New Years Eve Dr Q




Hey fellow Liberty players,

My badge toon (Agent Arthur - BS/WP scrapper) is in need of both the Dr Q and Faathim TFs in the shadow shard. I was wondering if we could do a Dr. Q around noon eastern on Dec 31? Any takers?

After I get the two shard TFs done, I will then need Master of badges for Statesman, ITF, and LGTF if someone wanted to run them and have need for my toon.

Thanks all.

Matt Miracle



I don't remember which shard TFs I need, but I know I need two of them as well. The Master of ... badges are also sorely lacking from my main, so if anyone's planning on going after any of them, and I'm available, count me in.

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I would like to do this with Noir Shadow(Ill/Kin), but not sure I can make a noon start time. I'll try my best, though.



The start time is a lil early for me but I need master of and shard tfs on Dead

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Hey I was totally in on this mish! I had no idea it was such a long mission when I signed up. I caught some parental agro and had to leave for a bit but threw a fit and got to come back and finish it up. It was a blast!!

Megathx for the invite and the xp. Liberty peeps are the best no doubts!






A tip: When dealing with parental aggro, it's always better to use placate than taunt. :P

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