All Blaster Apex and Tin Mage




Would these even be possible?

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Anything is possible with enough insps, nukes, shivans, or alternatively... really good players

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Probably should be doable, though all the EBs and level 54 damage flying around would be challenging. Might be willing to try it if I can finish getting an alpha slot on my one Incarnate level Blaster that I want to run with currently.

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I think it would be doable, but very difficult, and would probably take a while. I havent done Tin Mage yet, but as far as Apex, the last fight would probably be fine as long as enough people had some envenomed daggers, Shivans would be nice, but would die from the AOEs everywhere without buffs/heals, but the daggers can stop her regen so long as 3 people spam them.

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