Everything you wanted to know about Heal0rz*, but




were afraid to ask.

[edit] Fixed goof on Fort/AB duration, and extended comments on /elec.

After one times too many explaining why HA on auto was a bad idea, for so many reasons I could have no idea where to start with online, the idea of this little guide came to me. This is written mostly with Empathy Defender and, to a lesser extend, Controllers in mind. Not that I have in mind to stop the daily heal0rz’ threads on the defender forum, I love to read them way to much.

First of, the worst of the worst: Targeting a Tank, /follow him and rock the aura. Dear Cthulhu, where to start!?

1) A Tank usually will grab aggro, a good one do that at the start of every battle. If you’re following him, that will put you in a bad place.

With radio missions available now, odds that you’ll meet mobs with status effect AoE powers are good even in the early teens. The one thing controllers and defenders lacks is personal status protection. So instead of generating greens numbers you’ll spend time sleeping, being stunned or flat on your back in a hot zone. At later stages, when you meet AoE using mobs, it’s your own health that you’re endangering, so unless you’re working on your debt badge, stay [u]away[u] from the Tank.

2) You’re providing little or no support for your team.

Unslotted, Heal Aura has a 8s recast, with a 2.03 casting time and heals for 13.2% within a 25 radius; Heal Others has a 4s recast, a 2.27 casting time for 25.8%. Problems are twofold. First a tank will need a good supply of HA before his health will start not to be a problem anymore. As the above numbers shows, where one HO will get him a over a fourth of his HP within 6.27s, you’ll need 12.06s with HA to achieve a similar result, and the difference starts to show at later stages. Using HA is not the most efficient way to heal a tank. But that’s not the whole story! To keep the squishies healthy, you force them to be within 25’ of you. See 1) for possible team mates outcomes. All in all, by using HA on auto, you force everyone to take undue risks.

I’ll come back later on another HA on auto failing.

3) You’re focusing on the wrong part of the screen, if you’re even focusing at all*.

While, for many AT, the main screen is where one devotes most of his attention, team’s status is what should bother a Heal0rz. Usually on the bottom left part of your screen, it’s the team status that you should devote attention to. At first you’ll have but healz tools to play with, so only everyone’s green bar is what you’re looking at. Despite common wisdom, compared to other defenders, empath’s best heals are not AoE but single targeted ones so here is your rules of thumb : If only one team mate’s bar goes down, uses HO, otherwise use HA if you must at all.

*: That for some players who just /follow the tank, put HA on auto and go eat a sammish for the remainder of the mission while waiting for praises.

- In pvp and Hami raids, the points above do not apply.

Being a heal0rz takes a lot more work than it seems at first. But let’s go step by step.

First of, you need to empathise with others. Joking aside, you’ll be more efficient at being a good heal0rz if you know the strengths and weaknesses of your team mates. First rule of learning is to get a quick review of your team mate’s powers. Second, if possible is to have sufficient experience with said type, either by having teamed with one for a good bit, or better to have played one yourself.

1st example: A */regen scrapper has one main heal self, a health bonus power, and a regen power. It’s safe to assume that the first time his health bar goes down, he’ll take care of it by himself; should it take a dip twice quickly, it’s the heal0rz’s job to step in and heal the loony then, not before.

2nd example: stone tanks early status protection power makes him virtually immobile. It might be a good idea to throw a little Clear Mind his way if your group is on the move against status heavy mobs as insurance.

3rd example: Khelds, in squid form, are as brittle as can be (before eclipse for WS). Once you see one starting to blast like there is no tomorrow, it might be a good idea to start throwing a HO his way, taking those 2.27s in mind, so he can survive two hits.

You don’t healz an invulnerability tanker the same way you do a fire one, the same goes for regen and dark scrappers and on.

About Absorb Pain. It’s your biggest gun, and the recoils will hurt you. With the same casting time as HO, it cures (unslotted) 65.8% making it your late major tool for tanks. The downside is you take yourself -108hp, has a 100% res on heal, and a -100%regen. Before you have regen aura (+500% regen) take some care using this one, keep a watch on your surrounding, making sure you won’t get into some AoE effects (now HA on auto comes back to bite you) until the side effects (20s) wears off. If you’re under Reg Aura, AP and HO makes a good healing chain, those 108hp will hurt still.

