The Predecessor by Graver

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This was surprised to find this finished when I woke up an hour or so ago. Now it's done, I've been talking about this piece with friends for a long time and now it's finally finished, soon to be staring me in the face.

Definitely some of my more weirder concepts have been put into Predecessor and Something Wicked, not to mention the link between the two. Graver did a great job handling the "change" and the ominous feeling looming overhead. It's a pitty I won't be able to commission him again anytime soon, to continue fleshing out the Predecessor storyline. I can't wait to hang this piece behind the computer though, so I can look at the awesome everytime I'm playing the associated characters.

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I want one toon with antlers.

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Don't we all.. o.o



GAWD I wish they had antlers in game!!!

Personally, I think this is the hottest guy Graver's ever done!



They DO have antlers. Problem is, they belong to Woodsman, and he doesn't share.

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*puts her watercolors away* I bow down to you Graver...



Very nice!

Problem is, if they added antlers, then someone would complain about how they needed moose antlers, not just deer antlers. Then the gazelle lobby would start a thread about how their needs weren't beng met.

I'd settle for a beanie with a propeller on it - make everyone happy.

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