Simple improvement to Salvage window

Adeon Hawkwood



The Salvage window currently has no less than seven tabs.

Here's my suggestion:

Don't display empty tabs. At all. This will immediately remove two tabs for most characters (Base and Component) and a likely third (Incarnate) too, making the window much more user friendly.

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I can not think of a single QoL idea that I could get behind more than this.

As a bonus, maybe they can make memorized recipes not expanded as the default as well.

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That would be a nice little QOL feature. (And yes, I do have a few characters still hauling around base salvage for no particular reason.)



That sounds like an excellent idea. I'd been thinking about this recently as well but couldn't come up with an idea which I felt was simple to implement and wouldn't break things for to many people.

Other possible QOL options:

  1. Merge categories, specifically make "Event" salvage "Special" and "Component" salvage "Base", maybe go so far as to make all "Base" and "Component" salvage "Special" as well.
  2. Reorder the tabs to make the salvage types people are likely to regularly use come first something like: All -> Invention -> Incarnate -> Special -> Event -> Base -> Component
  3. Allow players to reorder the tabs and save the ordering as part of the interface setup.

From a practical point of view though I think your suggestion would be easier to implement.



YES! 1000 times YES! Love these suggestions and I'd also love it if the salvage menus would remember the way you have salvage sorted.




it's no end of annoying scrolling through uninhabited tabs every time I need to delete junky commons.

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