Next, and most common misconception, a good heal0rz’s will use heals only as last resort not as first! Yes, true believers, preventing damage is a far better goal compared to restoring someone to prime condition. And luckily for us, heal0rz, empathy’s set is ripe with such tools. Let’s do a quick review of those pro-active tools:

- Clear Mind : With a long casting time, 3.1s, it protect anybody else from status effects for 90s. It has some proactive and reactive uses. In the early levels, it’s more stamina efficient to use as when necessary on squishies (just make sure they know your status message, ‘Zzzz’ usually, so you know whom to cm), and keep it on scrappers or toggle heavy team mates. Once scrappers and tanks get their status protection powers, you can ignore them for a good bit (that is unless there is a huge stacks a lot of status icons on their lines) and keep cm on other on a permanent basis if the mission requires. Khelds and other Defenders are your main cm’s users.

- Fortitude: Take it, slot it, pet and hug it day in day out. Unslotted it gives a +15% overall Def, +18.8 toHit Buff and +31.1% damage for 90s. Its casting time is like HO’s (2.27s), its recast of 60s (3 recharges SO brings it down to 30) means you can, and should use it often. There is no fixed rule as to who makes best use of it. As a heal0rz, your main objective is to keep your team green and relaxed, so at first start with the team mate who get hurts the most and work your way down; scrappers, khelds and blasters are usually a good starting point, but it depends. This is one power which must be used as soon as it’s refreshed, if your main target got it, use it on someone else unless you think it’ll drop soon.

I’ll cover the auras together below, let’s skip to:

- Adrenaline Boost: Giving a 800% recovery and 500% regenwith a high slow resist, this one should too be used constantly, right? Hmmm no. This last and impressive heal0rz tool on the line, to my experience, is more used reactively or as an emergency measure. First, it can always be used to cover someone who, for one reason or another, failed to get auras. Next, at this level, blasters and kheld gets their big guns. Each and every nova has a –recovery attached. Given the amount of aggro they’ve just generated, it’s a good idea to cover them with AB as soon as they’ve unleashed it. Caveat: make sure the blaster announces he’s nuking before he goes boom. Lastly, AB will cover the aura’s recharge gap (AB's recast is 300s, close to RAs 500s ones) so you may want to use it on your main damage dealer/tank too when they wear off. The last use is more efficient in small teams.

And to finish the first part: The Auras

There is little need to point out how good those powers are for a Heal0rz. These are the only powers you’ll need to write a bind or macro for. A first one to announce RA in 5 seconds, and another right before you start using both in normal case, plus a third one when you need to use them in the heat of a battle :
Something like :
‘Casting RAs on me, in 5 seconds’
‘Casting RAs’
and ‘Casting RA on tank. Close in folks’ will do the trick.

That way no one has ground to complain.

Just two side comments: First, make sure they’re on the same timer as soon as possible. No need to waste team’s steam hanging on you more than necessary. Second, if you have to use it near the tank, just make sure that, even as you read up to this part and knows it’s a stupid idea, you have RA out of auto. Those 2.03s are wasted for everyone and leaves you stranded in a hot zone.

So now, with pool being an exception which we’ll cover below, we have covered the basics. A good heal0rz knows his tricks of the trade, and can manage ahead of time who will get hurt, thus needs green. That should be about it, right?

Dead wrong of course! Your primary line is what makes you a decent heal0rz. To be greater, you have to expand your value for the team. There are a lot of ways a good heal0rz can help his team by using his secondary powers. In many occasions, the healing part takes place at the start of a fight, when alphas are launched, that will leave you with a bit of idle time right after before the second cycle of healz are required if any. This is when your secondary line kicks in, not only it’ll hasten any fight’s speed, a judicious pick and slotting of these powers will help your team’s fighting power too. In others words, even if mayhem and destruction a heal0rz craves not, a closer look at secondary lines will show that those powers can be used for more than that purpose.

There are, roughly, two kind of secondary lines: Those focused on inherent bonus, and those focusing on status.

- Electricity: Good to keep one’s stamina at top level (kind of), some powers have status effect attached. Not my favourite.
[edit]. I've been pointed out that electricity stamina's drains is also a good path. A drained mob is no danger to your team.

- Energy: This one offers KB’s only. I wouldn’t recommend it.
- Psi: Almost each power has a –rch attached to it. As with electricity, it’s not my favourite, but it will fit many themes.
- Arrow: Like Energy, this one offers little to a heal0rz. I wouldn’t recommend it either.

