Bots/FF Alpha Slot choice




My first thought was to go for the cadiac boost because I run alot of toggles and I'm always fighting my endurance bar. Then I noticed Nerve radial boost increases defense buffs by 20%. And defense is what FF is all about so is there any reason not to go for the 20% def buff and just work on my end in other ways? Opinions please.



Well you might be near the cap already for your bubbles depending on your slotting. The end redux might be a good idea bout I run about 5 toggles and dont run out of end basically because the bots do all my attacking.

I decided that I am going with the damage. I might be near the cap for damage but eventually the other slots will open which will allow me to get ignore more of the effects of ED.


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Are your pets soft capped? If not, then go with Nerve.

If they are already soft capped (Protector bubbles, your bubbles, Dispersion Bubble, Pet Set proc), then it would make the most sense to use Musculature or Cardiac. You will not be gaining all that much by layering more defense on top of already soft-capped pets, but stand to gain significantly if Nerve brings them to the cap.



I've gone for a Nerve Radial and a Musculature Core on my Bots/FF - one for soloing (extra damage) and one for teaming (extra defense).

I like to squeeze every little bit out of the (admittedly not optomised) build (see below) I have - and with a full set of Blood Mandate in the Protector Bots, the 20% Def is great for their Force Shield power.

I didn't even consider the Cardiac Boost, as with the adddition of Inherent Stamina, my endurance bar barely budges (except during initial summoning)

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