2 for 1 Again & More!!!







This offer is a bargin at any price! LJ's work is that good.



aww, if only I wasn't broke.

*goes trolling the art thread for the rare freebies*




Gah! I've got bills!!

Dammit... I hate these 'limited time' deals...

*checks bank balance*


"City of Heroes. April 27, 2004 - August 31, 2012. Obliterated not with a weapon of mass destruction, not by an all-powerful supervillain... but by a cold-hearted and cowardly corporate suck-up."



Yes I have 4 more spots for the 2nd round but I should add that does not count for the special offers if you wanted one of those... that's pretty much a permanent thing. However 2 spots of the 6 are filled for the group shots...

As of now my queue has me busy for the next two weeks, but that doesn't mean it's full. Send questions and screens to my email above in the link if you're still interested.

Thanks everyone for the great response!




Thank you all for the amazing respone, I have 7 definite commitments, 2 more pending, and 4-5 others that I have made promises to and am just waiting to hear...

Suffice to say this fills up my schedule to at least the 17th and quite possibly the 23rd, however this still leaves the last two weekends open for Special Offers, and a possible last slot at the end of the month if anyone wants it.

Will post the final queue in my journal in about 2 days.

I just want to add, that you guys are the best, and I really appreciate the work! Thank you again...




Bah how could I not get more work done from you, considering the first art you did for me you did totally free. You mentioned you'd do one picture for me and ended up sending me 3 pictures. I loved them so much how could I pass up more art.

Jade Pictures


Lady-Jade's Power Suggestion Thread




I wish I wasnt so broke... don't suppose you're gunna run this toofer again?



Got it, and I've been meaning to say, hope you'll like the new versions of her, now that I finally know what I'm doing...