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Apparently this came out in 2009/early 2010 and I hadn't heard anything about it:

Renee O'Connor plays a mother who takes a nap on her couch in 2008 and wakes up on a spaceship. The other person she initially encounters is a guy who claims he is from 1945.

Anyone else heard anything about it? It seems creepy and well done so far, especially since they supposedly only had a few thousand dollars to do it with.


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Apparently it debuted July 23rd of 2010 after like a year of sitting on the shelf due to the production company folding.



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Looks like another web series.
that is the same series...

Also watched... it's good...very good... and hopefully they get to make more.



I know, I was just providing a link to an article talking about it as well as informing those who are unaware that it's a series of very short episodes just like The Guild or a couple dozen other web series out there as oppose to a full hour or 1/2 hour series that simply didn't get aired.

There seems that the web series route is being taken by a number of small independent production companies to pitch TV series ideas to the majors. There was some post apocalyptic one shown in it's entirety one late night on SyFy a few months back. They still advertise the DVD for it between their anime episodes every so often which probably means Manga Entertainment is it's, the DVD, distributor.

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I watched that web series (The Ark) about 6 months ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I also hope they make more webisodes.