I saw this post and I was sad.




It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.

I used to fiddle with my back feet music for a black onyx. My entire room absorbed every echo. The music was . . . thud like. The music was . . . thud like. I usually played such things as rough-neck and thug. Opaque melodies that would bug most people. Music from the other side of the fence.



I'll get you my pretty.
*releases flying monkeys



George, George, George of the nether jungle wherein the souls of the damned writhe screaming in agony for all eternity, strong as he can be!

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I will pet him and love him and I will name him George.

"Super Hyper Mecha Plucky Power Armor GO!" -Plucky Sidekick: 50 Inv/EM Tank

"Do not confuse my disguise with your own evolutionary missteps." -Malevol-Ant: 50 EM/Nin Stalker