The ones I prefer are:

- Dark. All powers has a –acc attached, it has a immob attack and a stun. One of my favourites along with...
- Rad. All attacks get a –def attached. Some can really make a hole in mob’s defence, like irradiate which lowers it by 37.5% (alas it’s a pbaoe). Cosmic bust stuns any Lt on one shot.
- Sonic, with its –res attacks, along with an AoE sleep is a strong condenter too.

Slotting these attacks with but one related special effect SO when applicable, will make a huge difference for the benefit of your team in any given fight.

On pool powers:
- Teleport’s recall others a heal0rz must have…at the beginning. There is always someone who is working on his debt badge and leaves the team to aggro one whole room all by himself. As long as this happens keeping Recall prevents a lot of trouble. If your team has a WS, it’s less an issue. As soon as this tendency is cured, feel free to respec out of this power.
- Stamina isn’t necessary. It helps, but do not forget that defender’s inherent goes a long way to help here too. Should you be a controller then, yes, but then again you’ have a lot more option opens to you to mitigate damage.
- Leadership powers will help your team. Pick them; item. Vengeance, nah! A good heal0rz will not let his fellow faceplant, a dark side heal0rz… that’s another story. Please note when picking this that it’ll rarely affect tanks at start as they’re out of range.
- Hasten is handy, not mandatory but handy. Should you choose to pick it, then stamina’s value increases.

Some general parting words before talking builds for you, heal0rz.

- Never, ever be afraid to solo! I long held the belief that someone who isn’t able to solo isn’t able to pull his weight in a group. That comes from days when /regen scrappers could just clear a map without anyone’s help and complains that some others members were just dragging their xp/min down. After ED this might be not as true as it was then (*cough* get off the lawn young rascals!), yet the opposite remains yet to be proved, PVE wise, and it gives you another view which will come handy when in group.

- No, healz do not cause aggro, empathy heals at least, just demand proof if anyone tells you otherwise.

- In pugs, you’ll meet the dunce wall, at least once in your life, and the earlier the better. Meaning by that, as soon as your pug starts feeling safe because you’re such a good heal0rz, they start to push the envelope, go boldly where no one faceplanted before. Sometime you can handle it, sometime you cannot. If that happens, just make sure you tell everybody that this was too hot for you to handle, and please no repeat. If you can offer suggestion relevant to that situation, a criticism will go far further if positively worded.

As for Epic pools’ choice, I see two main contenders.

[edit] Should you pick /elec as secondary, the logical step here will be to follow with epic line for power sink, but take care it's an AoE.

The first, obvious, one is power epic if only for conserve power and power build up (using AP with this one on can made a heal0rz giddy). Temp Invulnerability goes a long way to protect one from S/L damage. I tried it for a bit of time but found that both CP and BU required too much attention and their long recharge time (600s for conserve power) was already offset by Recovery Aura.

After a brief stint with electric mastery, I switched to Psychic and never looked back.

Psychic has two status effect powers, one of which can be picked at start: Mass Hypnosis. This AoE sleep has one added bonus, it generates no aggro. You can use it either as an opener or as added group parking tool without worry. Properly slotted, it’ll recharge before it wears off. Solo-wise, along with its single target hold, Sappers are putty in your hands. It’s shield gives a –res vs psi attacks, a plus considering you start facing Carnies by then. Telekinesis you can skip or pick.

Dark mastery’s powers are, with the exception of its shield, PbAoE. If you’re teamed up regularly with a tank, you might consider this line too.

IO and the heal0rz.

IOs are fun tools, you can do great with them and you can do great without them. My very own heal0rz made 50 long before them, so I used the ‘got money to burn’ approach, not very wise.

At the time of this writing, the current market price for Numina’s regeneration/recovery recipe is 25M (add over 5M for ingredients), Doctored Wounds’ recipes sells between 200K and 4M. Unless your influence account is over 100M’ mark it’s unlikely you’ll ever be able to afford one full set. To tell the truth, I’m still fiddling with IOs. That said, I do recall the troubles I had early on so can give a pointer or two. So, where to go and what to look for?

Early on, it’s status protection and recovery which helps the most. If we take into account pre-level 30 sets, some can help a bit.

- Kismet, 2 slotted, gives +1.5% recovery, gift of the Ancient provide with +2%. Both can be used in fortitude, leaving two slots for other purpose (like Rech SO). This gives a 56% recharge and 45% Def bonus.

- Harmonized healing is nice too, 2 slots gives another +1.5% recovery while 4 slotted give a +3%heal. It’ll fit nicely in your HA.

