major problems

mummies boy



ello one n all wonder if anyone can help me
had a harddrive crash so had to but a new one
installed coh then cov did the download and played the game, logged out went to bed...zzzzzz
woke up switched pc on clicked on cov lshortcut and nothing ....went into the folder and clicked on the icon there and nothing

"C:\Program Files\City of Heroes\CovUpdater.EU.exe"

so i installed the game again after 3 hours downloading, started playing the game for a few hours, logged off eat dinner wetn to play again same problem the shortcut does not do anything at all, tried inside the game folder again and nothing
if i click the unistall it works and the cityofheroes they both work
check firewall and its ok with letting coh/cov across

any idea's and why any shortcut to start up wont work

dont wanna have to install the game everytime i want to play

many many mnay thanks in advance



sorry i have updated everything
gfx card
internet explore
dont know what else to check
so till i sort this i wont be in game



It would be worth a try to move the updater out of C:\Program Files\City of Heroes\ and put it somewhere else, such as a new directory C:\Program Files\City Updater\. Change the desktop shortcut to match the new location, or just paste a new shortcut and delete the old. When you get the game to run, delete any new copy of the updater it creates in C:\Program Files\City of Heroes\.



Don't use CoVupdater. Use CoHupdater.exe