So you want to be a Kinetics/Rad Scrapfender? i10




So, you want to be a Kinetics/Radiation Scrapper, huh? Well, this road ain’t no calkwalk! I’m gonna run you through the numbers, ranges, and capabilities of this powerful combination! Let’s get this started, maggot!


Kinetics is quite possibly the most powerful Defender Primary. Us Kineticists can Buff your damage, heal you, give your energy back, speed you up, and buff your damage. But beware, Kinetics is not the set for the weak of heart. You have to be fearless, demanding, and most of all, suicidal.

Available: Level 1
Effect: Foe Endurance Drain, Group Heal (Surrounding baddie)
Target: Bad Guy
Radius: 20 Feet around Bad Guy
Range: 60 Feet
Recharge: 8 Seconds
End Cost: 7.8
Cast Time: 1.17 Seconds
Enhancements allowed: Accuracy, End Modification, End Cost Redux, Range, Heal, Recharge
Neutrino’s Rating:

Man do I love this power. It’s an extremely good heal (second best only to Dark Miasma’s Twilight Grasp), and it will make a dying Scrapper love you for life. Decent cast time. Kind of good Recharge and average range. Basically, you’ll get laughed at if you don’t take this power. Also, you won’t stay on teams for long. Take it.

Recommended Slotting: 2 Accuracy, 3 Heal, 0-1 Range or Recharge (Your choice)

Siphon Power
Available: Level 1
Effect: Foe -25% Damage (All); Self +25% Damage (All) around caster
Target: Bad Guy
Range: 80 Feet
Recharge: 20 seconds
End Cost: 10.4
Cast Time: 1.93 seconds
Enhancements Allowed: Accuracy, Recharge, End Cost Redux, Range
Neutrino’s Rating:

Siphon Power is a nifty little power. I use it often, but it’s definitely not as good as Fulcrum Shift. I use this in battle as an extra boost to myself and my teammates. Perfect range and nice recharge. Choice.

Recommended Slotting: 2-3 Accuracy, 1-2 Recharge, 1-2 Range

Available:: Level 2
Effect: Foe Knockback
Target: Bad Guys around you
Radius: 7 Feet
Recharge: 20 Seconds
End Cost: 0.39 per Repelled
Cast Time: 1.07 seconds
Enhancements Allowed: Recharge, End Cost Redux, Knockback Increase
Neutrino’s Rating:

I really don’t like this power. It knocks enemies BACK! Not good for a Scrapper. I would never take this power. It’s extremely situational, and up to you if you want to take it.

Recommended Slotting: Don’t take it. If you do, as many End Redux’s as you can afford

Siphon Speed:
Available: Level 6
Effect: Foe -62.5% Run/Fly/Jump Speed and Jump Height. -20% Recharge Time, -5.25% Maximum Run speed. Self +297.5% Run Speed, 116.025% Fly Speed, +20% Recharge
Target: Bad Guy
Range: 80 Feet
Recharge: 60 Seconds (But, Siphon Speed affects the recharge of itself )
End Cost: 7.8
Cast Time: 1.93 seconds
Enhancements Allowed: Accuracy, Recharge, End Cost Redux, Range, Slow
Neutrino’s Rating:

Ah, a level 6 Travel Power. Make all the other non-Kinetics Heroes jealous. But, this comes with a price. You see that +297.5% Run speed? That can cause problems solo and in teams. It’s the only downside of the power, which doesn’t give it the 5/5. It helps outside of missions, but that’s about it

Recommended Slotting: 2-3 Acc, 3 Slow, 1 Recharge

Increase Density:
Available: Level 8
Effect: 25% Resistance to Smashing and Energy. 56 thousand% resist to all Mezz except Sleep. Go figure. -12.5 Run/Fly/Jump Speed
Target: Ally
Range: 70 Feet
Recharge: 3 Seconds
End Cost: 5.2
Cast Time: 2.07 Seconds
Enhancements Allowed: Recharge, End Cost Redux, Range, Damage Resist
Neutrino’s Rating:

It’s like portable Unyielding! With a price. It does not resist Sleep. It will cure sleep, but it won’t resist it. Don’t ask me. It also reduces your run speed to that of jogging. As in without Sprint. It’s rather odd, but it’s useful to squishies.

