E-Razor piccy




Picture done of Grabthars_Hammer character from City of Heroes , E-Razor a Claws /Super Reflexes scrapper in her new Vanguard armor .


A bit of story goes into this as well

Did my respec earlier this week and got rid of alot of enhancements I didn't need .

Went to pick up new enhancers at Went worths its down for most of the day .

Log back in and start bidding on things with my purse stuffed with 67 million inf from time spent in RWZ battling alien invaders .

Start chatting with folks via pm's while bidding do not notice that I have added an extra zero to my 5 million hammi o microfilament enhancer , making it a 50 million bid .

continue chatting immediately win bid , notice what I just paid and proceed to curse my friends list.

Grabthars_Hammer was one of several people that helped me re equip my level 50 and wanted nothing in return , well nyah tough noogies

My 50 million goof up



I know , my SG say im not allowed in wentworths anymore and that they will do my buying for me since im not resposiable with my money



Hehe, you're such a nooblet.



acck your hurled stones through my glass house cannot effect me oh clothesless one :P