Undead hero screenies? - free art for one of them!




I'm sure there are plenty of undead villains out there, but how many undead heroes haunt Paragon city?

I'd love to see different takes on the concept.

Edit: Let's sweeten the deal. I'll make a portrait of one of the undead heroes whose screenies and history are posted here in the next few days - mine is not eligible, of course.

My own latest is Glitterdoom, who I'll admit to creating because I wanted to use the name. She's a hero who woke from a shotgun blast to the head to find herself heartbeat-challenged and living-impaired. Now she feeds on the brains of evildoers and spends her reward money on perfume and formaldehyde.

I kept the costume as stereotypical and pastel as possible, while giving her a zombified face and greenish-gray hair palette. She's a bit of a tribute character - a (gloom?) cookie to anyone who can figure out who it's a tribute TO.

DA reference pic here

So... that's mine. What about yours?



I know a whole horde of undead heroes..

Zombie Empyreal, Libertyman and Masked Revenger posing..

The Zombies of Paragon art piece..

Of course, these are just alternate versions of living heroes from Virtue on the Guardian server. We have a backstory involving a alternate setting where Vahzilok kills off all of Paragons Heroes then tries to mass resurrect them, but brings them back and they remember and eat him for the greater good. They traveled to this version of history to make sure Vahz never does that again. we get together and Horde around Halloween, we hope to some day make a large crowd of zombies under Atlas. I got more screenshots too, alot more Zombies.. just not sure where I put them..



Such a shame. Every time I try bringing my Undead Warrior over from WoW, he ends up deleted. *sigh*

your = Belonging to you.
you're = Contraction meaning "You are."
Ur = The name of an ancient Mesopotamian city.
ur = This is not a word.



I have a zombie-cyborg 5th Column soldier character... You don't really see any particularly zombie-like features though, as he wears the full armor, mask, helmet, and all that constantly, so I don't know if he'd be applicable for this.

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Chibi Widow on Freedom
Chibi Widow 1


Four Five


Murdered in 1986, she was resurected from Moth Cemetary 20 years later.

She constantly feels the cold of Death and the Netherworld which she calls "The Void" but can drive back the Void with human contact.

In battle, she can summon the Void to fight but she has to be careful or the Void will overwhelm her.

She's a DM/Regen scrapper



I'll be putting together a portrait of Chibi Widow in the near future.

It's a really fun costume!

Thanks to all who posted.



ooooo!! wooohooo!! thank you!!!!