After 30, money and luck are the main factors. Try to get some +%heal bonus and any regen bonus so you’re less worried about using AP.

That’s it. Now enjoy being a heal0rz.

Heal0rz build coming right up.



Here is the build I made up to 41 loosely based on my own emp def then.

I chose not to include epics as it was irrelevant to the point.

Enjoy !

Hero Plan by Mids' Hero Designer 1,153

Heal0rz-41: Level 40 Technology Defender
Primary Power Set: Empathy
Secondary Power Set: Radiation Blast
Power Pool: Teleportation
Power Pool: Leadership

Hero Profile:
Level 1: Healing Aura -- Heal(A), Heal(3), RechRdx(5), Heal(9), RechRdx(25), EndRdx(29)
Level 1: Neutrino Bolt -- Acc(A), Dmg(3), DefDeb(17), EndRdx(40)
Level 2: Heal Other -- Heal(A), Heal(5), Heal(7), RechRdx(9), RechRdx(15), RechRdx(25)
Level 4: X-Ray Beam -- Acc(A), Dmg(7), DefDeb(11), EndRdx(39)
Level 6: Recall Friend -- RechRdx(A)
Level 8: Absorb Pain -- Heal(A), RechRdx(37)
Level 10: Resurrect -- RechRdx(A), RechRdx(11)
Level 12: Fortitude -- RechRdx(A), RechRdx(13), RechRdx(13), ToHit(15)
Level 14: Teleport -- EndRdx(A)
Level 16: Clear Mind -- RechRdx(A), EndRdx(17)
Level 18: Recovery Aura -- RechRdx(A), RechRdx(19), EndMod(19), RechRdx(21), EndMod(23), EndMod(23)
Level 20: Proton Volley -- Acc(A), Dmg(21)
Level 22: Assault -- RechRdx(A)
Level 24: Maneuvers -- DefBuff(A), DefBuff(33), DefBuff(36), EndRdx(36)
Level 26: Regeneration Aura -- Heal(A), RechRdx(27), RechRdx(27), Heal(29), RechRdx(37), Heal(37)
Level 28: Tactics -- ToHit(A), ToHit(31), EndRdx(34), ToHit(34)
Level 30: Cosmic Burst -- Acc(A), Dmg(31), Dmg(31), Range(33), EndRdx(34), RechRdx(39)
Level 32: Adrenalin Boost -- Heal(A), RechRdx(33)
Level 35: Neutron Bomb -- Acc(A), DefDeb(36), Dmg(40)
Level 38: Irradiate -- Acc(A), EndRdx(39), DefDeb(40)
Level 1: Brawl -- Empty(A)
Level 1: Sprint -- Empty(A)
Level 1: Vigilance
Level 2: Rest -- Empty(A)



Nice guide. However I would like to add something.

Electricity: Good to keep one’s stamina at top level (kind of), some powers have status effect attached. Not my favourite.

[/ QUOTE ]

Electric is very good for draining enemies endurance. Any enemy with no endurance stands there looking dumb while they get pounded on. I slot short curcuit and ball lightning with end drainers. Then when I hit epics I took electric again and took power sink. I can wipe the endurance of a large group of enemies very quickly. Plus electric has telsa cage to get a hold on someone. Also useful for helping controllers to get a hold on a boss or EB. Then when all else fails unleash Thunderous blast to make damn sure that the enemies have no end left. Pop a blue and hit power sink you are back in the fight with little to no down time.



Nice addition, if you don't mind I'll quote it in the relevant area.

As said, I'm electricity prejudiced so didn't look deep in that one.



Just a quick note, you got the recharge and duration of Fortitude mixed up with Adrenalin Boost. Fort has a base recharge of 60s, enhanceable to 30s with SO's, and a 120s duration.
AB has a 300s recharge with a 90s duration.

Other than that, great guide!



Nice guide. Well thought out and written.

A couple of comments.

- "Hasten is not mandatory" True. Only one power is mandatory (1st power in your secondary power set), but Hasten will go a long way to helping. Only your heals and Clear Mind recharge relatively quickly, which means that often in a fight you'll find yourself with the two buff Aura's, AB and Fort all recharging. Less options.

- Adrenalin Boost with one End mod in is sufficient to allow a Blaster/Kheld/Defender to regain some End after a nuke. Additionally, it'll give them a massive recharge bonus to get their big attacks back online faster. Duoing an Empath with a blaster is great fun, be you a blue shield or a red star. Even PvP can be fun, (even if it's from behind the go to hospital sign) as you watch your buffed blaster blow up things that saw you as an easy target.

