The Graes Action Figures!




A good friend and fellow Guru, Electrical Burn, started making these amazing action figures using Justice League figures. He is amazingly talented and after finishing his introductory round of freebies and begun to take commissions!

Grae Knight

Lady Grae

You can find alot more of the figures and the playset he created at his website City of Heroes: Unlimited. If you are interested in commissioning him you can contact him at I am currently trying to convince him to create a deviant art page. I hope you enjoy these figures as much as I did.

Paragonian Knights
Justice Company



That is really cool! The process behind it has my mind reeling in the technique and hows.




You MUST get him on DA. There are plenty of reasons Figure mods are so fun!

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Nice work

(umm Galaxy City is a hazard zone?)

EDIT: Ohhh that's the exit gate from it



hahaha, those are all jaw dropping sweet! Your friends quite good.




holy snike's... that is freaking amazing! This guy has some serious talent pouring out, going as far as to make zone entrances!

*looks in empty wallet*
Damn you, get money in you faster!



fun stuff... congrats!



Very cool hehe <^_^>

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As soon as I have an extra $50 burning a hole in my pocket I'm in for one.