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So, my "gaming" HDD went down hard and I'm trying to download CoH onto the main OS SSD. I'll start by saying that I'm using a 3G Hotspot at the moment...

Getting a download speed of 47K. That seemed low, but I chalked it up to the connection. So, I went somewhere with a dedicated wireless network and got...


Any solutions? Is this normal?



For wireless? Yes. Wireless doesn't acheive the same blistering speeds as wired networks, even when it's something that is inherently slower like the internet is. Try to get close to where the wireless router is. The better the signal the faster the potential speed.

If you can find a physical copy of the game (Issue 14, Architect Edition is floating around places over here) then install from that and update. It'll go much faster when it only has to patch the newer content in.

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I've opened a troubleticket on this. I'm having slow downloads too.

If you find a i14 AE, EU or NA copy online please tell me. All I'm finding are complete updaters that start from zero.



Solutions that don't involve the helpdesk. Love it. I noticed your on Defiant. Would you mind telling me the ports you use so I can reconfigure my download. I installed it once and created characters on Defiant but since the patch, I can't get back without an the full download and it posting times of 60 hours to completion on my Fios FTTH(150MB), 4G wireless 33MB and on Campus. I'm pulling my hair in frustration. I need a solution.

On the NA downloads I get great speeds but for the EU client I'm getting 21-30 kbps.



Oops! I'm sorry I missed this before.

My current setting is:

"C:\Program Files\City of Heroes\" -port 13094

That gives me decent dl speed, although I couldn't tell you what off hand. Enough that I don't worry about it any more :-) However, as I understand it, the port issue is related to your ISP, and so what works for one person might not work for another. The best thing is to cycle though the options and see if any of them give you a better result.

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