- IO's. My philosophy has been to forego any other type of benefit apart from recharge. I don't PvP seriously (Don't initiate, will retaliate, but also know my build is not set up for it)
Regen : I don't need this because I have a self heal (HA) and also if anything is hurting me over and above that, chances are I'm in so much mucky brown stuff that nothing will help me.
Recovery : On a team, my inherent gives me a nice disount if the team are hurting. If they're sailing through, I don't need to be as click heavy with buffs, or attacks - conserving END until RA returns.
Defence/Resistance/Mez resist : I'm careful pulling agro, and the Mez resist doesn't stop me being detoggled and mezzed, just reduces the time I'm down. Other than a KB protection IO, this isn't worth it to me.

Because of this, I have Hasten back in just under 15 seconds, perma-AB, RA's up supremely fast and can Fort 6 people (if I'm on the ball & Hasten's up). The added benefit of the Accolades recharging so much faster means I use them instead of "saving them for an emergency". Damage is not gimped (Posi Blast/Decimation where I can) and I think I only have one LoTG recharge.

One last thing, you don't need a big team to shine. With Fort, Clear Mind and HO or AP you can duo with a Blaster and tear through missions at a rate of knots even at a relatively low level (Could have Fort + CM by level 12). Next time you're on with your Emp, drop a tell to any blaster looking and ask if they want to duo. Buff them up, top them off with heals when they need it, blast for fun, and watch the xp roll in.

- Have you considered adding the other "Heals" into the guide. Twilight Grasp's -ACC and Transfusion's -Regen mean that sometimes spamming those AoE heals will help a party even if no one is taking damage. Rad also has an AoE heal, but I think you covered that above. Does the medecine pool need covering?





- Re : others def's primaries.

It's another ballgame. E.g Dark's healing does draw aggro and, even if it's the strongest AoE heal I can think of (on par with Kin), is a by-product as to where that Def really shines, same goes for Kin. That said, you're correct. If one has to be exhaustive, one needs to cover theses too. Off to work I go! (nts : work on your DDD more, slacker).

- Re IO: Please read my comments on AP. To me this is the main reason one needs a +regen' IO bonus.

- Re : Team size. It was irrelevant to what I had in mind. To me, in planning def's job, only team make up is. And to tell the truth, as a blaster I'd pick a FF, or sonic, with med pool any day over a emp .

- Re: medecine pool. Does a emp def needs to pick this line?, I'd say no. It offers little to this primary, makes you mind your movements (you need to be static) and range even more. But for other def's primaries, it might be a good point.



Two minor points: you refer to heals as a percentage of health.

for instance,

Unslotted, Heal Aura has a 8s recast, with a 2.03 casting time and heals for 13.2% within a 25 radius; Heal Others has a 4s recast, a 2.27 casting time for 25.8%.

[/ QUOTE ]

25.8% of your health is not 25.8% of a Tanker's health- in fact, if they've got Dull Pain running, it's a LOT less. (lilke 12%?)

Good numbers for comparison, but maybe a little misleading.

Also, the /Elec and Power Build Up combo can 100% drain badguys -that's only one attack so by the time they get mad at you they can't do anything about it.

The End Drain is not so valuable in the first 40 levels, though. Basically if you've got another Elec on the team you can get good use out of it.

Mini-guides: Force Field Defenders, Blasters, Market Self-Defense, Frankenslotting.

So you think you're a hero, huh.
@Boltcutter in game.



Two minor points: you refer to heals as a percentage of health.

for instance,


25.8% of your health is not 25.8% of a Tanker's health- in fact, if they've got Dull Pain running, it's a LOT less. (lilke 12%?)

[/ QUOTE ]

Good numbers for comparison, but maybe a little misleading.

[/ QUOTE ]

I'll insert an example to make it clear. It was intended to be as concise as possible without having to go in-depth into details.


Also, the /Elec and Power Build Up combo can 100% drain badguys -that's only one attack so by the time they get mad at you they can't do anything about it.

The End Drain is not so valuable in the first 40 levels, though. Basically if you've got another Elec on the team you can get good use out of it.

[/ QUOTE ]

You're not the only /elec advocate, but I have to point out, that's its a long way for a secondary line to be useful when any of dark, rad or sonic secondaries helps a team from day 1; a team will find a - acc/def/res more useful than the early drain you'll agree.



