Union Hamidon raid ((OOC INFO))




Heya Union Roleplayers. First sorry that this is not an In char post, but maybe you can make something out of it (rp wise) after the raid has taken place?

Reason I write this here is that I have a notion that I do not reach every player when I announce the Raids on Sals or UTF (and Union Raids), nor do (I think) every player visit the Union server forum.

Together with several of great players I've lead some of the recent Hamidon Raids on our server. Personally I enjoy the knowledge that several players whom never have fought Hamidon before, actually did/do get a chance (and success).

So I've scheduled two raids in the near future; 17'th and 18'th December. Beginning about 6pm GMT (at this time I have hopes that we have spawned Hamidon).
Please check the following links if your interested (to know what to expect):
Time Announcement
Hamidon fighting Guide for Union

Lady Arete on Unionhandbook
My Excel Badge tool



In five years of being with CoX, I've have yet to do a Hami Raid. I will check the diary and see if I can make it.

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Will do my best to keep those dates free. I've fought the mini-Hami from the LGTF, but never the real thing.

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If I'm here on the day it'll be the only thing on my schedule.