Recommended Slotting: 1-2 End Redux

Speed Boost:
Available: Level 12
Effect: Just take it. Your teammates will love you. Don’t ask questions.
Target: Ally
Range: 50 Feet
Recharge: 2 Seconds
End Cost: 7.8
Cast Time: 1 second
Enhancements Allowed: Recharge, End Cost Redux, Range, Run Speed, Endurance Modification
Neutrino’s Rating:

This. Is. The. Power. You need this to be in teams. Fire Blasters, Tankers, and Controllers will love you. As will Dark Armor Scrappers, and generally everything else that burns end like hell. Teams will SMOTHER you with love. Just remember, the Stone Tanker gets it first, and gets it permanently. Make sure it stays on them.

Recommended Slotting: 2-3 End Modification, 1-2 End Cost Redux

Inertial Reduction
Available: Level 18
Effect: PBAoE +Jump
Target: Group
Radius: 25 Feet
Recharge: 60 Seconds
End Cost: 23.4
Cast Time: 2.03 Seconds
Enhancements Allowed: End Cost Redux, Jump, Recharge
Neutrino’s Rating:

This is the second of your travel powers. This is the Jelly to Siphon Speed’s Peanut Butter. One just doesn’t go without the other. It does have a small setback. It’s not Super Jump, which means there is a small period of time where you will be stuck with only Siphon Speed, which means no vertical movement.

Recommended Slotting: 3 Jump, 1-2 Recharge

Available: Level 26
Effect: Foe –ALL Endurance, Self +ALL Endurance
Target: Bad Guy
Radius: 20 Feet around Bad Guy
Range: 60 Feet
Recharge: 30 Seconds
End Cost: 2.6
Cast Time: 2.27 Seconds
Enhancements Allowed: Recharge, End Mod, End Cost Redux, Range, Accuracy
Neutrino’s Rating:

Another don’t take it you’ll be laughed at power. You’ll want this, it’s insane. It provides an insta-end increase. It drains the Bad Guy of all endurance. And, no Endurance means no attacking enemies.

Recommended Slotting: 2-3 Accuracy, 0-1 End Mod

Fulcrum Shift
Available: Level 32
Effect: -25% ALL damage to every baddie around Target. 50% damage buff for every Bad Guy around you.
Target: Bad Guy
Range: 70 Feet
Recharge: 60 Seconds
End Cost: 15.6
Cast Time: 2.17 Seconds
Enhancements Allowed: Recharge, End Cost Redux, Range, Accuracy
Neutrino’s Rating:

This is the big kahuna. The macho man of the set. This will make you and your team invincible. If you don’t take this power, people will hate you and I will most likely slap you.

Recommended Slotting: 3 Recharge, 3 Accuracy. You don’t want to miss with this one.

Seven years of heroism. Seven years of friendships. Seven years of saving the world. Seven years of virtuous selflessness.

You will return, for you are the mighty City of Paragon, the City of Heroes.



Radiation Blast
Can you say, Defense Debuff galore?

Neutrino Bolt
Available: Level 1
Effect: -Defense
Range: 80 Feet
Recharge: 1.5 Seconds (Yes, that fast)
End Cost: 3.12
Cast Time: 1 Second
Enhancements Allowed: Accuracy, Damage, End Cost Redux, Defense Debuff, Range, Recharge
Neutrino’s Rating:

You’re stuck with it, and it’s not all that bad. It serves as a decent Defense Debuff, and it’s extremely fast.

Recommended Slotting: 2 Acc, 1 Damage (Damage won’t get very high anyways, even with FS)

X-Ray Beam
Available: Level 2
Effect: -Defense
Range: 80 Feet
Recharge: 4 Seconds
End Cost: 5.2
Cast Time: 1.67 Seconds
Enhancements Allowed: Accuracy, Damage, End Cost Redux, Defense Debuff, Range, Recharge
Neutrino’s Rating:

This power isn’t exactly horrible for a Tier 2 in a Secondary. It’s nice damage, and Neutrino Bolt and this can serve as an attack chain until you acquire more powers.

