Buncha Chibis and a fairy... RUN!

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I thought I should post some more CoX piccies. I mean, who wants to see a non-CoX fanart of me here on these forums XD
This kinda came with the fact I really feel the need to draw the signature heroes and villains and the fact I got inspired by http://Richardiovascular.deviantart.com to draw more chibi! It at first started with just one or two, but it feels like it's becoming a project @.@ Anyway, here's the stuff that I've done so far...

Chibi Mako (colored)

Chibi Manticore (colored)

Chibi Statesman (lines) (head kinda looks bigger than the others, but that's because I drew his faceplate a lot bigger ^^"")

Chibi Positron

More will probably come... whether you like it or not XD

Of and another, unrelated, but still CoX fanart:
Chibi Me vs Typo Faery
AAAAHH!!! It's Typo Faery again! erhh *cough cough* A friend of mine suggested to draw these two fighting back when Typo was still a Merci Island inhabitant. At first I didn't want to, but the idea kept on gnawing at me x.x

I hope you like them ^^""

*edit* now if you excuse me... I got more homework to do T.T

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BWAHAHAHA <,< Those are great! <^_^> Chibi-Posi may be my fav though <,<

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I love the expression on the typo fairy so mischevious.



Manticore is my favorite
They were all adorable though!

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Chibi you vs teh Typo Fairy is my favourite. =^_^=b That nasty little meanie pants is always befuddling my fingers. Smack him with that rock fer me too.




Chibi Mako (colored)

[/ QUOTE ]

Is Mako squeezing a stress ball?

If so, that's awesome.

I mean, it's awesome regardless, but... you know.

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Thank all ^^ I'm glad you like them

As for what Mako's holding in his hand is a rock, but yeah, a stressball would be better, lol XD

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