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Now i know i cant be the only one and this thread has NOTHING to do with server population as i have played on the emptiest of the EU servers and the busiest of the NA, but you know when you are running [flying/jumping/whatever] around a zone and you come across another player, do you stop and think woah!

Because i was on my demon/pain MM in the underground of praetoria running to my mission and came across another player running towards me and we both stopped for a second, looked at eachother then caried on. It was like we were both suprised to see another person in the "real world" as such and just had to stop to admire.

I cant be the only one who does this! [Ashamed to say i also get their global names at same time quickly just incase i know them ]

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I was in the same place getting badges and opened one of those silver doors and there was another player on the other side. We both kinda stood there and then traveled on and a few seconds later I sent him a tell saying "You scared the crap out of me!" to which he replied, "I know, me 2!"

Funny times.



I'm on Virtue, a server that never sleeps. Where the super heroes and villains runneth over. It's funny because I've been considering creating a character or two on a low-pop server--so that I CAN experience the feeling you're describing. Would be different. I always get cold feet though, because I'm in the habit of connecting my characters to an overall set of stories. A character on another server would be cut off from friends who run with me and my characters.

Yeah, I know. Sounds like a personal problem, huh?

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Lately, I've been seeing more people on the Liberty server, but yeah, whenever I do actually see someone, we end up just staring at each other for a while. Occassionally, there's a "hey" or "what's up" or "nice costume", but we usually just stare at each other. When I first started playing, I was especially surprised whenever I saw someone.



I only stop if she looks hot.



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I only stop if she looks hot.
That's a man, baaaaby!

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That happens to me sometimes on Virtue... in Boomtown.

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