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So after coloring a couple of Jr's drawings and then Daggerpoint's lines of Goblin Queen, I couldn't resist giving Techbot Alpha's drawing of Ephemeris' toon Kalenta a shot.

Techbot Alpha was courteous enough to allow me to post this with Ephemeris' approval which I received this morning. Techbot also gave me some advice on coloring and pointed out that I'm a "tool" who doesn't know lips from teeth. Okay those are my words not his, but what I colored as lips should have been teeth, sorry. Also my shading on the abs got out of whack. It looked good on my screen at home but when I opened it on another comp it's way too contrasty and needs work.

Anyway, feel free to criticize my colors and give advice as warranted. I am a TOTAL noob in regards to coloring and am learning on my own as I find tutorials and images here and there.



I like it!



I think it looks good, like I said Yeah, y'did miss that they were manically grinning teeth XD but hey-ho. Also, maybe went a little OTT on the flare from the laser and eye monocle. The gun laser isnt so bad, because its its own feature, but the eye one obscures a chunk of the face, the face being a focal point in any character picture (for the most part, obviously, situations may change) so maybe a tad subtler.

Other than that, good, keep 'em coming I'm currently tied down with Christmas stuff and the dread lurgy (hacking chest cough thats also making me worn out) thats stopping me from being artsy XD

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This is great stuff PS. I can't really give any advice as i'm a total noob at digital colouring too, just working on my first piece myself, and it's taking fooooor evvvvvver... lol.

About the eye laser, i've seen people do it with like a blurred ring around the actual red of the eye, too make it look as tho it's glowing. Not sure how better to explain it...

Hope to see more mate

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