trying to do, but I'm just not sure if its being executed in the right way... but best of luck to you.



I will not change my name, but I will gladdly add the abbreviation in my describtion, if that will do the trick. Also, I don't mind the restrictions. I have other heroes I can play if I can't level this one. ALSO, the friends list limit is (to my knowledge) 25 friends max. So far we can fit all the people in here, especially considering that we porbably won't have other players with that hero. I'd say, start it like that and if does indeed grow, we'll switch to a different system.

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Samuel_Tow is the only poster that makes me want to punch him in the head more often when I'm agreeing with him than when I'm disagreeing with him.



Yes, I will agree to that. It was a bad alternative. So please don't add the AMP. It is silly. Instead you can take a print of the roster when it is announced and maybe add the AMP in the start of your characters description. That should be enough for us to find each other.

The member list is still very, very small, so if you are just the bit interested, give me a holler.
If the memberlist don't grow much more now until the 4th July, I will send mails out to the few and ask for what they want to do. Proceed (maybe with arrange events only) or just cancel it all.



Well, sadly, you had me then lost me.


1. The character I roleplay with is already level 10. You have no acceptance for anyone above 4 at the start. I already remade the character once, and refined his powers and story to where I like it, so I'm not remaking him again.

2. The AMP thing on the name. It's too "clan-ish". I know you just backed out on it, but to suggest it in the first place... that's Diablo territory, or Half-Life. Can anyone who seriously role-plays a superhero ever imagine picking up an issue of X-Men or Spider-Man and seeing the names as "Wolverine_XMEN" or "Spider-Man_INDIE" behind the title? We're imagining characters in a comic-book world... it just doesn't fly. Once again, I know you backed out on it, but ouch. "The first impression is always the most imporatant", they always say.

3. Level restriction according to "weeks". This is just bothersome. I'm no "power-gamer" as a previous response said, but this raises some serious questions.

A. The game has proven that being one Archtype is often easier than another, I.E. a blaster compared to a defender. So if you don't make the specified level by said week, are you less a role-player, or are you "left behind" by the group for new players to deal with?

B. On the other side of the coin, what if you are a player who excells at solo missions or strategy (as I try to do, it doesn't always work, but I try...) and end up making a few levels in a week or two? What then, you just don't go and train to level up? Isn't that rather shutting down roleplay, rather than enhancing it? There are always those who are more stronger than others, more powerful, or more successful, in real life or others... should we be restrained if we excell alone as opposed to being "grouped"?

C. Not all characters are "social". Look at the Hulk, for example. Banner can't control what happens, when it happens, or why. But the Hulk can go out and destroy tanks and half a battalion of soldiers whenever he is hunted. He is a lone soul, and wishes only to be left alone. By game standards, the Hulk would probably be played as a loner, non-social, and not the kind of guy you would want to take out to buy a drink! He would level rapidly, because face it, if you take out a battalion of 5th Column, you'd really be looking at a lot of XP! What happens to that sort of character? They can be roleplayed if done properly...but in this system... it's almost pointless.

Sorry to say it, but I'll be RP'ing with whoever wants, without the benefit of a "group", if this is what it is. Good luck with that, though.

Please think about my points, and I'll be curious for a response.

Take care.

THE PARAGON FREEDOM ALLIANCE! WE NEED HEROES MORE THAN EVER! Send a tell if you'd like to join! (( Virtue Server ))



1. The character I roleplay with is already level 10. You have no acceptance for anyone above 4 at the start. I already remade the character once, and refined his powers and story to where I like it, so I'm not remaking him again.

[/ QUOTE ]
When you add a level limitation system, than everybody have to start at the same level (1st) or else what the reason for one and what fairness would there been in it?.

2. The AMP thing on the name. It's too "clan-ish". I know you just backed out on it, but to suggest it in the first place... that's Diablo territory, or Half-Life. Can anyone who seriously role-plays a superhero ever imagine picking up an issue of X-Men or Spider-Man and seeing the names as "Wolverine_XMEN" or "Spider-Man_INDIE" behind the title? We're imagining characters in a comic-book world... it just doesn't fly. Once again, I know you backed out on it, but ouch. "The first impression is always the most imporatant", they always say.

