Poll: Which storyline would YOU most like to join?





The title says it all. Choose which one of these stories you would most like get behind! The person who created the idea will remain unknown to avoid favoritism... Except for the last one, which is obvious.

Number 1: The reality of Darkness.

Story: Lately, people have been disappearing. Each person that disappears comes back later changed, almost months at a time. Though, they still remember their friends, and who they are, something about them is still... Off... They lose their emotions, and are somewhat... empty.

Plot: Each person kidnapped, and then brought back is lifeless. The memories are kept with their now empty shells, but their soul is gone. A few heroes have lately been thinking that this may be the cause of a Dark Lord, but evidence is fairly scarce. The story starts somewhat of a mystery, with the rest later revealed.

Number 2: The Longbow office.

Story: Recently, a Longbow office has been completely deserted. The office hasn’t replied within 72 hours of the last call to their base, and it is starting to make Longbow a bit uncomfortable. So, the Longbow are calling in help. Heroes around Paragon are being called to investigate.

Plot: Heroes and villains will be able to enter and investigate (Or salvage) the longbow office. It is set like a horror movie, so bodies of longbow will be scattered in certain rooms, lights will be flickering on and off. Various factions have also taken interest, such as Malta and Crey, and Vanguard may have a lead on alien activity within the area.

Number 3: World apart.

The story can be found here.

This poll will be 'open' for about 24 hours. Each person can vote only once. You can also PM me with your vote if you don't want to be public about it, or would like to make a correction to your vote after the timer is finished. The winning story will be part of a future... 'Event', for lack of a better term.

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And... GO!



Your link is broken.



Probably number one, but only because it best suits the way most of my characters operate.

Otherwise I'd take option three. For the same reason as above, it presents a good situation that my characters can operate effectively in. Just not as much as option one.

As for option two...Screw Longbow. Let them deal with the problem.



Your link is broken.

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No they aren't...

To Diov: Um... One of those threes is a two, right?

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They were, but now they arn't, therefore making the three a two, the two a three, and therefore making three rights into a wrong thereby transforming into one wrong accompanied by two natural wrongs to make a right. Add a W and you get a Write, plus the other natural right, and you get 'Writes Right.'

Or in other words...Hail the edit button.



Personally, I'm liking Worlds most of the three. Though the others do sound interesting.

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Number Three.

RIKTI [censored] YEAH!

Statesman said let there be heroes, and there were heroes.

Lord Recluse said let there be villains, and there were villains.

NCsoft said let there be nothing, and there was nothing.



Any is fine with me. I don't really care which.

Like I've said before, I'm just a face in the crowd.



Okie dokie... ^_^

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[u]PICK ONE!!!![u]

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Woah... Sorry, darkside took over there.



Honestly, Worlds Apart sounds best of all.

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Story Lines, Arcs, Deep Plots, and Amazing Scenes are all fine, but most important is the LIGHTING.

Lighting is EVERYTHING. And all of my characters can only bear two or three kinds of lighting. Everything else gives them migranes.

Maybe I should expand...Maybe make some characters who are not color-blind to everything but white and black.




I like three just cause the Rikti are always fun to deal with, but I also have to say I like the second one as well. I did a little something like it once using a Fifth Column base and a swarm of Vahzilok; the horror movie atmosphere can be really fun as well.

Plus it would give some of my Natural heroes a chance to shine. Often I'm forced to use my more powerful characters just because of all the demi-god like beings flying around. Many of my favorite heroes, however, are the 'street-level' type. My main toon is a katana/super reflexes, and while trained to the point of perfection, he's still only human and is often rendered ineffective in the larger battles. Having a horror movie-type adventure would give those types of heroes a chance take on a real nasty threat without being overshadowed by the super-mega-demon-gods that can destroy cities just by sneezing.



6 hours left. Come on people, I know you want to vote.



Personally, the Longbow base catches my eye the most. Mainly because I've been in that RP before.



Number three. Mainly because I've already joined it and already have a working scheme kinked out for Arachnos. >.>



One for The Darkness,
One for The Longbow,
And five for 'When I first met Nemmy!'

(Devious is going to kill me for that intro. )

Four and a half hours left!



I made a slight mistake to my timer, so we still have about two extra hours.



People obviously hate RP polls.

Anyway, the timer is up and the votes will be recieved by my... Adviser... >_>