Ninja/Traps - Any good?




Has any one tried a Ninja/Traps? Is it any good?

Any suggestion for build?




I had a Ninja/Traps once, but that was when Poison Trap could be transformed into a mini nuke with procs. Since they changed Poison Trap I really haven't played him so much, so there's not a whole lot of advice I can give. I'd try to fit in Maneuvers somewhere to stack with your Ninja's inherent Defense and Force Field Generator.



After making a build in Mids (old version), I found that I could give my ninjas great def and survivability with /traps. I plan on making on once I get back to the states. I know the Repeat Offenders (RO) have a group night where they play ninja/traps. See if there is any info on their website about it. As for personal, I have none (yet). I imagine it's fun though since /traps rock.



Got mine soloing through 50 without any major problems so I'd say they're pretty darn good.

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Not a good combo at all. You have virtually no real way to mitigate damage. True enough there is the defense shield but that doesnt do much unless the pets could be soft capped. Ninjas are ALWAYS going to need healing, no matter how much buffing or debuffing you have. They are the most fragile of the pets. Which doesnt make sense since they are melee. In order to get the most out of the pets so they live to do the damage they are supposed to do you need to pair it with a healing set. While Pain might have the best healing I recommend thermal over anything else due to layering with the shields so you dont have to heal as much. I have done ninjas with every possible combination so far and thermals was the easiest to level them. If your looking for a challenge then go Ninja/Poison instead, thats a real mans powerset combo for a mastermind. Anyone who can take that to 50 I have much respect for them as I know their pain.

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