Do you have a 'minimalist' costume on your character with bright/garish powers?




Just curious, it seems like more and more people have been choosing the "railroad spikes in your eyes" type of colors for their powersets like Electric Control.



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Just curious, it seems like more and more people have been choosing the "railroad spikes in your eyes" type of colors for their powersets like Electric Control.
I have peoples who both are subtle and obnoxious. It goes with the personality/background I have in my mind for that character.



Lately I've been running into a lot of Forcefield and Traps characters who take the big bubbles and assign it two horribly bright contrasting colors. I can't tell if they actually think it looks good, or if they're simply trying to make people sick. (One of the worst was bright purple and gold, at a level that rendered the shield basically opaque.) Or maybe they're trying to force people to acknowledge that they have their shields on and are actually doing something, but that seems a bit too subtle of a goal.

I'm not even sure how to deal with it. If I send them a polite tell pointing out that their shield is so bright that I can't even make out the ground through it, they either ignore me (or possibly /ignore me) or they react as though I just made a statement about some relationship between dead alligators and their mother. If I've actually joined a group with such a player, I've just been making an excuse and leaving after the first mission is done. I'm neither an awesome enough player nor a big enough drama queen to pull the "it's them or me" card. Besides, if the leader hasn't *already* kicked them for having a power colored to be a crime against eyesight, I don't think they'd pick me anyway.

For me, the toggle AoE shields are the worst because they're on all the time, but I've seen a few other sets where I'm pretty sure the intent is to irritate people. Like a Fire blaster or corruptor who'd taken the time to set every single fire power with bright colors, and who had apparently gone to some effort to make sure that not a single one of them had matching colors.



One man's garish colors is another pretty sparkles. No one is the final arbiter of taste.

I usually have a range of costume options that give me a choice of colors for the bubbles, etc., so that if a team member asks nicely, I can accommodate them.



I try and avoid garish colours because I think if I was on the team with them, would I be happy with it being activated around me?

For example, on a melee char do I really want to see bright blue transfusion or the default for the rad heal or blisteringly white for fireball? No because I couldn't see what I was supposed to be killing.

I have a fire corr which has fire effects which follow the colour changes for the heat of real fires. But I use dark rather than bright on most of them. The only time I use bright options is for a nuke. "Yes I've nuked, now I don't have any endurance/toggles, someone please save me."

Admittedly, I do have a major issue with the thermal/fire shields; I do wish the little balls would turn off with /suppressclosefx. Similarly with Quills. If I'm trying to suppress the power effects, I'd like to kill ALL of them. I do recall confusing the life out of a team mate when I first started playing by asking them not to put the shields with the little balls on me because I found them really distracting. They must have thought I was nuts but were kind enough not to start a "U R NUB" argument. (Thank you.)

The only garish power I ever have - and I confess that this is totally deliberate - is SB. I make a point of making it revolting on any char that has it. You beg for SB and you are begging to be disgustingly coloured; if only briefly. Petty, yes I know, but one of my kins got from 37 to 50 on ITFs while level-pacted and believe me it's payback time. They don't get out much if I can help it.

Have to agree about electric control, though. It seems really bright and lag-inducing.

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