Am i doin it right?

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Okay, im fairly new to the whole 'flipping' thing and the market itself. Today i bought 30 alchemical silvers for 50k each and put them all on the market again for 100k each. Is this the right way to this?



Assuming they sell then yes (I'll admit I don't follow alchemical silvers specifically so I can't say for sure). When flipping your price points should generally be set so as to do three things:

1. Both buy and sell orders fill at about the same rate (this stops you having to much or to little inventory)
2. Both buy and sell orders fill within the time you want. Generally <24 hours for salvage and cheaper recipes but potentially a week or so for high end stuff, you can flip some high volume salvage for a large profit in less than an hour but this isn't reliable.
3. The price oyu're buying at is no more than 90% of your sell price (this represents the break even point, ideally you want the gap to be larger).



Also, you want your sell point to be below the nearest round number. 9,999 will sell before 10,000.

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Yes, that's right.

I'm going to add something because I cannot shut up, however.

The market is a multiplier of your current inf. It takes about the same work and effort to go from 1 million to 10 million as it does to go from 10 million to 100 million- you're just doing more or less the same tricks on different items.

Also, I would advise never putting more than half your net worth into a single niche. Sometimes prices just fall down.

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