Asking for some criticism




My name is @Sirken. I reside on Guardian Server.

I am currently working of various small projects for the Green Horns SG on Guardian. The pics I am gonna include are the Base Entrance and a Hospital I am working on. I would like some feedback on my work. I am always trying to learn and grow in my understanding of this fun aspect of the game.

The Entrance:
I am attempting to create an cave like entrance here. The idea is closed rocky formations. The floor is made of rubble set on a small decline as it wraps around the base for the SG Base Portal.

Of course this was just a Happy Accident! heheh

The Hospital:
Right now all I have done is the Morgue.



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Yeah..... not sure I approve of your priorities there.....
Haha. I just wish this Morgue game with its own Ducky. Better yet, I will start building the forensics lab next and try to get an Abby.



The morgue is a good idea and well done.

Enjoy your day please.



Pic 1: I'm a fan of burying one item in another and I like the way you've done that. Bit more special than the usual 'arc'

Pic 2: Love the steps.

Pic 3: From that angle the stones block the view line and I feel the area to the left would be cramped. However, that could be the photo angle.

Pic 4: LOL.

Pic 5: Kudos for the effot that's gone into that. Not just the idea but the execution (bad choice of words) is awesome. I did a similar thing with counters and lights so I know that takes a while. I really do like the whole feel of that room. Did you consider moving the bars around the curve and using glass on that counter?

Pic 6: Fantastic detail. Love the idea of embedded safes as body holders.

Great ideas there. Nice work.

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Hey thanks Capa! Hmm Glass on the side and the bars in front......interesting.

"Phineas, I know what we are gonna do today."