Appendix A:

The Healing of the Tank.

For the number crunchers out there:

Let’s say your Tank has 200hp, you have 100hp, both being in the low levels*. With neither powers slotted with Rdx or Heal, your HA will heal him each 10.03s cycle for 13.2hp while HO will cure 25.8 every 6.27s. And now let’s assume that, without any other means of self-healing or inspiration, you need to cure him of 60hp damage.

By this account it’ll take:
- HO only: 12.81s to heal him fully.
- HA only: 42.15s for the same effect.
- Using both as fast as they recharge: 10.57s. That’s 1HA plus 2HO applications in that order. And even then, the difference between this and the three HO applications above is under 2.30s.

As the difference between Tank and others AT grows with levels, HA’s meddling becomes more and more a liability.

*: I take those numbers as not far off the mark at low levels. If you fiddle around the numbers (Def’s hp being the one factor here one can use even if that is [u]highly[u] misleading), the end result will not change unless your health goes up to 160hp, an amount that doesn’t sound right to me, or lower to 80hp then it’ll take longer for your HA to heal a Tank fully. The point being, rocking the aura (HA on auto) isn’t a fast tool for healing a Tank. The fastest is shown above, and safest is by using HO and a HA on the side as finishing touch.



Appendix B:

The Non-empathy defenders Heal0rz.

We’re far off-shore here. While, for completeness’ sake, we will explore all possible avenues of green number’ support, Defenders are, by and large, called Defenders and not Heal0rz for a reason. In no way one can expect a FF to help the same way a Rad does, and neither is less valuable than an Emp, or Kin.

There are two kinds of Defenders to consider. The ones without Heals, and the ones with. The first kind needs a different set of tools to keep a team happy on their own: The medicine pool.

- The medicine pools covers single target heal, status protection, self-heal, and Resurrection.

Each and every of these powers compares unfavourably against their empathy’s counterpart. Longer recast period, longer casting time and most importantly, interruptible. The later meaning mostly that unless one is out of mob’s AoE range, one will provides little green support in a fight.

Yet my [u]gut feeling[u] here is that, with these tools, FF, Sonic and TA ((Now you have your healz Arrow ) will be better heal0rz than either Drk, Kin or Rad. I do not have any hard numbers to back up this claim, but you’ll get the reasoning further below.

Both FF and Sonic focuses on avoiding or lessening damage of almost every type that exist. These make a pretty powerful addition to any team in term of support. After the big three (their main bubbles) they’re free to pick any form of powers in either the primary, secondary or pool lines with team help in mind.

TA’ primary line requires a bit more attention, one has to pick more of it to be effective, but also offers more goodies like hold.

By and large, while making a heal0rz out of each of them can be done, they should best plan as heal0rz complement for a team. With both you and any of them, your team is really as safe as can be.

Radiation defenders have two heal0rz tools: AM and a AoE self centred heal. The first one is a great buff, the second is…meh. Med line can covers this. But, Rad are the debuff masters and, as such, draw a fair amount of aggro to themselves making them more prone to interrupt (maybe a interrupt redux enhancement can help here? Told you we’re in unknown waters here, considering to slot an interrupt !).

Dark and Kin, I’ll write off as heal0rz. Mostly because they focus on another aspect of team’s protection and are terrific at it. Both has the best AoE heal that is, almost on par with Heal Others, but each draws some aggro by using it.

If I was to pick a candidate for alt-heal0rz, I’d choose a FF/Drk with med pool, leadership and teleport as travel powers.

Before shutting up for good, let’s say a quick word on Non-Defenders Heal0rz.

Some people think that a heal0rz is one who piles as many safe buff/debuff on a team to make it more efficient (e.g. the Ill/Emp builds I’ve seen sometime). That mindset is prevalent in other games but does it apply in CoX? An honest answer is, it might. A more honest answer being, it might be more efficient than a team without, but pales compared to the real “power of the Heal0rz”*. A controller who choose mostly is secondary line knows that, when healing is concerned, he has only 3/4th the efficiency of a Heal0rz and lacks the secondary benefits given to a Heal0rz by his secondary line.

Whether or not a ‘support’ hero, compared to either a mainstream controller or a Heal0rz taking his place, is not a drag to his group would require some xp/min testing far too boring for me so let’s leave it at that, I've said my piece about that in the main post.


*Voiceover by James Earl Jones (tm).