Recommended slotting: 2 Acc, 3 Damage

Available: Level 4
Effect: Severe –Defense, PBAoE
Radius: 20 Feet
Recharge: 20 seconds
End Cost: 18.51
Cast Time: 1.07 Seconds
Enhancements Allowed: Accuracy, Damage, End Cost Redux, Defense Debuff, Recharge
Neutrino’s Rating:

Irradiate has a huge –Defense attached to it, -37.5% for 10 seconds. If you could get the recharge down to, say, 8 seconds; for 2 seconds there would be a 75% Defense Debuff (+/-). This power’s really nice. The only problem is the radius is a little tiny.

Recommended Slotting: 3 Acc, 2-3 Damage, 0-1 Recharge

Electron Haze
Available: Level 10
Effect: - Defense, Knockback
Range: 40 Feet
Arc: 30 Feet
Recharge: 16 seconds
End Cost: 15.18
Cast Time: 2.37 seconds
Enhancements Allowed: Accuracy, Damage, Recharge, End Cost Redux, Knockback, Range, Defense Debuff
Neutrino’s Rating:

This power is the greatest. FS + EH is wonderful. Even on its own it’s not bad. Don’t rely on it to save yourself, but it does decent damage for a Cone. The somewhat long cast time is 100% worth it

Recommended Slotting: 3 Acc, 2-3 Damage, 0-1 Recharge or Range

Proton Volley
Available: Level 16
Effect: -Defense
Range: 150 Feet
Recharge: 12 Seconds
End Cost: 14.35
Cast Time: 1.33 Seconds
Enhancements Allowed: Acc, Damage, Range, End Cost Redux, Recharge, Defense Debuff, Reduce Interrupt Time

I personally never took this power, so I can’t say much on it.

Recommended slotting (from what I can gather about it): 2 Accuracy, 3 Damage, 1 Interrupt

Available: Level 20
Effect: 50% Buff to everything (Yes, it is weaker than other versions)
Recharge: 90 Seconds
End Cost: 5.2
Cast Time: 1.17 seconds
Enhancements Allowed: Recharge, End Cost Redux, ToHit Buff
Neutrino’s Rating:

Cool Animation, that’s about it. With FS you can hit the damage cap with a decent sized group of baddies.

Recommended Slotting: 3 Recharge

Cosmic Burst
Available: Level 28
Effect: -Defense, Mag 3 Disorient!
Range: 40 Feet
Recharge: 10 seconds
End Cost: 10.4
Cast Time: 2.07 Seconds
Enhancements Allowed: Acc, Damage, Range, End Cost Redux, Recharge, Defense Debuff, Disorient Duration
Neutrino’s Rating:

For a Kin/Rad Scrapper, this is the perfect power for getting that pesky boss out of your hair for a minute while you AoE the rest of them to Hell! Totally worth it, do not skip this!

Recommended Slotting: 2 Acc, 3 Damage, 1 Disorient Duration (optional)

Neutron Bomb
Available: Level 35
Effect: -Defense, AoE
Range: 80 Feet
Recharge: 16 Seconds
End Cost: 15.18
Cast Time: 1.67 Seconds (seems to take longer though...)
Enhancements Allowed: Acc, Damage, Range, End Cost Redux, Recharge, Defense Debuff
Neutrino’s Rating:

I use this power after I go in and get my FS bonus, since it’s damage is pretty pathetic without Fulcrum Shift. Otherwise, wonderful AoE Damage, cool mushroom cloud effect, all around good power (Except for the wimpy damage out of FS)

Atomic Blast
Available: Level 38
Effect: Nuke, PBAoE
Radius: 25 Feet
Recharge: 360 seconds
End Cost: Every little scrap you have
Cast Time: 2.93 seconds
Enhancements allowed: Acc, Damage, End Cost Redux, Recharge, Defense Debuff
Neutrino’s Rating:

BOOM! This is what you’ve been waiting for. Your nuke. ALWAYS carry a blue (Catch a Breath) with you if you plan to use this. Nuke, blue, Transference, continue on your way. I love it.

