In the moonlight




Awesome picture!

I love the hair and the staff! You can also get the character to show emotion very well!

Two nitpicks, though... That backround looks like it is from a Final Fantasy backround I'm familiar with... I'm not sure if that is good or bad.

The second one is that, now that you have the wonderful backround, you should work a little more on your shading to bring out the '3D'. Otherwise, your character looks like a really well painted piece of cardboard.

Other then that, at least you can draw better then me!



True, I didn't do very extensive shading, maybe I should've added more...

..And it looks like Final Fantasy??

I'm not sure if that's good or bad either... >_>



Well, what I was trying to say was...

If you made the backround, then it is INSANELY good.



That's a cool pic. Nice jobs.



Nicely done, kiddo.

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I really like this picture. I think you nailed the lighting and mood perfectly. Good job!

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Thank you, everyone!

..and yes, I did do the background from scratch.