Having trouble with my level 28 Warshade

Bin Man



I can solo an energy/energy blaster, I can solo a radiation/electricity defender...

But I try to do any fighting human form, and I hit the ground. Dwarf form goes pretty easily, if a bit slowly. But there are a lot of powers that just sit there, tantalizingly, and I want to use them, but I can't as a Dwarf.



Have you seen my guide? Give it a read through, I'm sure it'll help. The link is in my signature.

If you don't have Gravitic Emanation, that's probably one of your major problems. Being able to stun 10 targets and bunch them up for a Sunless Mire is pretty MFing good.

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I leveled a warshade according to dechs' guide and it went very smoothly. In addition to good suggestions on powers, he offers great advice on how to use them to best effect. Try it out for sure. Now that dark armor tank of his on the other hand....*shakes head*.... I'm just not convinced...
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Thanks. I'll give hasten a try then.



Honestly mate, i don't think human form is that great of a choice whilst levelling. Prior Eclipse it is going to be really difficult, even more so when it isn't perma.

I say go Tri-Form, you will take things down a lot quicker at your level and the dwarf can save your hide.

I used to be human form, but when i realised that when i was on a team (which is where warshades shine) often everyone was dead before i could get an unchain essence in. Maybe this is more noticeable at level 50 when you are teaming with other AoE capable super-heroes.

Right now im using Dwarf Mire as a main source of AoE, i have its recharge at 5 seconds over a 10 second duration which is nice. I'm pulling out way more damage than unchain essence could ever bring.

Also peeves about human form which also irritated me was that Orbiting death just seemed to make me an aggro magnet, and if you don't have the resistance to ignore this, then you might find yourself on the ground a lot in lower levels.

TL;DR - If you want to go human form do it at 50 or when you can get Eclipse



I'm not trying to do human form. I find I'm using nearly strictly dwarf form, which can't be the fastest way to go about things.



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But I try to do any fighting human form, and I hit the ground.
Sorry i thought you meant you were trying human form. Dwarf form is great, the mire does nice damage and its two hitting melee attacks rotate well. If you are in a team then go Nova form, its cone and AoE will surpass Dwarf Mire.

If you read Dech's guide you can't go wrong. Playing a warshade is all about timing, you need to be aware of what powers are charged before you drop forms so you know you aren't going to hit the floor.