Leaving a World Behind






Left to right, top to bottom:

approaching portal / still approaching
looking back at her world / still looking back
going into the portal / the portal
close up on the portal / enter the new world, meet Cole



I thought it was out of order too but I figured it out a few seconds later. What tripped me up is I hadn't realize she turned around and looked back but instead had walked through already.

I think it would be much more apparent she is turning around to take one last look if between panels 2 and 3 you had a shot of her from the side (perhaps even a closeup of her face) with the portal in the background so it reads from: having her back to us, to side view closeup, to looking back one last time. You might even slip in a panel that lets us try to interpret her motive... an emote perhaps just before she steps through. /e grief if she is leaving for sad reasons or unwillingly or /e curseyou if she is leaving angrily. etc. etc.

Just suggestions though, it's a cool mini-story either way.
Nice work Jinken.

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