What epic power set do I take?

Adeon Hawkwood



DP/dev. I don't know anything about the epic power pools. Thematically, munitions would be the obvious candidate. I don't know how good or bad any of the powers are. Body Armor is lower resistance than the others, but doesn't cost endurance; not sure whether I care. The hold might be nice, since it'd stack with suppressive fire. Surveillance looks excellent thematically, LRM rocket looks pretty fun too.



Keep in mind that all attacks in Munitions use the rifle, so whichever oder you used the attacks in, it would be Hold -> Redraw -> Hold.

Personally, I would use Combat Jumping, Cloaking Device, Tough (with a Steadfast Protection Res/Def), Weave, and Scorpion Shield to get a fairly high Smashing/Lethal/Energy defense. Add some sets, and you might even be able to softcap all three of those.

Of course, attacks in Mace Mastery would cause redraw as well, but I didn't take anything else out of the pool on my DP blaster, so it didn't matter to me.




I'd lean towards either Mace or Mu for the AoE immobilize power depending on whether you'd rather have a resistance or defense shield. If you don't want to muck about opening up the patron sets Electrical Mastery is quite nice. The shield covers Energy damage as well as S/L (and energy is probably the third most common damage type), Shocking bolt gives you another hold to stack with Suppressive Fire and you've got a choice of two decent panic button powers.