Thanks Pinnacle




I was raised in this game on Pinnacle and have been a fairly steady player for years. I am sure there are other great servers but I have to say the community on this server kept me here pretty much my whole time in the game. I made my first fifty here, I learned to do trials here and my son created and played all his heroes here since he was seven. He is fourteen now. There have been so many excellent people on this server that I could not list them all. I will miss the game, but I will really miss the mix of folks that have made this server the best gaming home I have ever had. The leaders, the followers, the organizers, the participants, the good friends and pickup groups and even the odd nut job made this server awesome. Thanks to everyone who made this server rock.

Feisty Wombat



Indeed sir.

First server. First 50. And I never had any reason to go anywhere else. I hear ya, it's the people here.

@Winter. Because I'm Winter. Period.
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yes pinnacle has been my home server for over 8 years, met a LOT of nice people ,ticked off a few(i am sorry) had a lot of fun, I am a 55 year old computer geek,right now unemployed pc repair tech, and used this game to unwind, I moved a few toons to freedom, to help raise the avg IQ of the server, and to do some farming. but still i monitored and joined it on a lot of teams on pinnacle.
i tend to use the name madhobbit for a global ,and if you see it you might ask if it is I.

I have a toon or two on SWTOR which i will be finishing to lvl 50 after the shutdown.

so long and good bye

Mad Hobbit

Fluffy Bunny 1 Person SG
Rabid Bunny 1 Person VG
Both on Pinnacle
Hobbit's Hole 1 Person SG
Spider's Web 1 Person VG
Both on Freedom