One-Handed Teleportation Guide!




A majority of TPers nowadays use the following Keybind:
<font class="small">Code:[/color]<hr /><pre> /bind lshift+lbutton "powexec_name Teleport" </pre><hr />

For a long time, this was the one I used as well, until a speck of dust hit my eye, and I reflexively moved my left hand up to rub it out, resulting in my falling on Lusca and dying...

So, I decided to try something out: what if I set up Keybinds that set up Keybinds? Yeah, you read that right... Here is what I came up with:

<font class="small">Code:[/color]<hr /><pre>/bind up "bind lbutton "powexec_name Teleport""
/bind down "bind lbutton """ </pre><hr />

With these, I tap the up key once, and all I have to do is left-click anywhere on the screen to move there. I can now drink tea while traveling, or rub my eye while traveling.

The only downside is that I have to hit the Down Arrow to go through doors and such ^_^;




<font class="small">Code:[/color]<hr /><pre> /bind lshift "powexec_name Teleport" </pre><hr />

IMO works better since you can see the targeting reticle




<font class="small">Code:[/color]<hr /><pre>/bind up "bind lbutton "powexec_name Teleport""
/bind down "bind lbutton """ </pre><hr />

[/ QUOTE ]

I'm not sure those would work, JonahY. As I understand it, you would need to create a bind file if you want to load binds with key presses.

First, you would have to create a file for the Teleport Mode situation. Let's call it TPMode.txt. This file needs the following line in it:

<font class="small">Code:[/color]<hr /><pre>LButton "powexecname Teleport" </pre><hr />
Next, you'll have to create another file so that you could exit Teleport Mode. Let's call it TPoff.txt.

<font class="small">Code:[/color]<hr /><pre>LButton " " </pre><hr />
Lastly, you would have to bind your two keys to load these files. Assuming your two bind files are in the CoH\keybinds folder, the binds would be:

<font class="small">Code:[/color]<hr /><pre>up "bindloadfile .\keybinds\TPmode.txt"
down "bindloadfile .\keybinds\TPoff.txt" </pre><hr />



Now, what I actually use on my teleporting characters is a shade more complex. For flexibility, my teleporters all have access to both the shift-click method as well as the single-click method.

You know the shift-click bind as well as I do, so we won't go there.

For the single-click method, though, the following points are of note: <ul type="square"> [*]I use RightControl + RightShift to toggle me in and out of Teleport Mode. This way, I can't accidentally go into TPmode in the middle of a fight and thereby commit unintended suicide.[*]Since I HoverPort, I make sure that Hover is toggled on whenever I go into TPmode.[*]But I do not toggle Hover off when I exit TPmode, in anticipation of those times that I decide to stop travelling while high up in the sky.[*]Since one single key combination works to switch TPmode both on and off, I send a tell to myself with each switch so that I am well aware which mode I am in.[/list]
<font class="small">Code:[/color]<hr /><pre>RControl+RShift "t $name, Normal stance!$$bind_load_file .\keybinds\TPoff.txt"
LButton "powexecname Teleport" </pre><hr />

<font class="small">Code:[/color]<hr /><pre>RControl+RShift "t $name, Teleport stance!$$powexec_toggleon hover$$bindloadfile .\keybinds\TPmode.txt"
LButton " " </pre><hr />

The central bind:
<font class="small">Code:[/color]<hr /><pre>RControl+RShift "t $name, Teleport stance!$$powexec_toggleon hover$$bindloadfile .\keybinds\TPmode.txt" </pre><hr />

Feel free to use this method if you think it'd work better for you.

Happy teleporting!



Or how about /bind rclick "powexec_name teleport"
Right Click. Left Click. Easy way to TP around. If you've ever played Diablo 2 this will be familiar to you.



I use the "Teleport Mode" idea, but instead of RControl+RShift, I bound it to lbutton+rbutton - which normally makes you run forward. Since I already have wasd and r to make me run, I didn't think I needed these, and having my "toggle teleport mode" there allows me to teleport without touching anything but the mouse... truly one-handed control.

Also, I use rbutton in teleport mode to bind a camdist adjustment (wide area viewing) and activate the power - so that I rclick, look around where I want to go, and then lclick to get there. Then when I'm done 'porting, I click both together (lclick first) and switch back to non-teleport mode.





/bind up "bind lbutton "powexec_name Teleport""
/bind down "bind lbutton """

[/ QUOTE ]

I'm not sure those would work, JonahY. As I understand it, you would need to create a bind file if you want to load binds with key presses.

[/ QUOTE ]

No, actually you can. I use it on my superjumper with a toggle key'd spacebar. I first used bound the home key as follows:

<font class="small">Code:[/color]<hr /><pre>/bind home bind space"+up$$powexec_name combat jumping$$powexec_name super jump"</pre><hr />

Then I bound lshift+home as follows:

<font class="small">Code:[/color]<hr /><pre>/bind lshift+home bind space +up
</pre><hr />

So I can turn it off in door missions. (especially caves)

Believe it or not, it works.

However, what you can't do is bind a key to bind another key to multiple commands, because the code will not understand two sets of quotes. So this:

<font class="small">Code:[/color]<hr /><pre>/bind home "bind space "+up$$powexec_name combat
jumping$$powexec_name super jump"$$say Super Jump mode enabled!"</pre><hr />

...won't work because once the game engine gets to the second set of quotes after space it will immediately consider "bind space " a single command string and output an error message.

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You can, however, create a macro to bind multiple commands to a key.

I've found that quite helpful for badge hunting, using macros that would allow me to change the "t" key to target specific types of enemies, such as Sky Skiffs, "Spirit" (for banished pantheon and Tsoo Ancestor spirits, etc).

For more complicated effects, you can also use bindloadfile to grab a file that isn't constrained by the same limits.



Yeah I do that too, to bind a toggled travel power to my wasd keys.

One question for you - Whenever I make such a toggle, I always start out binding only one command and then edit the rest in after the icon appears, mostly because every toggle key bind requires quotes and I'm not sure if all that could be typed out in the chat interface after the /macro command without major errors. Is that how you do it?

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Yep. Icon first is, imo, the best way.