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Ok, I am not sure if this is a forbidden topic with the current forum rules, but since it is a PnP game I am asking about, I'm hoping it's not considered competition or anything.

Some time back (a few months?) there was mention here of a new DC universe RPG. I had read up a bit on it at the time and it sounded good. IIRC it was a big hardcover with a nice Alex Ross cover and one of the selling points that I liked was that it seemed as much a guide to the characters and the DCU in general as it was a game.

I can find no mention of it anymore, either here or elsewhere. Any searches for DC rpgs takes me to older, out-of-print games. I am actually wondering if I simply dreamed it up. I have been looking for it because I want a good superhero pnp rpg to play with my son.

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Is this what you're talking about?

if it is, your search-fu is weak... using the information you stated i found that in seconds...

I hang my head in shame.

I couldn't remember the name, though, so I was searching with DC, heroes, and rpg. As I said, the only results coming up were for the older games.

Well, thank you, even though that is faintly humiliating.

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"DC PnP Alex Ross" is what you needed to search for. If someone contributed to a work it should be on some list some where that also lists the work



Also check out the atomic think tank. thats the forums for the mutants and masterminds game which the DC adventures is a part of. they have lots of good character builds, and great players with advice on the game and rules and such.

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