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Hey all, not looking for a build. Just wondering how people enjoy their Inv/DM tankers. I've tried and failed to stick with a tanker numerous times; SD/Elec bored me, WP/Ice was the same, and fire/fire was a little too much chewy centre, not enough hard candy coating. I rolled up a new tanker a week ago, an Inv/DM, and so far she's a lot of fun. No IOs in her yet, as she's only 27, but she's fairly robust against the usual suspects and in task forces.

Anyone else have fun with this combo? Are there any gotchas I am going to run into later in life? I figured that DM would alleviate some of my endurance woes, as well as proving a nice little topup for the green bar with Siphon Life (I do so enjoy flexing things to death). One the other hand, maybe I will struggle holding aggro with so few AoE attacks, although I do use Taunt liberally.



DM has great synergy with Inv. The high max HP, Defense, and capped resists, work wonders with the self heal DM provides. Your only weakness is the low AoE damage from DM , and you should definitely try to get an APP/Patron pool AoE attack later on to deal with that issue. Soul Mastery fits quite well thematically, while giving you great mitigation.

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I was indeed leaning toward Soul Mastery, although it's a bit of a slot crunch to slot out both Gloom and Dark Obliteration. Might be that I just don't bother slotting Gloom, or perhaps I will skip Weave. Now that the passives in Invulnerable have some nice effects, I am not as willing to skip them as I was on my invulnerable scrappers.

Oh, forgot to mention, I am thinking of putting a ToE proc in Siphon Life. Anyone get good mileage out of that at all?



My main tanker is Invuln/DM and my main scrapper is DM/Invuln so yeah I love it.

A couple of random thoughts-

1. I would not put the proc in siphon life. It does great damage as an attack and helps you keep your hitpoints topped off. I find that 4 kinetic combats, 1 Hami for Acc/Damage (centriole I think) and 1 level 50 Heal is how I spend my 6 slots on that power.

2. For epics/apps. Fireball is what you want to up the damage and give you a nice AOE. I believe it does more damage than all the other epic/app AOEs. I don't have mids open to verify though so you may want to double check.

3. I find DM/Invuln to be a more a tough oriented tank vs damage dealing. As such I play to the strengths of the build and always cap my s/l/n/e/f/c defense, HP, S/L resist cap, Solid regen and recharge.

4. With Consume, you should not have endurance issues assuming you have solid recharge, accuracy, and maybe 1 blue IO early on. With hasten you can get that up less than 1 time every minute.

5. You won't struggle with Aggro b/c of lack of AOEs and punch voke. I would not worry about that with Taunt, Invincibility and etc... Just not an issue IMHO.

6. If you use Shadow Maul, practice lining up the cone so you can always get a few baddies with each activation. I may be one of the few people that like this power.

I am sure I could think of more but these were a few random things I thought of while reading your post.



What about Touch of Fear? I am not sure about it on a tank, I have never taken it on a brute or scrapper.

e: I mean, I got lots of mitigation in my primary already, do I need or want ToF? I don't have it yet.



I tried it once and then respec'd out of it. It sat on my tray and never was used.



Inv/DM is cheating. It's that good.

They ALL float down here. When you're down here with us, you'll float too!