[/ QUOTE ]

So true. I will even second what you say. The plan was to use the friendshiplist, but found out that it had a cap. So in a rush (to quick I have to add) I found some other to recogenize each other in-game. Other people have now enlighten me (BTW enlighten me, can be done better than by your way ), and of course no AMP in end. Sorry to have given you such a bad impression
3. Level restriction according to "weeks". This is just bothersome. I'm no "power-gamer" as a previous response said, but this raises some serious questions.

[/ QUOTE ]
Yes, you have a lot of questions to that. But the simple answer is just, that it is to increase the attention on the role-playing instead of the xp gaining, whatever you are going solo (which would also be possible in the community. Being the Hulk just with the pro that you know which people will actually play by that, with like "Hmmm. We could always ask the Hulk to help us"
"Nah, he perfer to be, I mean alone". Hope it make sense.

One more thing:
Well, sadly, you had me then lost me.

[/ QUOTE ]

Ehhh, when did I have you? Out from your post, I have never promised anything, that would seem to fit you.

To the rest:
Questions is very welcome about this community...bashing I really don't care for. I'm very aware that the main part of this community don't see the need for this or maybe even the understanding. If the main part did, I would never have felt the need for such a community.
"If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn't thinking."
(General George Patton Jr.)



OK, look. What you (and the rest) need to understand is that being a paer of this community means playing a different game. Think of it as a mod. The point of the game is not to kill/arrest/whatever bad guys, it's to interat with other players and do missions NOT given by contacts, but by other players. Remember how you used to play pretend when you were little? Same thing here. The possibilites are endless, if you have enough imagination and I agree with the level restriction. Not only should leveling not be an issue, it should be avoided when not necessary. The point of this whole thing is to play pretend. So make yourself a charactter and give up on making him/her strong. Like, I made a character and I started talking to NPCs (contacts at least) as though they were real people. Keep your characters and keep playing with them. Just take the extra few hours a week (as calculated from the table) to play with the game a bit, instead of playing it. I mean, is it that much of a bother to play with a different character (doomed to be low level) every now and then, just for fun?

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Samuel_Tow is the only poster that makes me want to punch him in the head more often when I'm agreeing with him than when I'm disagreeing with him.



I believe you probabl lost a lot of people by having a level-time restriction in place. It is quite possible to do heavy Role-Playing without having leveling restrictions. I have a Super Group on Infinity that does the same thing, except without the leveling restrictions. I find that putting leveling restrictions in causes people to forget about role playing and worry more about weather or not they are leveling too fast. However, with all that is said, it is a worthwhile project, and I feel you should go for it, even if there is a small amount of people! The only time it wouldn't be worth it IMO is if no one was interested.



Very true, GothicGirl. But I didn’t really lose anyone since I had no one on the wagon in the start. At some time, I was close to change it, but I still believe if this was to be a larger community it would have added to the quality. And I wanted quality time instead of quantity.

An update to the players that have choose to be part of this:

3rd July is close, and we have gathered a group of four players. Even with a few more, the logging in when we feel for it, and hope to find at least one other member will not really be a success. So are you interested in changing this community to just a group?
Make arranged times weekly/bi-weekly, where we log in with our specific character, and enjoy some time together. No need for a level-limitation system than, since we would play together and together set the pace, whatever it would be quicker or slower.
We would still keep the group open for other players that would be interested, and if enough (8 or more) could return to the original concept.
If we do so, maybe we should also plan out how we joined together (like one of the other known groups out there, such as X-men or the Fantastic Four) or of course we could just log in on the same start day and find reason for meet up and join arms? Should I make us a board, or is there really no need for it? It is your choice.

Send me a PM or a reply here about what you wishes to do, if we shall continue.



Details can be arranged, basics cannot. Get the basics straight and the details will take car of themselves. It's the 4th of July (1:00 A.M.) for me now, so I expect solid arrangements from you by the end tomorrow (stll the 4th of July).

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Samuel_Tow is the only poster that makes me want to punch him in the head more often when I'm agreeing with him than when I'm disagreeing with him.



Still here. Sorry that there have been no futher announcement on what we will do, but the reason is
*drumrolls and a big smile from this author*
my wife have already given birth to a healthy young lady, and I'm going to enjoy the smile from that angel 24/7 the next couple of days.

So give or take a few days, and I will return to this project, only change will be that I will have a broad smile painted on my face.

