/dark controller? Please?




I know that it's not in the works. And that it would be broken to add it. But what I am posting to you, my beloved troller community, is exactly "how" broken would it be to add dark miasma as a secondary to controllers? Not that it'd wouldnt be, but how bad would it be?



The main issue with /dark controllers is this: the devs might still well make a dark control primary...as such the 'double up' powers would have to be avoided. Secondarily, the heavy controls in the set would actually make a straight port superior to the other versions on the contro end, even though it's a secondary.

As such, I'm betting the main tweaks would come to fearsome stare and petrifying gaze.

Twilight grasp- probably with the reduced radius of corruptors, or even masterminds.

Tar Patch- unchanged, but with controller modifiers.

Darkest Night- unchanged, but with controller modifiers.

Howling twilight- the auto-hit crazy stun/debuff makes this a superior controller power, but the long recharge would be less of a problem.

Shadow fall- unchanged, but with controller modifiers.

Fearsome stare- here's where the controller diferentiation becomes problematic. Their modifiers would make the fear superior to other versions, though the debuff wouldn't be as strong. Also, a Dark control would probably have an AoE fear.

Change suggestion: Dark pit: same tohit debuff as fearsome stare, minion-only stun. No chance for overpower.

Petrifying gaze- Yes, trick arrow has ice arrow, but it is a set with far more offense buffs, fewer defensive buffs. Having a second ST hold on a /Dark controller might be a problem. aso, a dark control set would probaly use this.

Change suggestion: Fearsome gaze: same tohit debuff, hold replaced with fear. No chance for overpower.

Black hole- Hahahaha. No, seriously. They wouldn't need to do much here.

Dark servant- probably unchanged.



I think the thing is, with Controllers, their weakness is supposed to be things they can't Mez. And while some Secondary sets do offer self protection or damage debuffs, being able to stack ToHit debuffs on your foes, as well as having a second hold AND a second PET would be grossly overpowered.

If left as-is, I'd probably hang up my Mind/kin and roll a Mind/Dark. Mass confusion + 2 foe damage debuffs (not to mention speed debuffs) and being able to stack cone fears, while my pet kills everything... it's disgusting!

And you KNOW what a pain Master Illusionists are. Can you imagine a player with that much power? 5 pets running around, stacking fear and stealth effects?

It would be awesome, and that amount of awesome would be too much!


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It should be noted that the Dark Miasma "pet" is actually more of a walking debuff/buff/control. It's a great power, but it does no appreciable damage. I understand the concerns about this power, but I think if we ever get it we're destined for the Mastermind version: 500 second recharge, 240 second duration. It's still possible to perma that but it's definitely more annoying. The Mastermind 10 ft radius version of Twilight Grasp seems likely too.

Howling Twilight already stacks for Dark Blast Defenders and Corruptors so I'm not sure how big a deal it would be. Though I can see this power being ported with no stun at all.

Overall, the cleanest set for porting at this point seems to be Pain Domination. The only barrier there is the thematic ridiculousness that Controllers are always heroes. But I also have a very "meh" opinion of Pain Domination and would much prefer Dark, however gutted it is likely to be.

Note that I don't really want to see Dark Control ever. There are so many other concepts the game doesn't touch that I'm not particularly interested in yet another iteration of Dark This is also how I felt (and still feel) about Electric, however fun that set may be.



I don't think /dark will be as overpowered as people are thinking it will be. I think it will be one of, if not the last set ported if it ever does because I have a gut feeling some sets may never get ported for whatever reason, ie Empathy will never truly be a red side powerset. I also think the devs make new sets that fill in the role of making a comparable set for certain ATs so they don't need to have the other set, ie I'm not sure tanks will ever get Regen, but they have WP so I think the point is mute. I'm curious to see if SR gets ported as well.

Another reason /dark may not get ported is that it's another hammer in the coffin of defenders. Elec did what I thought it would for defenders. Elec control solved the identity crisis of Elec blast and it pretty much makes me never want to roll a /elec defender ever again. My namesake is a Kin/elec that was my first 50. I got GR because of Elec control and the first character I rolled was an Elec/kin.

/dark's damage is credible, but that's mostly due to the two AoEs and it's still DoT heavy so it doesn't really feel powerful. It would be interesting to see how many D3s got made after a Dark/dark controller was an option. If controllers get /dark, defenders have unique sets with rolling nukes and /sonic. That's it. /rad and Earth are kind of tough to compare sets and /ice and Ice are opposites for damage in terms of relative damage for each AT. If you are going to play something with a rolling nuke though, my guess you would rather do it on an AT with actual firepower to make it worth something. Also note DP is deemed cool looking versus a top notch set.

Will it happen? Maybe. Will it be overpowered? Not really. Will I raise a toast in honor to the defender AT's slowly dying away uniqueness if it does? Yep.



I have names reserved for toons just it case this ever happens !!!!!

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I don't think we'd see it directly ported. I think we'd see a Dark Control, sure (and I'm hoping for it, hopefully with a Dark Assault for doms.) I don't know if we'd get a /Dark secondary - I'd like it, sure, but I don't think it'd be the Dark Miasma we know.

I'd suspect Tar Patch (possibly modified,) Black Hole, Fearsome Stare and Petrifying Gaze would get shuffled over to a Dark control. I'd actually leave Fluffy where he is - if it's not an issue for Masterminds, I can't see it being an issue for Controllers.