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i have had missing e-mails twice over the last 3 weeks. the first set were a small amount of influence and random enhancers. the second was a ton of cash i was moving into a dom character i am building.

Anybody know why this is happening, when it will be fixed?



There's another thread on this page I think.

There's been no official post on this issue.

They'll fix it if you file a petition and tell them who sent what and around what time they sent it.

It seems to happen when there's global maintenance.

In order to avoid becoming a victim (again) just claim everything before you logoff each time you play.



They fixed the 1st one, but I have sent 2 requests for 2 days over the 2nd. It was a LOT of cash (for me). I got those stupid e-mails, which I responded to. But nothing else, no more e-mails, no fixing it. Is there a office somewhere I can call (not kidding)



Just update your petition. They may just be backlogged, a lot of people are probably affected by this.

If you've filed 4 separate petitions that may just end up delaying the process.

Good luck.



This is like that bad commercial right now with the russian guy answering a phone to redeem something. "Hello, my name is Daisy..." And the more you try to communicate with the customer service department the slower they get?

Seriously, I do office work for a living. I know how to communicate about problems on accounts and try to get a resolution. However, when there is no response from anyone than an automated e-mail "Hey, we care about you...just wanted to let you know, we care..." it gets kind of dumb.

They could at least put a message in the game not to leave stuff in e-mail accounts. I assumed the first time was an anomaly, especially since the person that fixed it never mentioned anything untoward. If they know they have a bug eating character rewards, they should mention it to the community.



I figured the reason they don't a message in the game not to leave stuff in the mail accounts is because it's labeled as a mail account and not storage so they figured no one would ever store stuff in it. I know I don't since that's not what it's intended for and after reading these threads I'm surprised people keep trying to store stuff in the in-game mail

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So your work email and/or personal email is completely clean?





Exactly. I'm not trying to store stuff in my email. I'm just trying to send and receive items with friends of mine. If these emails happen to be sent in a certain (indeterminable by the player) time frame, they are gone before they've been claimed with no indication that anything has gone awry.

If I went out to my (snail) mail box after missing a day or 2 or picking it up and it was all gone because "it's not meant for storage", I'd complain that this is not right. If my company's email suddenly randomly lost emails, I'd talk to my admin and if he responded with "it's not meant for storage", I'd fire him.

Perhaps it's semantics, but email is nothing but storage. It's an asynchronous messaging system that stores the message until the recipient is ready to receive it. There is already a time limit and message limit so as long as we're operating within those contraints, I don't think caveat emptor is valid.

My buddy plays around once or twice a month, but well within the 60 day limit. I play frequently and will send him stuff he needs for his builds via email as it drops. Are you saying that we are using the system incorrectly as "storage"? I understand bugs and in the grand scheme recognize this as small potatoes. However, what I don't understand is the mysterious time frames (both when it happens and what times it affects) and the burden on the player to remember the specifics of if and what was lost to get it back. Once I identify it, they can confirm it was lost, but why is that my responsibility. In the example above, I don't always remember what was sent and don't tell my buddy to be looking for it, which means it's irrevocably lost.

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to be honest, i was using this as "storage" mainly because if i place the money there 1) i will not be tempted to bid on crap 2) if i bid on crap at least i dont spend 1.5 billion for salvage on a keystroke error.

but seriously, it shouldnt be that freaking unstable.

also, i was finally contacted again to ask for more info, but have yet to see the e-mails show up....

and P.S. I would not be nearly so tempted to park money if the market did not have soooo many rubberbanding issues that buying 3 of the same thing or mysteriously bidding 100x the normal amount on something while shopping for something else were not a common occurence. Half my time I spend price comparing, the other half I have to make triple sure the market isnt hinckey on the bid I am trying to place.



Originally Posted by Blue_Centurion View Post
i have had missing e-mails twice over the last 3 weeks. the first set were a small amount of influence and random enhancers. the second was a ton of cash i was moving into a dom character i am building.

Anybody know why this is happening, when it will be fixed?
I sure hope they can fix it. I emailed myself over half a billion worth of IO's so I could use the free respec on my main. I've been waiting for this for a while now, it's just horribly ironic that something would go wrong right after getting it.

What exactly will a petition do? Those IO's took me months to get...



Do an in-game petition. This will let them know you have a problem. You will get an e-mail to the account you set up for the game to communicate with you. they will ask you for more information usually (this is almost always 2nd e-mail, 1st is generic auto-response)

It has been 3 days and they are still working on mine. Seriously, this is getting old.