Recommended Slotting: 3 Acc, 3 Damage I guess. I never know how to slot Nukes…

Seven years of heroism. Seven years of friendships. Seven years of saving the world. Seven years of virtuous selflessness.

You will return, for you are the mighty City of Paragon, the City of Heroes.



Pool Powers:

Concealment: Overall: 3/5
Stealth: 3/5, has some uses, but Rikti can see through it and they are becoming more common.
Grant Invisibility: 4/5, useful in teams
Invisibility: 2/5 can’t attack with it on, and Rikti can see through it.
Phase Shift: 3/5, basically an Oh Shitte! power.

Fighting: 2/5
I have no experience with this Pool, but it doesn’t seem to fit.

Fitness: 6/5
Swift: 5/5, Run faster
Hurdle 4/5 Jump farther and higher (like a rabbit)
Health 5/5 Heal Faster
Stamina: 5/5 Now, you might not need it in this build, but I swear by this set, dammit!

Leadership: 4/5
Another pool I have little experience with. Vengeance is useful if a teammate dies, but that’s all I really know. Assault and Tactics are supposed to be very useful, but it’s up to you.

Medicine: 4/5
Aid Other: 4/5, for those sticky situations were Transfusion isn’t enough, or it misses
Stimulant: 2/5, you have Increase Density to cover this
Aid Other: 6/5 I cannot stress how much this has helped me.
Resuscitate 4/5 for those “Whoopsy” moments were you got a little too Tab-button-Happy and a teammate died.

Presence: 1/5
Just… no

Travel Powers:

Speed: Very useful in the generally flat landscape of Paragon City. Can be rough in Boomtown, but that’s the only trouble you’ll have. If you chose Superspeed, take HASTEN instead of Flurry, and take Inertial Reduction. Trust me. Avoid Whirlwind like the friggin’ plague

Flight: Safest travel around, but also the slowest… unless you’re a Kin!!!!! Flight + Siphon Speed is pretty damn fast. Hover and Air Superiority are your choices, but you have to take one of them. Group Fly is a no-no

Leaping: Versatile travel power, and pretty useful. Combat Jumping takes care of you Immobilization problems, and Acrobatics takes care of everything else! Jump Kick is evil. Don’t take it.

Teleportation: Probably the most talked about Travel. It’s THE #1 quickest thing around… for a price. It has a somewhat hefty end cost if you don’t slot to reduce it.

I will not give advice for Epic Power Pools, as I don’t know enough about them, and I think it’s up to you on what you should take.

And that's all he wrote I hope this helped you in some way, or provided you a half hour to an hour's entertainment while you were waiting for your team leader to return from the bio break.

Seven years of heroism. Seven years of friendships. Seven years of saving the world. Seven years of virtuous selflessness.

You will return, for you are the mighty City of Paragon, the City of Heroes.



Where's the scrapping? There isn't a single melee attack recommended, or even discussed.

Two thumbs down for a completely misleading title.



Not a bad guide, easy to read, to the point and good info...... But I agree with luminara; very misleading.



Maybe add a Tactics section that suggests using all those nifty ranged attacks at melee range only? heh.



I have to agree with the choir here, where is the scrapping ?

My Kin/Rad stays within Transfusions radius from the enemy at all times, but I wouldn't call that Scrapfending, cause you know that would imply actually using melee attacks.




Well, yeah... bad on my part... I'll work on some tactics and battle plans and whatnot

Seven years of heroism. Seven years of friendships. Seven years of saving the world. Seven years of virtuous selflessness.

You will return, for you are the mighty City of Paragon, the City of Heroes.



Nearly 3 months later.... any updates for the tactics you use?

[/ QUOTE ]

Was playing around with the Mid Builder and found out that it will be really fun to play a Kin/Rad/Power Mastery fender.

FS + Rad aoes + Total Focus is going to give LT and Boss such a big headache that they probably wish they was never born. Anyone tried a super buffed Total Focus before? I am really interested to find out how much dmg it does.

