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OK I bought this Toshiba Satellite C655 Intel Core i3 Processor 4gb ram 500gb storage, with the Intel HD Graphics card.

I haven't been wanting to overheat the graphics card since I was playing on the Preformance notch and the thing was smokin hot.

I would like to bring full potential out of the processor and ram, but the graphics card is bringin them down.

I know Nvidia is best for CoH, but I want an all-around graphics card that could handle all types of games. (i.e CoD AVP CO DCU)

I know I'm probably gonna get scorned at somehow because I'm not 100% sure about what I'm saying lol.

To the geeks out there, Thanks
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You might have better luck {and a wider pool of knowledgeable folks} in the Technical forum, which is thattaway --->

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I know Nvidia is best for CoH
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This kind of question works best in the "Technical Issues & Bugs" forum - that's where most of the hardware people hang out.

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You bought a laptop without a discrete graphics chip. You can't "add" a video card.

You chose ... poorly.

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