Rocket Ships, Airships, and other such stuff




Imagine that the Council or Fifth column are making a rockets to the moon in the crater of the volcano on Striga Island. They're in the process of building a death ray on the moon. It's up to a dedicated group of heroes to stop them. This could make for an imaginative TF.

Location 1--speak to your initial contact and go to a bar to talk to another contact about plans of the death ray... apparently it was in the works but never implemented during WWII. The grandson of the origianl inventor has his grandfather's effects and the key to his old lab... he's the contact in the bar. The bad guys nap him right in front of you and escape through a hidden door/trap door.

Location 2--Your group takes the trap door down to the tunnels beneath the bar, you pursue and have a running fight as you attempt to catch up to the kidnappers. They get away with the victim but you find a clue about the location of his grandfather's hidden lab in the process.

Location 3 -- The hidden lab: yep the bad guys are there before you are trying to find the old blue prints. A fight ensues and a fire starts. Gotta escape before the place goes up in smoke as equipment blows up like bombs but the way is blocked by lots of bots small and big.

Location 4 -- The security center: team must sneak into the security center of the base on Striga Island and disable the security system.

Location 5 -- The rocket base: a line of huge V2 shaped rocket-ships stand in line. Your job, to sabatage them and keep Agent 13 from taking off... In the event that he does you'll have to pursue him and destroy his ship... so keep one ship in reserve for a flight to the moon.

Location 6-- Zero gravity fight in the hold of a space ship. You must disable it's engines and beat it to the moon base. This could include some cross ship fire through a open door in the side of the hold into the other ship. Possibly crossing over from one ship to the other and fighting there then returning to your own ship. You'd need a temporary costume "space suit".

Location 7 -- Moon Base Zenith/Valkurie You have to cross from the landing pad to the moonbase doors under the fire of turrets. Once inside you have to work your way to fire control and destroy the Death Ray, then blow up the base.

End of task force.

I really liked the last Sky Raider special missions. I think more could be done with it.

Suppose the Sky Raiders had built a fleet of Airships? These massive flying platforms would be aircraft carriers for their sky skiffs. The Airship Zone could be set up like Oroborous (hovering above the Ocean) The sky filled with sky skiffs and wing raiders. The team enters from the back of a helicopter, much like the last mission for Agent G in Faultline but this time the helicopter would be hovering in mid air and player characters would jump out the back high above the sea. [Players would get a jetpack temporary power].

Upon exiting the helicopter the battle would begin. The team would fight off wing raiders, sky skiffs and would have turrets and assault raiders firing at them from the Airship as they try to board. Once aboard they would enter the hold of the Airship find the bridge and defeat the bridge crew, then head for the engine compartment and blow the power plant. Great fun.

I would still like to see some permanent locations and new neighborhoods.

Museum of Natural History

Art Museum

Paragon City Library

Haunted House

A Department Store

A Super Market

High School or Grade School (save the kids from gang members or COT).

An Airport

That's all I have time for now.



They already have somethign planned under that mountain. and its not quite a rocket. And you already deal with it in a TF.

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