Opinion is heresy.



I have a lvl 50 kin/rad that is one of my favorite builds - partly because of the theme - The CoTs have Stolen my Clothes - and partly because it is a fun build. I agree with the above commenters that it is hardly a scrapfender due to a lack of melee attacks/defense, but it can very much be played like an Offender. Kin is one of the most Flexible Powersets - so I can be very defensively team oriented, very offensively team oriented, or can solo offensively, depending on who I am playing with and how I am feeling. Some tactics:

First and Foremost - Always carry Break Frees. Always Always Always. You have No defense to holds/stuns/sleeps etc, and many of your "defensive" powers (your buffs) still target NPCs, so you often draw aggro. At high levels, Everything has holds - Carnie Illusionists and Dark Ring Mistresses, Ritki Mezzers, every Malta it seems, EXPEcially Tac Ops Commanders - everything holds, stuns, sleeps, etc. I've tried many powers to cover this - I have CJ, Acro, Manuevers, Dark Embrace and Oppressive Gloom - and I have come to the conclusion that the only thing you can do is break free and retoggle and then recover. But you have to have lots of Break Frees. I delete other Insps and buy them in between every mission it seems. I don't know if Tough / Weave does anything about holds/stuns/sleeps, but I don't think so.

Second, when you are soloing, Lead with the Stunners - Cosmic Burst is an Awesome stun power, and with recharge and a stun enhancements, you can perma stun most bosses. I also have Oppressive Gloom from the Dark Mastery Epic Pool, and this stuns minion level meleers around you relatively reliably. I usually solo on Unyielding, which gives me mostly groups of four yellow minions and an orange lieut, or two orange lieuts and a yellow minion. I try to start out fights by stunning whatever can hold me the most. That isn't always the boss, but often is. For instance, always stun sappers first, but you definitely need to stun the Gunslingers and Tac Ops guys too, and also the Operations Officers - I hate fighting Malta with this toon because they All seem to carry stuns/holds. But anyway, you can usually stun one and, if you are in the group of five, use your AOEs to kill off the minions, while Cosmic Bursting the Lieut. Or, in the group of three, you can juggle stun between the Lieuts until they are gone and then finish off the minion. But when soloing, stun things.

Third, I think it is important to have Stamina even though you have transference. The reason is that you are not always using Transference on an enemy near you. When you are soloing you will, and when you are taking on some of the Offensive responsibilities on your team, you will. But, and this happens often, when you are mostly buffing other offensive ATs, you won't always, or even most of the time, be in range for your own transference. And you shouldn't be - it isn't there to save you in those instances, it is there to keep the Scrappers and Tanks going. And your build, at least my build, is a Toggle fest, trying to eek out Some defense. And your key powers in those situations are Endurance heavy - like Fulcrum Shift, (ironically) Transference, and Speed Boost (because you have to use it so often). Basically you are much Busier than other Defenders when you are on Team Buffing/Defense, so you run through End quickly, and Stamina makes an Enormous difference for those situations.

Fourth - You can play very offensively. If your team doesn't have a lot of damage output, you can add a lot. Kin and Rad work well together here, with a lot of AOEs that benefit alot from Siphon Power and Fulcrum Shift. In these instances, you need to make sure that you go into the initial mob with whoever is taking the Alpha, so that you are in range to get the most of your Fulcrum Shift. Then Irradiate and Neutron Bomb, and line up Electron Haze cones. You can pour out substantial damage - not scrapper or Blaster damage, but if you had enough of them on your team, you wouldn't need to be taking over dps responsibilities, would you? In these situations, you have to follow quickly with Transfusion and Transference, since you will be taking a lot of aggro, and because your Rad attacks use Even More endurance than your Kin powers. But FS, Irrad, Transfusion, Transference, Neutron Bomb, Haze, Transfusion, Irrad, Neutron Bomb Haze - that can do a lot of AOE damage before FS runs out. BTW, if you are soloing in PI, groups of 8-10 Jaegers are great for this as well, because They don't have holds. Don't try the same thing with the Possessed Scientists or Malta Groups hanging around. Very different results.

