Need A good Sonic/Rad build




Alright ladies and germs the title says it all, but I'm gonna specify what I want.
1 - Must have at least 40% ranged and Aoe Defense
2 - Must have hover
3 - He's going through praetoria and will be a hero so don't try to put the Patron Pools in please

If anyone could provide a build that at least meets requirements 1 and 2, I would appreciate it.



You'd probably have more luck if you posted a build and asked for feedback rather than requesting we make a build for you outright.

I can only speak for myself, but it shows you're willing to make some effort yourself.

Anyway, some general pointers to get you started:

Putting Thunderstrikes in your blasts will get you good amounts of ranged def, Red Fortunes in Hover/Weave for some recharge and even more ranged def. They can be pricey but Blessing of the Zephyrs are a good slot-cheap way to get ranged and AoE defense. If you take Screech, 6 Stupefys will get you recharge and ranged def. Performance Shifters in AM or Stamina for AoE def.

All that said, a final question. You said you don't want Patron Pools in the equation because you're going to be working through Praetoria, but you realize you're not going to have the slots to get the levels of defense you want at low levels right? Aside from the supply problem of low level sets, for a lot of the powers you're just not going to have te slots to spare early on for that kind of build. I'd recommend settling for a middleground option.

Do still build some for ranged defense, pick up Hover/Weave etc, but I'd shoot for about 32-33 ranged def while you level up. That will put you 1 small Luck from the softcap and it's much easier to attain on limited slots.

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It takes a lot of slots to get high ranged / AoE defense on a character with no defense powers in their primary or secondary. Defense is usually a 5- or 6-slot bonus so don't expect a lot of it until you can 6-slot multiple powers.

The good news is that Sonic has a nice little power called Siren's Song that pretty much turns any fight into a series of one on one (or occasional two on one) battles. Once you get it you can clear normal spawns without needing a lot of defense (especially once you also get Screech) and you'll have the Rad debuffs for hard targets. I wouldn't worry about a high defense build until the 30s at the lowest... and you may need to wait until the 40s to get it up to 40%. And that's assuming you ever do... sometimes it takes too many sacrifices to get that much defense (especially if you want AoE too) and you're better off with less defense and more effective powers.

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Alright, thanks you 2 I'll attempt to follow your advice.