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Now that Triumph is doing Hami raids again, it is time to post up our little tactic on taking down the gelatinous menace. There may be some fine tuning done, but this is the basics of how Triumph will defeat Hamidon.

Teams setup

Yellow Teams

2 Teams, consisting of up to 7 Scrappers, stalkers and brutes.
Each team will ideally have 1 Empath, and one of the teams may carry a bubbler.

Taunt Team

1 Team, consists of 4-5 Tanks or Brutes
2 Empaths
1 Kinetic

Blue Team

1 Team, consists of Blasters, Corruptors, Peacebringers, Warshades, ect.. Mainly a ranged team.

Green Teams

2 Teams, consisting of all non-melee toons, and Hold toons.

Team Actions

Yellow Teams

Prior to launching out, the empathy spams CMs on the scrappers. The Empath should fly outside the goo, but within range of the scrappers as CMs drop off. The scrappers keep hitting the yellows, moving counter clockwise. Ideally, should only need to use 1 EoE per run. If the teams are not on the 3rd Mito, then pop a 2nd EoE. After the Yellows drop, the scrappers will move onto the green mitos, assisting the assault team.
The Yellow Teams will move towards the front right yellow at first, and move counter clockwise, til they are back to the south side of Hamidon.

Blue Team

Consists of only ranged characters. This team will start on a blue mito adjacent to the yellow teams, and will keep hitting the blue until the yellow mito goes down, and they will shift counter clockwise to the next mito. This is to keep blue agro off the yellow teams for faster Yellow smashing

Green Teams

These teams consist of ranges and holds. These teams will start on 2 greens that are adjacent to the blue mito that is being target. When the yellow mito goes down, they will shift counter clockwise to the next mito. The back green team should be at the green mito the front team was on. This is to keep the greens busy and not heal the yellow mito being targeted.

Taunt Team

Multi-functioning. 2 Tanks will be keeping Hamidon busy himself, by taunting him. They will start at Hamidon’s 8 o’clock. As the other teams keep popping the mitos, they will need to be moving counter clockwise. They are to taunt Hami at max range, while the empaths will be using heal other on the tanks at max range. 2 other tanks will be positioning themselves at the next 2 yellows in the path of the yellow teams. This is to keep the other yellow’s agro off of the other teams in the goo. Once the yellows been popped.

The way it rolls

This is how each bloom will roll.

1) Gather up
2) Call out for Single Target Buffs (ie CM, SB, ID)
3) after 30 seconds, Call out for AOE Buffs (ie RAs, AMs)
4) Scrapper teams jump right for Bio Nuke (if one is able to be played)
5) Taunt Team Goes in
6) Launch Bio Nuke
7) Scrapper Teams move out
8) Scrappers Pop an EoE before reaching 1st Mito
9) As Each Yellow Pops, A NEXT is called. All teams shift 1 mito counter-clockwise
10) After Final Yellow pops, all but the 2 taunting Hamidon will shift onto the 6 o'clock Green Mito.
11) All Green Mitos taken out counter-clockwise.
12) After Final Green pops, all shift onto the blues with range attacks only.
13) All Blue Mitos taken out counter-clockwise
14) After final Blue pops, all will converge on Hamidon
15) Beat up on Hamidon until he mitogasms at 75%, 50% or 25%.
16) If Hamidon mitogasms, everyone evacuates to the south rock, making sure to break line of sight with hami and the mitos before getting onto the rock
17) Repeat.

That's the basics of how we will run the Hamidon. There is a no-evacuation way, but will work on that once we all get into a good groove and want to try a way that's a little quicker (if that is possible after the way we ran it the first time using this method)




-If you don't get enough members for one type of team you can try to fill them with any extra mind or ill control characters after your green team is done. They can hit all types of mitos at range.

-Have players place a thumbtack on the south rock in their mini-map so they know where to run to after Hami blooms.

-Shuffle veterans with assemble the team around so you have someone that can safely TP during the blooms. There is a hospital in zone for wipes but this would save time between blooms.

-Form these teams then mix them to maximize the amount of shards gained by raid participants. If your taunt team is only healing taunters and the taunters only target Hami and thats 0 Shards for them. Your green/blue team(s) would not benefit from the yellow kills. Even if the yellow team is moving quickly they still miss out on 2-3 greens. The shard drop rate for mitos is this.