If you are on a team with a lot of Damage Dealers, you can afford to be more defensive. You were probably invited on to that team for your buffs/debuffs, so fill that role. SB as often to as many people as you can. FS every mob from a distance once both the Tank and any/all scrappers are in the mob. Spam Transf/Transf, and even siphon power and speed from the bosses/AVs/EBs/Monsters. You will often find that you don't have much time to throw in your Neutron Bombs or Irrads - everyone is killing too quickly when they are on SB, FS and don't have to worry about green or blue bars.

This is both true in large and small teams. A Scrapper paired with a Kin/Rad is going to be running Top Speed through your missions with his or her own personal SB/FSer. They will be happy as a clams. In larger teams, with multiple scrappers and tanks and trollers, you will Also be going top speed, and commenting on how easy it is. This isn't as true with ranged damage dealers. Ranged Blasters don't get many of the benefits of a Kin - the heals require an enemy within melee range, as does FS and Transference. SB is still nice, and ID is much appreciated, but that is a lot of Buffing that is lost.

A word here about people who yell for SB, and how to react to them. On the one hand, if you are on a team with a Kin, and they are pretty regularly hitting you with SB, it is totally annoying to the Kin when you yell out SB PLZ every time it runs out - it is implying that he/she is not doing their job. You will get your SB pretty regularly, so be more patient. On the other hand, there is no point in reacting to people who yell SB PLZ - SB is Awesome for them, and they want it really badly as often as possible, and instead of reacting, just keep giving it to them as often as possible. Lets face it, that is one of the reasons you are on the team. That is one of the reasons that Kins NEVER have to worry about being invited onto teams - Everyone wants Kins on their teams. I want kins on my teams. Even when I am also a Kin. And a big reason for that is because you provide SB. Tankers love the SB/FS because it solves their End probs and lets them feel like tanker level scrappers. Scrappers love the SB/FS because it lets them feel like gods. Seriously - a Spines Scrapper with Two Kins on his team? Heaven. Controllers love the SB, because they often are Kins themselves, and need all their holds more often, and like boosting their pets. Blasters kinda like kins, but less so because they don't really understand how kins healing/buffing works. But if they are Blappers - yeah - they like FS too. And the FS/Nuke combo? Yeah - they like that too. So it is kinda a trade off - on the one hand, you never have to worry about waiting to get invited to join a team. And when you are on a team, everyone loves you. On the other hand, some people are just overly annoying about Loving you on the team.

A word about Multiple Kins - Love them. Now I get SB too. Which means that FS can double up. And with Two FSs (or Four if doubled) Everyone is at the damage cap permanently. And now pretty much Everyone is always SBed, so there are fewer people complaining. No such thing as too many Kins. Well, to a point.

Fourth, or Fifth, or whatever - Use your Buffs to Debuff. This is the hidden awesomeness of Kins - most of your best buffs also debuff your enemies. Transfusion slows Regen. Siphon power sipphons power. Siphon Speed from a Boss. Use Transference to Sap your opponents. (don't sap sappers - that doesn't work). FS lowers their damage. This works nicely with Rad, because all of your powers decrease defense. Irrad Really decreases defense. I slot all of my rads with the Achilles Heel Proc to Decrease Resistance. That is a serious lot of debuffing. It is Very helpful in AV/EB/GM fights. Not quite Rad defender debuffs, but very awesome. And the Slow Regen of Transfusion is totally awesome in AV fights.

Sixth - Accuracy bonuses are the most important ones. You need to hit the enemy for most of your buffs and debuffs to count. Nothing is worse than Missing a key Transference or Transfusion. Slot for accuracy, search for accuracy IO Set Bonuses, and I took Tactics. I have accuracy IOs in almost every Kin power. Totally worth it. I also put the Celerity Stealth IO in SB - I am often stealthed as a result. Which helps.

so - to summarize:

Always Have Break Frees.
Choose offense or Defense
Always Stun Stun Stun
Don't react to annoying SB PLZers
Enhance Accuracy.