Earth/Psy ... Is it overkill?

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So, I was sitting here playing with doms and seeing what atrocity I could come up with and I looked at Earth/Psy. First though was lot of AoE controls + Drain Psyche + soft capped S/L = droolz. Not to mention throwing on Perma-Doma nd Perma-Hasten for extra win.

Now, my question is do we have alot of Earth/Psys here that can chime in on this. I don't know how well the damage would be but it does appear it would be very survivable. What are your opinions?

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First off. There is no overkill, there is only "OPEN FIRE!" and "Sir! I'm reloading!"

As for your concerns about damage. AoE you will do extremely well. Psy Shockwave is still one of the best AoE attacks in the game. It just doesn't do Nuke level damage anymore. Plus with the addition of hero APP's you can push your AoE damage to new levels quite easily.

Single target you will not do as well as other Dom assault sets though. Psy Assault lacks a a signature attack like Blaze or Seismic Smash to push its single target damage to the next level. Drain Psyche, Psi Shockwave and the very powerful Psi secondary effect make up for that quite nicely tho IMO.



Also, the most common psi-resitant enemies you will run into are robots - and as an Earth/Psi you just happen to have Mister Smashing Damage running around with you.

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You don't see many earth/psi's but the potential is pretty awesome. If you really want overkill pick "Ice" when you get to Epics. If you got that route you will be a solid debuffer of:

- Regen
- Resistance
- Recharge
- Defense
- Movement

All that plus a very hard to kill pet, great Cone & AOE damage, and controls. Be prepared for most teams not to realize what your contributing. But you won't care you'll be too busy making mobs dead.

Earth/Psi/Ice is probably a very good task force build. One of many Doms I've been meaning to try myself.

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