This is i19 and people want to get shards fast and efficiently. If you turn Hami into a shardfest (that takes less than an hour) like it is on other servers I guarantee there will be more participation. I would not attempt Cell Death until there are a few successful raids and people are confident in your ability to pull this off. Even then I would save it for the 25% bloom if there are enough taunters/healers to handle the yellows that would cause a wipe otherwise.

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Thats why we got 2 tanks on the taunt team going after yellows and greens. And most of the scrappers wont get much out of the blues.



Dawun, what's the shard drop rate for the mitos? Are you suggesting that we rotate the tanks that are hami taunters out to the other teams so they can get some shard drops from the mitos? How about for any tanks that are taunting the mitos, would they get shard drops once the mito goes down? Since everyone else except the hami taunt team are working on some mito somewhere, it looks like we would need to swap tanks in and out of the hami taunt team between blooms just to be fair- it may take extra time, but it's still doable if coordinated properly.

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Perhaps Batz, but i'm sure people will be willing to tank if they don't always have to taunt Hami.
this tactic will need some fine tuning. But I havent had complaints YET from the taunts about the shard drops. They probably just didnt notice. Maybe on the next run, I will have em do a shard count, and then we brainstorm ways to make sure they get shard drops too. I'm starting to get some ideas on it actually, but i'l discuss it in HKS this weekend.



Originally Posted by UltraBatz View Post
Dawun, what's the shard drop rate for the mitos?
According to data obtained during beta testing, it's about 1 in 13.6. (reference)

When a shard drops for a team, everyone on the team has an equal shot at being the recipient. So, if half of the Taunt team is attacking mitos while the other half is busy keeping Hami busy, those taunting Hami might still get random shards.

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Originally Posted by B_Samson View Post
According to data obtained during beta testing, it's about 1 in 13.6. (reference)

When a shard drops for a team, everyone on the team has an equal shot at being the recipient. So, if half of the Taunt team is attacking mitos while the other half is busy keeping Hami busy, those taunting Hami might still get random shards.

It doesn't even have to be half of the team split between tasks. It's as simple as shuffling 1 person per team around so all teams get credit for every mito. For the green/blue teams, add 1 melee or if one of those team members is a Blapper or a mind/ill control character they can run around and deal some dmg with the yellow team. For the yellow team, you could toss in a ranged character that can land some hits on the greens while the rest of the team is busy. For the taunt team, when one of those brutes/tanks isn't actually taunting (or after the first yellow is down) they can run around and assist the other teams. Alot of melees have ranged dmg and holds from epics so this shouldn't be too complicated.

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I don't wanna poop on our hamidons. But after sunday's raid, I have a suggestion to make:

2 other tanks will be positioning themselves at the next 2 yellows in the path of the yellow teams
I don't think this is enough yellow taunting. That starts us off with:

1 yellow aggroed on the yellow team (Unavoidable, due to likely presence of brutepunchvoke or gauntlet on the yellow team)

2 yellows aggroed on the Taunt team's advance-yellow taunters.

3 yellows aggroed on ... (????????)

Yellows range attack hits for 670ish per hit (520ish + 150ish in DOT), every 4 seconds, on an unprotected character.

On an EOE'd tanker or brute, that's 67 damage.
On an EOE'd Kheldian, that's 100 damage.
On an EOE'd (anyone else) that's 167 damage.

On our un-EOE'd friends, that's You're Dead DPS.

There seems to be too much stray yellow fire landing on the blue and yellow and green teams, that could be more efficiently absorbed by a tank or tanks.

My suggestion is that the 2 auxiallary yellow-taunters taunt 2-3 yellows each, instead of just the nearby ones. Reason being, the yellows are gonna fire at someone, why don't we PICK who they fire at?

WHAT SAY YOU TRIUMPH? 201 damage per volley for one tanker, 134 Damage per volley for the other. With a bit of support, this isn't too unreasonable, hell, my barely-above-SO'd Fire tanker heals over 900 HP every 22 seconds with healing flames. And meanwhile, the yellow team, unfettered by the stray fire, is popping mitos at record speed, maybe? That Damage per volley would drop off quite rapidly, is the implication I'm making.

DO WE THINK THIS WILL HELP? Y/N meet me after class if you like me <3

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