For others that are interested, there have not been and will not be a deadline for being part of this. If you write to me, and you don't get a reply right away, see the above for reason



Just a thought here from someone who has never role-played before but was interested in maybe starting. Whatever level you are really shouldn't matter should it? I mean say you get a mission from a contact or make your own mission or whatever, can't you role-play just as well if you are level 20 as you could at 5? I mean I understand that it can get bothersome to hear 'Only 'x' XP until next level' but if you are a roleplayer, isn't the amount of XP neither here nor there? Let's say that If I had a level 20 character, if I was a true role-player, couldn't I go play with someone who just started in the community who is level 1 and have as much fun role-playing with them as I could with someone who is also level 20? It's always about the story and characters with role-playing, at least that's the impression I got, so level isn't really an issue. Say I had a really good really long RP session with another member, after I hit the level cap am I supposed to go to an area with lower level villains and therefore possibly go back in time on my storyline? Or am I supposed to put my story on hold until I am allowed to get to a level to continue my story? Like I said, these are just curiosity as I've never RPed before, things I was confused about as it were.



That's actually a very good point. Someone once said "Who says controllers shouldn't be able to solo? Magneto solos perfectly". The reply to that was something along the lines of "Yeah, that's because Magneto is a lvl 40 gravity controller with full enhancements in holds, fighting gray con mobs". If that's the case, then all of the X-Men would be around 20-ish, with Charles Xaviour a lvl 40 mind controller with full enhancements on immobilize. That alone should tell you how level should not be an issue, but rather would bring a little colour to the role-playing. Having someone someone of much higher level will actually be a benefit to a role-playing group, more so than just as extra muscule. He could be the father/mother figure everybody goes to for advice, or the odl veteran or whatever. And if you're worried about the quest for XP taking centre stage, then let me assure you that I have a character especially for you and I have already given up on leveling up that character. If I want levels, I have plenty of other characterts to play. So for me at least, even if you remove the level restriction, I stillwon't go level crazy. But removing it will free me of the worries that I may pass the level restriction and have to stop playing.

Think about it.

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Samuel_Tow is the only poster that makes me want to punch him in the head more often when I'm agreeing with him than when I'm disagreeing with him.



I absoltely love the idea of this, hell I'd even join an SG if it was RP only..

BUT.. and this is a big one for me...

Playing MMOGs is a hobby for me, so I tend to spend a significant amount of time, I'm a hardcore player for the time I spend playing, though I don't do it powerleveling. But the amount of time I spend would unavoidable place me outside of your level cap.

Got this game two weeks ago and I have a level 15 scrapper, level 10 healer/controller and the scrapper is the second build (first got to 9), now I know the first few levels are the quickest but nonetheless....

Why should the amount of time I spend playing restrict me from being in the group?

I mean, even someone that is a powerplayer and spends alot of time doing group hunting could still fully be able to roleplay that, and do so significantly well.

This idea will have a severe difficulty getting off the ground or more then a handful (therefore be almost useless to any that wish to RP with others), as most will be discouraged by the idea that they may hook up with an awesome group on Monday, roleplaying the whole while, and hit the level cap by Tuesday...

So what? They can't level til next Monday? So... they can't play? Or HAVE to play another character?

How is that roleplaying in itself

IC - "Hmm it seems that I have been learning how to control and manipulate my latent abilities well beyond what I should be capable of... guess I need to go on a vacation...."

Kill the level cap please I'm not a power leveler, but I tend to play from 3-4 hours a night, doing missions, having fun, but severely miss the RP environment

The amount of time you spend playing should have NOTHING to do with being in a RP group..

That'd be like saying.. hey you can play D&amp;D (the old paper and pen version) but if you do it for more then 2 hours a week... your not roleplaying anymore because you spend too much time doing it...



Everything sounds great in my ears and I agree. I made the level limitation system, just to make certain that no-one would join, that prefered the "xp" more than the role-play. But I do understand the worries about it. And I can see some of the worries come from people that I believe is having the same opinion about role-play as I have.

So what can we do? Anyone having some great idea, for still making certain this community will only attract role-players? Other idea for making certain that a "race" for level not eventually takes over the role-playing?
Please let me hear, and when details have been discussed finished (let us remember to use courtesy. We can't all agree), maybe make a SG instead or continue with a role-players only community.