Common pairings in CoX: Stereotypes aren't always a bad thing.




I'm currently writing a updated guide for Fire/Fire/Force and want to include an AT overview section highlighting what to expect from each of the most popular pairings based on past experience.

The premise is pretty simple, what are the most common pairings especially during endgame that need an introduction and what are your opinions of them? I'm certain I'm overlooking some important ones so I thought I would ask for help before I begin. So far I have the following.

Blaster: Fire/Fire, Ice/Ice, Energy/Energy
Brute: SS/WP
Controller: Fire/Kin, Ill/Rad, Fire/Rad
Defender: Rad/Sonic
HEAT: Peacebringer, Warshade
Mastermind: Bots/FF, Thugs/Dark, Demon/Thermal
Tanker: SS/WP, Stone/Stone, Ice/Ice
VEAT: Soldier, Widow

Thank you all in advance for your help.



Scrappers: Spines/Dark, Claws/SR

Willpower has more passive regen than Regen does. Who thought that was a good idea?

Can we get a fix for Energy Melee instead of more new sets?



Well, any elemental pairing is going to pop up pretty regularly. For example, Dark/Dark on Scrappers, Brutes, Stalkers, Corruptors, and Defenders.

Aside from that, there are pairings which fit thematically together without being elements Archery, Assault Rifle, or Dual Pistols with /Devices for Blasters, for example.

I'm not really sure which of these 'obvious' pairings show up the most at high levels, though. I rarely play characters above 30 due to my altoholism.



Electric/Electric Scrapper/Stalker/Brute/Tanker? (not sure about if tankers can get this pairing off top of my head).

SS/Invuln Tank/Brute Classic combo
Claws/Regen Scrapper/Stalker
Broadsword/Shield (thematically a classic)
Ninja/TA MM (again works in theme)
Claws/Nin or NS/Nin, MA/Nin, and maybe, KM/nin and Spines/Nin stalkers (damn ninjas are EVERYWHERE!)
Necro/Dark MM
Bots/Devices MM (again for theme)

I could probably go on a bit more...but i gotta get some sleep.

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Probably the most classic pairing is the Inv/SS Tanker.

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